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Como con la función de TRANSPOSICIÓN, el destino se vende por estos valores son seleccionados de antemano y, a continuación, la función entrado con el paréntesis de apertura en la primera celda o, preferiblemente, en la barra de fórmulas. Ahora, los argumentos pueden ser ingresados, así que empezamos con el conocido Y valores que son los que representan a los primeros seis meses del año. Las células que contienen estos son introducidos por hacer clic en la primera celda y utilizando una combinación de teclas MAYÚS + CTRL + la flecha hacia ABAJO para seleccionar el resto de las celdas del rango.Excel tiene un montón de construido en Funciones. Hoy vamos a mirar el ROUNDOWN fórmula o función en Excel. Una cosa a tener en cuenta antes de empezar a redondear hacia arriba o hacia abajo, pierde precisión en los datos. Si esto es una preocupación que yo recomendaría sólo de reducir el número de lugares decimales en sus células mediante el uso de las opciones de formato en Excel.

Firdtly vamos a echar un vistazo a la sintaxis de esta fórmula


Número esto se refiere al valor que desea ser redondeada. Este puede ser un número o puede ser una referencia de celda.

Núm_de_decimales esto se refiere al número de posiciones decimales para reducir el número especificado.

Normalmente Excel utiliza el número a la derecha del redondeo dígitos para determinar si el número se redondea hacia arriba o hacia abajo las reglas son las siguientes:

Si el valor del número a la derecha del redondeo dígito es menor que cinco, el redondeo dígito es dejado sin cambios
Si el valor del número a la derecha del redondeo de los dígitos es de cinco o más, el redondeo de los dígitos es criado por uno.
Pero, con el ROUNDDOWN función de Excel siempre deja el redondeo dígitos inalterada cualquiera que sea el valor del número a su derecha. Veamos un ejemplo para aclarar este punto.

Tipo de 35.397 en la Celda D1 en una hoja de Excel. Haga clic en la celda D2 para hacer que la celda activa esto es, donde los resultados de la ROUNDDOWN función se mostrará.

Ahora para escribir la fórmula o función

Ficha fórmulas
Elija Matemáticas Y Trigonométricas a partir de la cinta de opciones para abrir la lista desplegable función.
Haga clic en ROUNDDOWN en la lista para abrir el cuadro de diálogo
En el cuadro de diálogo, haga clic en el Número de línea.
Haga clic en la celda D1 en la hoja de cálculo de entrar en la referencia de celda en el cuadro de diálogo.
Haga clic en el Núm_de_decimales línea.
Escriba un 1 para reducir el valor de D1 a un decimal.
Haga clic en ACEPTAR.
La respuesta 35.3 debe aparecer en la celda D2.
Cuando usted haga clic en la celda D2 la función completa = ROUNDDOWN ( D1, 1 ) aparece en la barra de fórmulas sobre la hoja de cálculo
Que es, su número se redondea hacia abajo.
ROUNDOWN puede afectar a sus cálculos. Vamos a ver esto en acción en el siguiente ejemplo.

Usted puede ver nuestro número original en la celda D1, y nuestro número se redondea hacia abajo en D2. Múltiples ambos números por 10.

Expert Advisors – Automated Forex Trading

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The Backtest is a necessary part of development and the help of a forex trading system to increase profitability. There are a number of providers of forex robot is the instruction, to give, to have achieved a 200% profit, is the software tool for automated trading, the robot that you are using and its backtest is a guarantee that the robot will be used to contribute to your investments. However, it is interesting to note that the trade is very different from that of the sample, and the results in the past may not be right, of negotiations. The best thing to do is to analyze the results in the backtest, that the seller of the robot used, the application of the historical data, the authenticity of the data, the field data and the currency pair for the test and the torque of the robot.

Forex automated Tools, is specialized in the development of Forex robots (expert advisors). The traders use it as a tool for the purchase and sale of foreign currency, in the famous forex market. In the forex market offers a variety of ways, for this reason, our group, which is the main goal is that participants achieve incredible results with our Forex robot.Our development team is able to use some of the robots, and that in several cases, depending on the market conditions. We are developing a new robot, and the improvement of the already well developed. In other words, some of the most famous Forex trading robot.There are more than 3 million dollars per day in the forex market. You might think that the chances of obtaining a huge profit should be very high. But studies have shown that about 5% of traders, in fact, very stable and very good. This means that the naive, the purchaser may, without the knowledge of the forex market, and most of the players have problems to survive. Therefore, if the Forex robot (ea)? This robot is able to win the jackpot, as stated? First, there are advantages and disadvantages of the use of an automated system in the forex market.

