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Picking and buying best dividend stocks

There are number of reasons why highest dividend stocks pay bigger amounts to the investors. One of these factors is the higher riskiness of these companies. Type of stock is also a determinant because real estate investment trusts, master limited partnerships, and business development companies are governed by law to pay higher dividends. A significantly fall in the stock market may also result in companies paying larger dividends to its shareholders. From this discussion, it is seen that investors must buy only what they know and eliminate companies they do not understand. They are advised to know the business, competitive standing, and current versus past performance before making an investment decision.

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Timing and price consideration

The price of every stock increases or decreases irrespective whether the market is up or down. While sometimes these are related to market trends, there are instances when specific actions drive these movements. The dividend stocks that pay higher amounts generally see price fluctuations just before and immediately after the ex-dividend dates. Some investors prefer buying the stock prior to this date to earn the income while others may purchase once the price drops after the payout. Additionally, price is driven in case companies sell additional shares to generate more funds for their business operations. Many investors sell after such announcements as it is perceived as dilution. However, investors need to determine if it is actually dilution or if the additional funds will overcome the increase in the number of outstanding shares.

Financial metrics

Investors are recommended to consider certain financial metrics to choose the highest dividend stocks. Studying the price to earnings ratio to see where it compares with its competitors is advisable. If the PE ratio appears to be significantly higher than peers, it should raise a red flag and if it is low you need to look into the reasons for the disparity. Additional historical ratios, such as price to book value, price to cash flows, and price to sales must be studied. These must be compared with other companies within the industry to determine the company’s market standing before making an investment decision.

Investors are advised to find answers to some common questions, such as whether the dividend is safe, is the payout supported by cash flows, and percentage of earnings paid as dividends. Checking the debt equity ratio to ensure the obligations are not high because higher dividends in long-term will not be sustainable is advisable. Considering all these factors before making your investment decision will be profitable.

Strategies to protect investment in dividend stocks

Several investors opt for highest dividend stocks investment strategy because it provides them an option to earn additional regular income. However, equity market collapse can occur eroding the value of your entire investment and the question on how to protect your profits from such situations is common. Some companies continue paying dividends even during bear market phases but to perceive these as your profits you will have to remain invested until they have recovered from their share price drops. This recovery may take several years and dividend investing may in such cases not be the most profitable option.Most companies see lower revenues and profits during market crashes, which reduce their dividend payout ratios. Investors have three options to invest in such stocks and retain profits in case of a crash.

Don’t care

For investors who have the time and the risk appetite to bear the market crash, not caring is an excellent tactic. They can simply hold on to the stock until price recovers even if it implies waiting for many years. Moreover, they are acceptable to lower than expected returns on their investment and do not lose sleep over this apparent loss.


A second option available to investors to protect their highest dividend stocks investing is to hedge against a potential downturn. Individuals can choose put options or other financial instruments like Speeders or Turbo to short the shares or index funds. In case the equity market falls, the value of these instruments increase and cover the loss incurred due to the lower share prices of your dividend stock investments. The biggest disadvantage of this option is that it is expensive and can significantly eat into the profits earned through dividends. Alternatively, the advantage is that investors can exit their investments without waiting for long periods while the share prices recover after a market crash.

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Trend investing

The third strategy available is to combine dividend stock investing and following market trends. Using this tactic, investors remain invested in these equities or index funds until the long-term direction of the market continues to remain upward. As soon as the trend moves down, it is recommended to exit your investments. On an average, the market trend in the longer duration changes once every two or three years. The primary assumption for this strategy is that the decline in the share prices is significantly higher that the potential dividends you would earn during bear equity markets, which is why selling these stocks is recommended.

dividend stocks timing, and diversification

Although, most investors are never able to correctly, one instance can be appropriate for people who want to invest in highest dividend stocks. This is when the stock price of dividend paying companies significantly reduces due to external market conditions. Several global and domestic factors currently affect the stock market where the indices have reduced historical lows from their all-time highs. These market conditions have resulted in fundamentally strong companies see significant price reductions. This considerably increases their yields and provides investors the opportunity to own stocks of leading blue-chip companies at affordable prices. Some sectors that are considered as good options include consumer goods, telecom, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. Investors can earn high yields from limited partnerships, business development companies, and real investment trusts.

Diversified portfolio

Contrary to common perception, creating a diversified portfolio is not rocket science and can be done by most investors. However, every individual must understand his or her personal risk appetite and investment criteria to make the right decision. Based on your requirements, you can search on the Internet to find list of companies that match your criteria. It is tempting to invest higher percentage of investible surplus in one or two stocks that suit your requirements; however, this strategy is risky. The recent times have proven that almost all companies are vulnerable irrespective of past history, dividend payout track record, and the best management team. This is why it is prudent to diversify your portfolio to earn better returns in the long-term through highest dividend stocks investing.

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Diversification opportunities

Most investment advisors advice their clients to invest in different types of equities, such as income, international, value, large cap, growth, domestic, small gap, and other similar options to diversify their portfolios. However, because investment advisors primarily deal only with equities in some form or other, they often overlook other available options. Although, these options may not be appropriate for all investors, some people may want to include these to earn higher income and returns on their investment value.

