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Have you ever heard the expression, “You can’t teach speed.”  Well that simply just isn’t true anymore with today’s technology. Using modern techniques and a lot of hard work you van run faster and Speed Encyclopedia will show you how.  So why is it that some people eventually manage to become high performing  athletes while others struggle just to maintain an average performance? The answer to that is pretty simple; training. This is where Speed Encyclopedia comes into play.

Speed Encyclopedia

Product Name: The Speed Encyclopedia Package – renospeed
Publisher Web Site: http://thespeedencyclopedia.com/

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Many athlete wannabes and even some pro athletes don’t train right. They might think that they are giving it their all, but in reality they are just not doing what is required. So what are some of the characteristics of the so called super effective athlete? The most notable are speed, agility, strength and endurance.  Speed Encyclopedia is a proven system that has helped thousands of athletes to increase their speed.  Travis Hansen is the author of The Speed Encyclopedia; a system designed to help athletes and average individuals become better at what they do. In this sprint training system, Travis has particularly concentrated on the topic of speed. His main goal is to help people run faster through effective training and utilization of a special set of scientifically proven running techniques.

As you will come to discover in through Speed Encyclopedia, the system is meant to help athletes who feel that they have hit a wall. It’s for people who have tried pretty much everything to cut down their times with no success. One thing that Travis wants people to understand about this system is that it’s not a collection of gimmicks. All the sprint tips, approaches and advice provided within have been tried and tested before being added to the Speed Encyclopedia.  The main reason why most athletes fail in their quest to become faster is because they do not understand that speed training needs to be approached from several angles. To say the least, it’s not a single-faceted undertaking. It’s a clear case of synergy where a number of elements working together yield much better results than they would individually.

Speed Encyclopedia comprehensively tackles one of the most of the important questions in sprinting i.e. how to run a faster 40 yard dash. It also provides information on proven running techniques that will help you bring down your 60-yard dash time. Many athletes using the Speed Encyclopedia system have managed to reduce their 40 and 60 yard dash times by up to 5 tenths in a half-year period. This might seem like an inachievable feat, but as they say, numbers don’t lie.

The speed training tips on how to run faster found in Speed Encyclopedia cover just about every aspect of sprinting.  So what exactly will you learn in The Speed Encyclopedia?

  1. Two sprint tips that every athlete can use to immediately increase their sprinting  speed.
  2. A dozen sprinting techniques that will help you run faster than ever before
  3. Explosive polymetric techniques to help you become a better sprinter
  4. A nutritional plan designed to help you build lean mass or burn fat
  5. Effective workouts for athletes of all levels
  6. More than 150 studies and their findings
  7. Tons of graphics to help with illustration
  8. Strategies to help you get off the blocks faster, accelerate at a higher rate and increase your top speed and how to run faster exercises.

This really only represents a tip of the iceberg with regard to what you should expect to find in The Speed Encyclopedia. One of the best things about this system is that it caters for pretty much everybody who is interested in running faster. It really doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned athlete looking to break a record or an average Joe who’s just wondering how to run faster 40 yard dash.

Product Name: The Speed Encyclopedia Package

Speed Encyclopedia includes a number of success stories with specific results achieved documented.  The how to run faster exercises provided in this book have helped scores of athletes from a wide range of sports become better sprinters. Take the example of Jake Morris, a high school football player. Prior to using the system Jake’s 40-yard dash time was 5.2 seconds. After subjecting himself to The Speed Encyclopedia sprint training techniques, he managed to shave a whole .5 of a second to run a 4.7 40.  Running faster was, however, not the only thing that Morris was able to do by reading Speed Encyclopedia. He also managed to increase his vertical jump from 19 inches to 26 and his maximum bench press weight from 185 pounds to 225 pounds. Do keep in mind that this is a high school kid we are talking about here.

Speed Encyclopedia Package

With regard to the speed training tips on how to run faster provided in The Speed Encyclopedia, Travis comes out very clearly about one thing. He says that this is not a system for the faint at heart. It is meant for people who are ready to work hard to unlock their full potential. Travis states that everyone who buys this system should expect to be challenged both physically and mentally. He also insists that the sprinting techniques and approaches provided in the system should be adhered to, to the letter without any deviation.  For faster sprint techniques, go to the source:  The Speed Encyclopedia.

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