1. The robot must work on a computer, or a VPS (Virtual Private Server), a reception open 24 hours a day, and not for their own good.
2. Most programs work the best in the industry, brokers offer currency pairs with streaming. Thus, it could be, that for all accounts Metatrader Forex. That can limit your potential gain.
3. The software is designed for the currency pair to short, well, there are some that can play a certain amount of coins, a couple of. The reason for this is that there is only one mathematical formula that works best for each currency pair.
4. The Manual intervention of the robot in question, it may be a mistake of losing trades.
5. The majority of robots are not traded days with a high degree of volatility.
6. The robot does not need data, and nonprogrammable. Therefore, the company should always have in the image. Important Forex basic data of the economy and climate change, the effects on the foreign exchange market, it is more than likely.

2. The robot?

It is true that the forex robot is that it automatically at the day and the night can be performed, even if the people, the traders are not able to take care of your account at any time. For the best use of the forex robot, you can get a good connection to the internet, and the best program that supports the cpu, the forex trading software. When you download the software, the registration, the owner of a forex robot and configured, it runs by itself and automatically trade, even in your absence. It is expected that the trend of the forex market, the signals and the behavior of the market, which shows the results in the context of a trading account, and are updated every 15 minutes, and so on, invest in a couple of different coins, as well as a good opportunity.It is, therefore, clear that the offshore market, the sand and the use of tools for the Forex trading robots in the future, because a lot of traders around the world. Possible, not only for the winners, a lot of money, it is the duty of the trade on currency pairs is easy

A lay person may not get now, the encounter with less experience in the Forex marketthe right decisions and earn a lot of money with the help of Forex robots. Not only for beginners, based on the software, but it also has the distributor been in business for years, and enjoy the benefits of this tool. Due to its availability on the market, anyone can download from the internet and use it right away.

You have to wonder now, because of its popularity, there are Forex robots fraud suffer many shops and pure. Now, many traders were hurt, the fake software system, let us help you. With these things, their transactions in foreign currencies, which could be the reason. Even the most experienced traders in order to determine, in a difficult time, not the Forex with the robot, for fear that she is evil. Unfortunately, however, there are people who say, in fact, for a period not to far from the truth. Forex robot and the reviews are good, but it is always a Scam. Not until you have the product, you can say if it is good or bad, it is impossible to really know if it is right, if not still in use.

On the other hand, some seller advice, how to find the right Forex robot. With this, do not try to be able to buy the software to evade taxes, even if they are still in the testing phase of the truth. These tips have helped to train, what to buy, many retailers in the past, the product. So, please read and understand these tips, you dont need a lot of money, and you try, the recording is a risk, but for the coins. This is the list on the board.

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PC Tattletale Review

PC Tattletale has earned its reputation for being the most trusted and easy to use computer and internet monitoring solution for windows computers in the world. It is simple easy to use and effective.

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pc tattletale review

With PC Tattletale installed on their computer you will be able to see:

Chat and Instant Messages – Capture and review all chat and instant messages. See both sides of the entire conversation

Email – See every email they sent and received. Works with all desktop email clients and web-based solutions including Yahoo, Outlook,Gmail,Hotmail and more.

Websites visited – See every website they go to and what they do on them.

Facebook – See everything they do on facebook. Who they talk to. What pictures they post

Social Media – Records their activity on other social media sites including Twitter, Pintrest, Google Plus and more.

Online searches – see every online search they do. No matter what search engine.

Unlike other solutions PC Tattletale even works in “private browsing” mode. It does not matter if they use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or any other browser.

Watch their activity from another computer, your Iphone, Ipad, or Android device.

With PC Tattletale you don’t need to be at their computer to see what they are doing. You can watch everything they do from your own computer or smartphone. You can also view their activity from your Ipad.


PC Tattletale does not store any data “in the cloud”. Everything is stored on your home network. You do not need to worry about your recorded activity being stolen or compromised.

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PC Tattletale can be installed on any computer in only a few minutes. You do not need any technical knowledge to make it work.With PC Tattletale’s advanced recording technology you will be able to see everything they did on the computer in the exact order in which they did it.

Never doubt who is doing what on the Computer

Click the button below and get a fully functional version of PC Tattletale to try free for 7 days.

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Registry Easy Cleaner : For a system that doesn’t slip up

It happens right at the most inconvenient times. You sit down in front of your system with a list of things to do and then it suddenly starts acting up. It is not like it happened for the first time and neither is the problem going to vanish all by itself. All that is required to speed up your system and maintain it in good shape is to clean up a bit. There are a number of options in the market and the one that makes it presence felt amongst all these is the Registry Easy Cleaner.

