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READ MORE Ultimate EMP Survival KitJust so you know, the solid state electronics is just what it sounds like: devices built entirely from solid, and when the electric current permanently. This means that most of the electronic devices built over the past four decades, including computers, mobile phones, stereo, radio, you name it, if it is a solid-state electronics, has died.Since the second half of EMP, in the case where the electronic equipment survived the first. Driver Grid as a giant antenna, attract and absorb the EMP in electric wave is specially designed to handle. Flows down power lines, transformers frying goes. Go home and office costs, the chip voltage, before moving to destroy all attached electronic devices. So even if the equipment is ‘protected’, delete it completely worth it.EMP beginning of the Apocalypse: That day, the first of us noted that the EMP attack is over. We try to use something and does not work.Electronic devices do not work, cell phones and portable electronic devices. Whole fried.If you are driving, the car stops suddenly without a reason. Just stop working and we do not know why. We can not see the explosion because it was too high – especially during the day.They do not understand what’s going on. First, they think it’s normal power failure and expect the power to come back on. They blame the batteries from their phones do not work and believe that their car broke down immediately. It takes time for them to realize that there is something more sinister going on.Can you imagine that? Your neighbors all standing around outside, talking about strange things happening. None of them thinks EMP, because they are not trained to think this way. They believe that a truck hit a light pole or something happened in a short time, turn the unit on.


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READ MORE After Collapse ManualDisclaimer: The plan for the former military preppers Survival Hit ‘
After the collapse. . . preppers old threats are certain steps you can take to reduce the threat and the military – or completely eliminate the threat.The economic collapse of the horror stories..the economy and the US government has declined. Violent crime and property faced by large cities. As the days and weeks, citizens of the dangers grow and spread in the suburbs and small towns live criminals. Rape (including gang rape), abduction and murder become a daily threat. Here’s how to survive.Part 1 – the mountain of the survival of the Alps and the war in the US Special Forces Survival Training. What can we learn about the special forces? Many of the same things, first the Indians already knew and was the science of survival of the mountain and fight. What about the survival of the war and the Alps can make the difference between war and disasters…School Advanced Operations Forces US Special Mountain..Part 2 – in search of food, water, edible plants, insects, hunting wild animals Ridge, make a campfire and shelter.Alpine training US special forces in the war for survival..Part 3 – Scouting, camouflage, remove songs, sick industry in the snow Select the site to harass the enemy Killzone, Retiro, take the High Ground..How to survive the attack without pilot..Radical Islam is still a threat to the West to terrorist attacks. Israel is now in danger of drone attacks. America’s Next? Here is how to manage the drone…Since then, communications EMP – Radio..When the EMP, telephones, mobile phones and the Internet will become the past. Both radios are a valuable tool for some people. Learn how to protect your radio to two possible effects of EMP and communication systems ‘to reconnect with your loved ones.


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READ MORE Grid Survival SystemSet of wood or metal with the lower track of sliding doors and windows to help prevent forced the door or window open…19. Make sure exterior doors are solid core doors…20. Adjust the front doors with deadlocks…21. Take the keys with you when you leave the house.
22. Install peephole on the porch if you can not easily see inside the house.
23. screens installed on exterior doors…24. Ensure that the glass panels on the doors or exterior windows, the front door is reinforced for windows with safety film to prevent intruders break the glass and open the door…25. Fit the key windows key…26. In order to strengthen the security film windows, shutters or security screens…security systems..27. Install an alarm system.28. Installation of security system motion sensor camera that sends images via e-mail instead of recording on the hard disk.29. Put the newspaper on hold.
30. Make a friend or neighbor collect your mail while you’re away.
31. neighbors ask for additional cars to park in your driveway.
32. Do not show your travel plans online.33. to remove unnecessary services site in a social media activities to detect mobile phone without reaching the location.
prepare..34. Keep a backup of family photos (and other important things) in the box equipment independent external hard drive is stolen or damaged.
35 pictures of each valuable to receive and record all electronic serial number (and print, if possible). This can help those stolen items were recovered and identified.Take steps to protect your family and home safe offers tranquility, and can also help keep your home insurance premiums down. If you are interested in learning more about Coles Insurance, visit their website – .What advice would you give to teach children how to be safe in your home?This infographic developed by Coles Insurance Tips readers in home security.


