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PC Tattletale Review

PC Tattletale has earned its reputation for being the most trusted and easy to use computer and internet monitoring solution for windows computers in the world. It is simple easy to use and effective.

Product Name: PC Tattletale Parental Control Software – cybersam
Publisher Web Site: http://www.pc-tattletale.com/
Trial period:60 Days

pc tattletale review

With PC Tattletale installed on their computer you will be able to see:

Chat and Instant Messages – Capture and review all chat and instant messages. See both sides of the entire conversation

Email – See every email they sent and received. Works with all desktop email clients and web-based solutions including Yahoo, Outlook,Gmail,Hotmail and more.

Websites visited – See every website they go to and what they do on them.

Facebook – See everything they do on facebook. Who they talk to. What pictures they post

Social Media – Records their activity on other social media sites including Twitter, Pintrest, Google Plus and more.

Online searches – see every online search they do. No matter what search engine.

Unlike other solutions PC Tattletale even works in “private browsing” mode. It does not matter if they use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or any other browser.

Watch their activity from another computer, your Iphone, Ipad, or Android device.

With PC Tattletale you don’t need to be at their computer to see what they are doing. You can watch everything they do from your own computer or smartphone. You can also view their activity from your Ipad.


PC Tattletale does not store any data “in the cloud”. Everything is stored on your home network. You do not need to worry about your recorded activity being stolen or compromised.

pc tattletale trial download


PC Tattletale can be installed on any computer in only a few minutes. You do not need any technical knowledge to make it work.With PC Tattletale’s advanced recording technology you will be able to see everything they did on the computer in the exact order in which they did it.

Never doubt who is doing what on the Computer

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