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Review Registry Easy Cleaner

So, what exactly is the Registry Easy Cleaner ? It is the Windows registry easy cleaner that cleans up your system and increasing its speed by deleting all the errors and the invalid entries. Using this software at the right time before too much damage has been caused, will help you prevent major damage and stop your system from freezing or crashing altogether. So how do you know in the first place that you need to use this software when you are not technically sound enough to know what ails your system or what will cure it?

Are you one of those people who have computer trouble all the time or have recurrent system crashes? When you take it for repair something or the other is changed and you come back home after spending a fortune, only for it to go back into repair in a month or so. The problem could be resolved with a simple clean up. Replacing the hard disk or formatting your system is probably not required all the time and the clean-up option saves you a lot of time and a bunch of cash as well. You have nothing to lose if you try it, right?

Product Name: Registry Easy Cleaner

Registry Easy Cleaner scans your entire system for errors and faults and gives you a list, from which you can choose what to delete and what to ignore for the time being. In this way you wouldn’t be accidentally deleting files or software that you actually would be requiring at a later date. The software is extremely user friendly and even people who are not seriously into computers can use it easily, hence the name! Most of your system’s memory is being used up by invalid entries and cleaning it up will give you free space and this will also help you speed up your system.

Easy Clean Registry Cleaner

The best part about using this registry is that it provides the option of back up. So, undoing changes or recovering old files is an easy task and one that you can accomplish with just a click. There are a number of other features to this software and you get a thirty day trial period to check it all out. The promises the software makes might seem a little farfetched in the beginning but it does keep all those promises.

All those people who have recurrent system problems should give the software a try. It is a complete win-win situation for the user.

OMEGA TREND Metatrader Indicator For Mt4

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1. The trend of the indicators on three levels, with reference to the (market) prices, including the top, the bottom and sides. Trend indicators are useful for the implementation of Forex trading strategy. First of all, is one of the indicators to indicate what is expected, what are the prices for the rooms consistency and inconsistency are, for a certain period of time (for the moment).

2. There are a number of indicators, the relationship to have the useful knowledge, because the interest of the investors in the Forex market. In the case where the investor is a large number, then it is more than likely that the characters for the new trend. The lack of interest by the uncertainty of the investors or the investors are just not interested, and especially on the forex market. To understand the concepts, indicators, needs to be well informed about what is the meaning of (energy) data. In addition, you should know the best way to access information. The rapid increase or decrease in the number of investments proposed. Reduce the volume, it is very powerful, but the uniform can be supported by the person who is quickly on the market.

3. The third type of indicator is a momentum indicator. The momentum indicator is the monitoring of the exchange rates over a longer period of time. In addition, the car is at the same time, the weakness or the strength of the trend of fashion. The most dynamic at the top of the Trends. The lowest level of the dynamics is, of course, at the end of the trend.

Forex indicators for success is to determine the incompatibility with the Forex rate(s) and the data on these forex indicators. Movements in relation to the indicators and prices, the following information:

1. Changes in these Trends can be expected if the impulse, the screen is strong, and to move that the nature of the Change, of the parties.

2. A weak signal on the call on the screen of a rise in the exchange rate of the currency.

3. The diversity starts in the direction between the speed and the rhythm of reality, a weakening of the current Trends.

4. Another important indicator is that the forex market volatility indicator. The fluctuations on the screen, the operator can increase the level of awareness about the relationship between the prices of the shares or the interest rate. You will find the use of the drug, sometimes the Forex market is very volatile, and, sometimes, it is less risky.

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Web Sites with success, so that the light of the circulation of the blood, as well as restaurants, in the success, but they all started the same way, with care, day by day, and for the promotion of the growth of the data traffic of visitors at the same time.A website to make money on the left, seems to be a very good opportunity to earn money, and there are three basic ways to do this. All of them are easy, but not without risks.

The first of all the possibilities to earn money.

Google AdSense is the best way to earn money through the links. Signing up for a Google AdSense account configure how you want to view, search, and your web site. Each time someone clicks on the links, you earn a percentage of the PPC is compatible. Perfect for websites, international shipments.
The distribution is quite simple and useful, if they are transported mainly to the domestic market or a product, your email. Simply connects to one or more systems, and provides links that you have on the site.
Sponsored links if you have a blog, it is a very popular way to earn money. But there are also people who want to buy, and links to a decent website. If you have a blog, sponsored by the pages of the start signal and output, in accordance with your instructions. For normal websites, then you need to be in the preview of the SEO consultant to see if they are buying links.
The risks arising from the sale of links
Now, what are the risks of these methods? First of all, if youre not careful, you of the confusion on the website with links and scare off the visitors. It is good, and you can add the value of the web page. The advertising banners and Google AdSense ads, there are only one or two of the elements on the page, you indicate to keep clean.

