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Firefox has a similar Function, but, as usual, it is a little better than Internet Explorer! In FireFox, it is a Tool to clear Data in the Options Menu. You can configure this tool to remove what You want, for Example, cookies, cache, passwords, internet History, etc

While FireFox, in particular, which allows you to remove the Data, there are still a Number of Steps that You must follow. Remember, Your Story on the internet is not only a Privacy Issue, You need to take care of. Your computer stores Information a lot more about you, that You want to keep private. For Example, the Shops of instant messaging in the History of the Files, of the Task, including the video Files, open the Files on Your computer, and much more.

Given the Amount of Information that must be taken care of, it is much easier and takes less Time for a good cleaning software, confidential Data. A good Tool, if the software takes care of all Your File History, offer the digital equivalent of secure document Destruction, and give your Clients a good support. This is the best Way that I know how to delete History in internet. Try the Free version scan and see what could be the Risks for Privacy, hiding on Your computer.A computer is a Machine that stores the Documents and all the Activities that are performed. Also the Stores with the Use of the Internet for the Story. What would You do if You want to delete the History of Internet forever??? Well! There are two Ways to do it. We talk about each Method in detail to explain properly.

Method 1: Manual removal of Internet History

It is the Method, very few People are used to delete Your browsing History. In General, most Browsers have a Function, which can be used to clear the History manually. When You use this Function, the File that contains the Information that have been deleted, but this is not a major Drawback. The File is deleted, but Information still. These Files can be deleted undeteleted for someone who uses the rest. If you want to ensure that all the Information that You have deleted, should be deleted from Your computer, this is not the right Method for You. This Function is therefore not appropriate for permanent Removal.

Method 2: Use the software and delete Your Internet History forever

The Use of a good software, Tools, such as the Right to Privacy of the Software, always remove the History of the Internet is the best Solution to Your problem. This software Piece for each File contains confidential Information. Remove, not only the History, but also for Witnesses, so that it can not be restored.