Evaluating the available opportunities

The economic turndown that resulted in some of the most robust businesses to collapse has made investors wary of the equity markets. However, it is one of the best times to get a shareholding in the blue-chip companies that will provide significant returns once the market conditions improve. Nonetheless, doing your research and evaluating the different opportunities before making your decision is important to safeguard your money.

Earn income with dividend stocks

Until a few years ago, dividend investing was considered as one of the best investment ideas and strategies for longer durations. Dividends are perceived as rewards for shareholders who are loyal to the stocks held in their investment portfolios. These amounts are paid at periodic intervals and provide returns above the appreciation through stock price increase. This has made highest dividend stocks an excellent and popular option for investors who want to enhance the value of their portfolios.

Cash-rich companies

Investors have learnt the hard way that dividends primarily are driven by the surplus cash available with the companies. In the last few years, with the severe economic downturn, most companies have seen drastic reductions in their revenues affecting their profitability and dividend paying capabilities. Many companies have sustained operations through surplus cash reserves maintained within their banks, which reduced their dividend payout rates. Some of the most reliable and reputed companies that have paid big dividends to their shareholders for several years have reduced the payout rates to be able to remain in business. This shows that dividend payouts depend on the company’s profitability and cash reserves.

Sector-wise decision

While most companies in certain sectors like banking and finance have seen huge reductions in their dividend payout ratios, several organizations in other sectors have actually increased their dividend payouts. Companies in industries, such as consumer goods and health care have continued earning higher revenues because these goods and services are necessary irrespective of the market conditions. This enables businesses in these sectors to continue earning profits, which enables them to pay higher dividends. Investors must consider specific sectors if they want to earn bigger returns with highest dividend stocks investing.

Bigger and mature companies

Companies that enjoy higher sales turnover and increase their market share are able to maintain bigger cash reserves, which enables these to pay more dividends to their shareholders. On the other hand, organizations that see reduction in their turnover or are unable to sustain market share in tough economic conditions face liquidity crunch forcing these to lower the dividend payout rates. Investors are advised to research and conduct their own due diligence process before deciding on companies that will continue paying regular dividends in the longer term. Reviewing their balance sheet to see the amount of cash reserves maintained and their debt obligations will help you understand if the company will be able to continue making higher dividend payouts or not.

Investing in high yield dividend stocks

People do not invest in stocks only to earn dividends and other aspects are also involved. One of the main objectives of such investing is to make profits through capital appreciation. Generally, companies that pay regular and high dividends witness a gradual increase in their share price. Highest dividend stocks are preferred by investors and score more points from public relations point of view also. Most investors want to see their capital appreciate irrespective of the dividend payout ratio of the companies. However, during recessionary times when share prices are eroded, investors are encouraged to remain invested because of the consistent dividend payouts.

Boosting your portfolio

Investors can increase the value of their portfolios when they use the dividend earnings in a prudent manner. An important option here is to choose dividend reinvestment to increase the number of shares held in the company, which increases your income over a period of time. However, investors must be cautious while investing in dividend paying companies. It is not uncommon for companies to increase the dividend payout rates to entice investors and then lower the payout ratio once the objective of raising funds through the equity market is achieved. Reliable and mature companies pay reasonable dividends with an aim to maintain the ratio in case they are unable increase the rate.

Deciding why payout ratio is high

Some companies increase the payout ratio to improve their public image during times when their share prices decrease. However, these organizations will reduce the dividends once their price increases. Reliable highest dividend stocks maintain healthy cash reserves and want to share these with the shareholders. If an organization is losing money and is having difficulties to raise funds from the markets, investors are advised to stay away. It is advisable to search for companies that gradually increase the dividend payout ratio because these are more reliable and consistent.

When companies pay regular and steadily increasing dividends, it implies capital appreciation through share price increase over a longer duration. Moreover, these are mature and stable, which enables the organizations to remain competitive even under severe economic distress and bear stock market phases. Regular dividend payouts provide a higher yield return especially when investors are looking to invest in the long term. Investors are advised to be moderate with their investment strategies and try to arrive at a balanced portfolio comprising stocks that are new and low priced combined with expensive shares of stable mature companies.

Choosing best dividend stocks

Highest dividend stocks investment strategy provides investors the chance to earn higher returns on their money. Such securities offer dual advantage of providing steady and regular income source while profiting from share price appreciation. Adopting a diligent investment approach significantly reduces the risks over a longer period of time. However, investors will come across several companies that fit in this category making it difficult and confusing to make the right decision. Because an organization pays high dividends, it does not make it a sound investment decision as the associated risks are very high.

Finding the right stocks requires research and patience. Most investors blindly invest in companies that have a higher current payout ratio. However, this strategy will often lead to loss of time and income for the investors. Using the below mentioned strategies to screen out the best stocks to earn higher returns is recommended.