But the big problem with the income of the associated companies and sponsors of the left. However, there is an interest, which, once pressed, the sale of links, then the search engines may reduce your site with the value of the research, maybe even block and their results. To avoid this, make sure that, if with the publication of sponsored links to a large amount of content on your pages and, also, a good relationship is not paid on the purchase of the work.
There are two different aspects of these systems, in order to earn money.

First of all, Google AdSense and affiliate links and earn money if your site receives enough traffic for you to click on a link and shopping in the case of affiliate links. If your site is new and has not operated in the generation of traffic with success, these methods are small chances of

For the sponsored links, sometimes, the traffic is all that matters, but, in General, advertisers want to have a very popular website in the search engines. In General, it is defined as the number of links that appear on your site, and the web page rank depends on backlinks (and where I come from). Therefore, you need to write articles and other methods in a large number of links that point to your site, so that in this way, the money.

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If the new Information that you receive each Month, Participants in addition, You want to be, and Your Donation. And as you get more signups is an important Factor for the Use of capital letters, the ease of use and Their Income.

If You are just starting out, and I would like to create a Record in the Place, I would be very happy to Advice to visit the autoresponder of Your Choice. The Operation is simple: if the Customers Payment, the Work with the Help of the option in the form of optin for the Course. Each Week or each Month, take into account EMail in Your autoresponder. So, basically, everything that happens with the Trade on autopilot.The Affinity of web sites, it is now a Matter of hot marketing on the Internet. One of the most important Reasons for Your business Model. The sale, the traditional event. And Orders and a List of in the Market for existing Customers, the majority of the Sales are oneshot Deals. Subscription pages, in their Place, a recurring Revenue Model.

And Signing of weekly Income, weekly, monthly, etc, on a quarterly basis, …… a Membership Site is the ideal Platform for the Sale of secondary Schools. You are loved by the public, of which you already know that you will buy from Them.

Because of this, the business Model is a very interesting Page, they have started to sprout like Mushrooms. And Control, and as all the others, the Nature, the tendency is popular, that Is a Victim Of its own Success. Notes: the lowQuality, membership Sites, to make sure that potential Customers have any questions.

As with any Product or service, the Key to Success for the marketing and the Quality of the Product. Your Site of Membership to succeed, the Products or the Services they offer, they have a Need or a problem to solve.

Many of the Members of this Page, make the Mistake of treating a great amount of Volume. The Trend is, drag the Sale, the Purchaser of a large Number of Products. The problem with this Approach is twofold. Before that the Risk is not simply the Content of the Word. If the Beginning of everything. In the second Place, it could be argued that the Eye can be difficult. The log in page, Age, lose their Charm.

Personal Ebook Organizer is Windows compatible software

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Reduces the cost of paper handling and Increases employee productivity: because time is a precious commodity in this modern business age, more than ever, the Integration of the company, the software for document management in companies, the setup program for your employees to help you do even more, and so little time, so it is possible, you will improve your ability to focus on the most important activities for the growth and profitability of your business. The efficiency you get in your business, in order to save money, it Is necessary to calculate the costs for the company, but also help to grow your business, So that it can be difficult.

Electrical, document management, your employees are happy and satisfied with their Job: solution for the management of documents and help the staff speed up the work and workers, it is much more than a small amount of time, you need to be more than happy to do your work. With an increase in the productivity in the workplace, in order to increase the performance of your computer, so the incentives to increase productivity and growth and increase their job satisfaction and commitment to the goals of your company. Digitalsoftwaredocument management is a winwin situation for all the companies and their employees.The management of digital documents for a period of time, but I was never more in the past 5 years. Through continuous Innovation for the creation of digital documents management, such as userfriendly, it is now possible for a small company, with a better performance, the largest company in DDM years.

And not only to the complexity, a considerable reduction of the costs for each company is necessary.

The digital document management is not so difficult to integrate, how you do it, and I would like to that the management systems are difficult to use and designed to provide the employees with more technology and computer science with advanced knowledge, and there are those who are formed, to those who only want to achieve this, it is necessary as soon as possible and switch to the next Mission, and if it is, this is a question about the purchase of this type of systems.

If you are serious about improving your Workflow for the document, and make things better for your company and the employees that are going to use, then it is preferable to see the software in action, in particular. This may mean that you only have a few events on the road, but in the long run, something that helps your business is invaluable. What you need to do is bet on the computer, the software, you can able to judge what would be the best solution, everything. The management of digital documents and in particular to those for use with a Windows xpbased computer on a Basic level, with the aim of ensuring that every aspect, it is also easy to use, for those who do not are accustomed to, with the Computer, as well as those looking for a computer for the whole day.