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Stripper Pole Dancing For Fitness

Is there a stripper inside you ready to be awakened? Pole dancing is not just for strippers anymore, oh no, not since someone gave Oprah a stripper pole as a gift. It’s for soccer moms, PTA moms, and middle-aged women too. Really, it’s for any woman who wants to let out her inner minx.

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Product Name: Pole Dancing Moves – SONTHEWEB
Publisher Web Site: http://www.poledancingmoves.com/

What moves will you learn in Stripper Pole Dancing 101? Here’s a few to get you bumping and grinding:

Walk around

Push your shoulders back and your butt out. Hold the pole in the crook of your arm, and then strut slowly and confidently around the pole. Work it.


Hold the pole with one hand. Straddle the pole with your legs and slowly bend your knees while arching your back at the same time. Keep going until you can see the person behind you. Say hi.

Leg Hold

Hold the pole with both hands. Jump on the pole and grip it between your thighs. Extend one leg out and keep the other one bent. Now, spin around the pole.


Hold the pole with one hand and lean into it with your upper body. Push your butt out. Next, move your stomach forward until it touches the pole. Then pull your shoulders back until the pole is between your legs. This is a smooth, undulating movement.

pole dancing moves pdf

These are just 4 basic moves, and they may take a while for a beginner to master. Women say they feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies after a stripper pole dancing session. It doesn’t matter what size clothes you wear when you’re on the pole.

The challenge of stripper pole dancing is to build up your confidence, so your body flows through the moves. It’s a fun challenge and a unique fitness workout.

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