Dividend stocks list

Several organizations publish dividend stocks list offering some excellent investment options. An example is the S&P500 dividend aristocrat list comprising annual details on companies with a strong background of consistently increasing dividend payouts. To be included on this list, the organization must have increased its dividend payout every year for the last twenty-five years. Starting with this list and further screening to find companies that meet your personal investment criteria is recommended to create a portfolio of highest dividend stocks.

Screening the securities

Identifying the best dividend paying stocks can be done using certain criteria to filter out among the list of matching securities. Several financial websites and online brokers offer different types of tools that allow investors to screen the stocks to find the best companies paying higher dividends. Some of the commonly used criteria to screen securities include dividend yield, price to earnings ratio, and payout ratio. Using these various factors to find a list of stocks to include in your portfolio can prove an effective and efficient investment strategy.

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Blogs and financial sites

The Internet provides several resources that can help individuals find good dividend paying stocks. You can find numerous blogs, forums, and financial websites that provide useful tips and tricks along with beneficial information to find some of the most profitable investment options. However, investors are advised to use their discretion and consider their personal requirements before making an investment decision based on the information available on these online resources. Research and due diligence among the large number of options is very important to ensure you do not make inaccurate decisions leading to disastrous outcomes.

Reducing your risk exposure through yield dividend dividend stocks

Several investors who were expecting to create retirement income lost heavily with the dot com bubble followed by the sub-prime crisis in the country. Most people shifted the balance of their investible funds to safer avenues, such as cash, treasury bills, and CDs. With this strategy while they were able to save their investment values, they failed to take advantage of the rebound occurring in the stock market. Most of these investors sold at the bottom of the market to reduce further loss on their investments.

Several factors contribute towards the continued positive growth of the economy. Interest rates are expected to remain low until employment reduces, quarterly profits are expected to rise, and GDP is poised to grow at three percent per annum. On the other hand, several pessimists believe the markets to go further down due to unknown factors, such as terrorism, health care, global warming, and geopolitical tensions. Under such circumstances, it can be very confusing for people to decide on where to park their funds to safeguard their money while earning higher returns on investments.

Dividend stocks

Investing in highest dividend stocks provides investors with an excellent investment avenue. Over the years, it has been seen that such stocks are more stable and provide higher returns when compared to the stock market indices. Moreover, these securities provide safeguard against inflation in the longer period. Another benefit of such investments is that when compared to other investment options, such as government bonds, the return on investment is significantly higher for the former investment category.

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Large and stable companies

Investors are advised to search for companies that have paid consistently increasing dividends to shareholders over the last twenty-five years. Commonly, such organizations are large and stable and are able to withhold their operations under tough and recessionary periods. Moreover, such companies have steady and regular sources of income and known expenses, which makes it simpler for these organizations to balance and maintain their cash flows. Having steady cash flows allows the companies to pay higher dividends to the shareholders.

Due diligence

Before making any decision on investing in highest dividend stocks, it is very important to conduct a thorough due diligence. Knowing your personal requirements and searching for stocks that meet these criteria will provide greater probability of providing steady and regular return on your investments. Choosing to reinvest the dividends will further provide you the opportunity to earn large income on your invested funds.

Reasons to invest in highest dividend stocks

Investing in dividend stocks can be an excellent option for investors who want to earn a stable and regular income through their investment. Additionally, most investors stay invested for several years that provide more returns through capital appreciation gained with an increase in the stock price. Investment in highest dividend stocks provide an ongoing income source and display some characteristics discussed below.

Individuals can choose to invest in a single company that pays higher dividends. Alternatively, they can opt to invest in exchange traded funds or mutual funds that maintain diversified portfolio of several dividend paying stocks. When choosing one or more companies to include in your investment basket, you need to be aware that not all listed companies pay dividends. The board of directors and management of some organizations arrive at regular, conscious, and discretionary decision to share a portion of the profits with the shareholders. Commonly, dividend payouts are made at quarterly intervals; however, some companies pay monthly dividends.

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Higher returns for investors

Although, dividend payments are discretionary, management and board members of such companies adopt certain policy that promotes such payouts. The operations of the business are conducted in a manner that enables the ongoing payment while trying to achieve a consistent growth in the payout ratio. The focus is to provide an increased and stable return on investment for the shareholders.

Larger companies

Most of the highest dividend stocks are large companies with an established base in operating for several years. A large majority of these organizations have developed consistent and stable cash flows with predictable earnings and profits. An example is utility companies that have defined income streams and known expenses, which can be passed on to the customers in case of an increase. This allows such companies to maintain a regular income allowing these to pay higher dividend to their shareholders.

Lesser volatility

It is common for the stock markets to be unpredictable and volatile. However, dividend paying stocks are historically known to be less volatile and able to beat inflation. The primary reason for this stability is the investor confidence in the regular income for such companies making these securities safer than other companies.

Tax benefits

Most returns earned through any kind of investment are taxed at the regular income tax rate. However, dividend income currently is taxed at fifteen percent, which significantly reduces your tax liability. In addition, capital gains tax is payable only when you sell your stocks.


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