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READ MORE Family SurvivalBy David Schmader pitbulls can I overcome because the hand of man Here are some ways how:..A boss bust, break the knees, or repress
It is not heavy, you can write? A stone, brick, stereo? If so, break the dog’s head..pension or unconsciousness…Either you or any other person placing the legs stick dog? If so, break to separate the dog knees…If this is impossible, the boot. Do not mount the dog, but to go to a job with the bone of the forearm against..The neck and put pressure on the trachea, at least 30 seconds until the dog unconscious and stop..problems, they said Charles Prosper self defense expert.Jig eyes..It is not suppressed in the cards? You have something to wrap your arm? Say, the jacket? If so, it wraps around
the nondominant hand and let the dog bite. Since the fall on top of the f  you, and dig your fingers into the eyes. They will not stop until
dog whimpering mass blindness, then you get to safety. ‘
In these difficult times, families are not white, in particular to protect
everyone, even if natural disasters or man hell. the family
Survival: extreme conditions an electronic book that will appeal to endure is..the survival of the family in both normal and extreme disasters. While
family survive: Extreme conditions are not wide, it is
It covers an incredible amount of information gathered by the experts in survival…surviving family: great conditions focused only against
Family withstand adverse conditions and assumes that any government
Organization is ready to help. instructions
the fight against wild dogs and wolves, for driving in blizzard conditions. if you want..survival guide that covers many risk than others
provide survival books, and also stressed the survival of the family
What is the last surviving in extreme conditions e-book for you.


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It took nearly six years of crisis, the Securities and Exchange Commission to reduce assets to market money according to the vulnerability in 2014 (net asset value), which means that the commitments of funds only to foreign exchange market ‘floating NAV’ nominal value of the dollar and the dollar. They pay whatever the part of depositor accounts. This has not convinced investors in the funds against losses. But that is credible, helps prevent back because it means that the sudden withdrawal of some of the accounts that do not harm others, not canceled.
Mission Support Project Syndicate..Distribute the project needs your help to readers of the world have equal access to shaping the world of ideas and discussion.Read more..the international regulatory framework has changed for the better since 2008, but none of the changes for each change in history as the general spirit underlying the animals. Regulators should be able to reach a floating NAV decades; They do not because they do not provide a story that would make the fund unstable monetary market. Regulators expect a sudden public attention to provide other financial companies a real risk.Although we have a system that creates a risk to the satisfaction of economic growth, inspired by operators and investors, we can correct this dangerous speech and stories suddenly and temporarily overwhelming inspiration. Regulators must fight against the risks of instability in buildings mainly because money market funds are not. But the arrangements are always urgent and sensitive context in time, the situation changes. And how these stories resonate with public financial gaps in the armor again.

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READ MORE survive the last days, you will discover how to predict the refrigerator for medicines and food scraps are not closely related to diet. Recognizing the clues to find more weapons and chemicals, so that these effects may help the body to resist. When the facts are presented in the same guide’ll quick inventory of medical and first aid to people who have had exposure to chemicals. based on what things used in conflict areas in the world and saved the lives of many when they hit the private parts of harmful gases. Survive the last day of the reserve to produce at the same time be a help manual, and all users of the family to develop a successful approach depends on excellence in acute military research. This ensures that whenever a horrible scenario unfolds, everyone wanted to decide what to produce and have the opportunity to do it fast.To live after all, it really is the end of knowledge of students ‘e-book’ and Globo reported in December, Nathan Shepard 30 months. On this issue, and several other publications, is based on the approach of a catastrophe, people can or can not take this grain of salt. Publications often have two such situations. One particular scenario is that people fully believe that e-book and do the authors advise. The different state of affairs is usually that the information has never been seriously studied viewers and can be completely ignored. Preference is almost readers, of course. Whether or not the links and the sound management accounts and understand the creator, not everyone seems to think clearly. In addition, those who end up taking the time to probably feel a lot of anxiety and you can not select Surviving tactical suggestions to stop the critical days. Others may simply look to understand what the ebook is about half of a wide range of serious.
Alive, after all, is not a scam. If you choose to survive the end of the test day, these days, is not paid in one installment at some time $ 37 fee to consider this a small amount of money, which can have a significant number of which are well-prepared for almost everything except the unfortunate disturbances. Key merchandise tutorial will create the structure of a PDF so you can make the right to use your computer comfortably at home. Do not hold the switch now!


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And you understand exactly what to do – now – make sure you have plenty of food and drinking water for your family, no matter what the crisis could develop.How to start preparing now
In a crisis situation. . .Survival Guide will show you:3 important points to consider when deciding the amount of food you really need to store – and 7 important things to consider when deciding what type of food to store. . .A complete list of the 34 required for the evaluation, which was on the list – no more wasting your money. . .
Storage charges – and still get everything you need. . .
PLUS – you know the first part, which always sells out of disaster? (Hint: there is no bread or milk…) Why do you need to store NOW!
You will also find:Six other long-term storage means food – even if power is only a memory. . .A simple analysis of the rotation system, extending the life of all stocks – with the exception, perhaps the most maligned food even more useful. . .
Canned food has a department store, right? Yes, but only if you buy the right size and type. Do not make the average error prepper here. . .
We need food – above all – for drinking water. Survival Guide Books takes many important tips to ensure that you have all the water you need, including:Why you should never eat snow as a water source directly in the treatment situation. . .The incredible ‘Rock-in-a-bag trick, you can get clean water – wherever you are – even when there is no source of water in sight. . .How to create your own water filtration system in minutes – simple hardware store – even if you’ve never built much like the first sand. . .. . . This production system liters quiet for a liter of water to drink every day – do not require any attention to you, like filling and collection of virgin production. . .You will also know how to clean more than 100. 000 liters of water part of Wal-Mart to pay $ 15 – a simple method to produce enough water for a family of four to ten liters per person per drink – but now – almost 7 years. . .And play seven small steps and large amounts of water for a long time. . . but keep bacteria-free and pollution – clean drinking water at all times. .

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READ MORE or PerishHe said that he was alive in all circumstances – wars, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc.And I asked him to teach me!Oh, someone could answer all my questions! Share their knowledge, but the game! Without me, click 50 pages, but want to waste time on things that do not work. Without leaving me alone and scared, not knowing what to do. . . He tried desperately to me and my family to save,Is there anything in the beginning, he knew how to prepare. There was no time wasted on the wrong information!He saw the degree of motivation and how much I had to learn,He said: ” Rick, because I do not want to be what is going to happen soon, I’ll show you something. I can not say how happy he was when he agreed to teach me. It was the best person I could find. Learning how to handle this situation can work internationally, now! . . . enough for me. Look, I’ve learned how to prepare for a hurricane or drought – I was prepared for an earthquake too, when there’s a terrorist attack or nutrition sand, volcanic eruptions, bomb, nuclear, next war. . . ALL. Now, hell, I was not afraid anymore. In fact, I felt so safe. I have never felt so proud functions. I have never felt so strong. It was versatile and can survive anything. . . Ready to overcome the disaster. . . The ability to save all my relatives. . .
I do not know how the energy is used to replace the cook, how to make water filtration, storage equipment, light all globular, sanitation, how to treat wounds, how they express themselves when it seems that all is lost, my house, to produce and how to protect themselves. . All. I myself, take care of it. Not to sound like a shower, but was so swollen and had a good coach, I have developed skills very quickly. And now I want to share with you! It took four years to coach a big family and a lot more research to get where I am. I’m working hard to get all the information, and I’m happy to have time to prepare for the end of days.


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READ MORE Power ExpertsEarlier this year, it was very difficult to pay hundreds of dollars due to the mortgage company had hardened me the power to keep the lights and visit my daughter to protect. You might think that showing compassion for the life of the child to play, but they are not.At first I tried to reduce my electricity bill goes to a number of generators. I thought it would not only reduce the cost of my electricity, but it helps to keep power even when bad weather strikes LAN.But I think what happened to him. The price of gas quickly became so high – over $ 5 a gallon in a few months – that the generator operates to be more expensive to pay money to the electric company.I tried to be what my family called the Nazi power Light the candles instead of turning on a lot of light and try what you might think about using less energy. But the return of the bills!
I felt even more helpless. A man must be able to support his family, and why the electricity bill every month to be more difficult. I am humble and always felt guilty.Well, I thought, for the acquisition of generators and try to save electricity does not work, but want to buy solar panels and use them for a portion of its electricity.Then I realized how much the company will destroy us little guys. Solar panels cost a fortune! It frankly does not make sense, because the components that are used to pay for almost everything. So they try people can pay – because they know that the idea of what actually pays solar panel to the average person.
But not only simple mathematics, we pay over $ 3000 solar panels could save $ 30-40 per month electric bill is a bad idea, he said.So I knew that buying packaged with how the solar panels for people like you and me to be robbed! Sad to say, it is just a scam.


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READ MORE Escape EvasionWhen I heard of the group, I have seen every episode and do my research. I knew the other external Daymond, so you do not pay attention to corporate finance. There is no guarantee of a loan shark tank as far as possible; after all, I am part of the CIA to start a business! ‘I am faced when sharks, but they become ten minutes. Sometimes I look too bad, but the result seems a good light. I love what I do, but the sale is the best quality! – I met Nate Mission belt could sell ice to an Eskimo boy ‘
monitoring the shark tank.A full list of Jason remainder of 2014. The book of advice on security and survival of the fall [2014], and was about light leakage Highway 18 in mid-November, of course. On its website a list of cities, but classes fill quickly because they are limited to 60 participants.I asked Jason had advice for young entrepreneurs. Then he asked: ‘My advice is not attractive – you work your tail. Look at me – I started with 23, now 33; We had overnight success ten years. ‘You work all day, there is no magic pill to be an entrepreneur. I had the opportunity to meet millionaires and billionaires; There are more intelligent than others, no real-time verification and the work outsourced. ‘Spy Escape and evasion was created by former CIA agent facing the latent stop technology could save lives in emergency situations. It gives the secrets, tips and techniques to survive, available only to elite members of some organizations such as the CIA, in general.The course is not in a good place, but also fun and exciting. It offers new ways to surrounding areas, awareness and safety, to make a pleasant and much safer lives when they are at home or abroad for you. Who is the author?This program was created by Jason Hanson, a former CIA. And ‘when the warm light of reality show sharks, viewers saw Jason; It is hidden in the stands before the stage to present the unexpected offer many sharks.Before meeting a specific idea, shark, speaks of a long career as a secret agent of the most important and famous history of American business concept based on the use of the daily routine planning, grew warm agencies topics seminars.