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Six Minutes To Success Proctor Gallagher Institute,Getresultsthatstick.Com Affiliates…You know all the tools of the trade – to know the best health practice, have a great meal plan – but if you can work consistently and continuously deformed when life is on the way (as it inevitably will) never lasting results you want.In fact, to change their habits and behavior deeply rooted is not an easy task.Whether your ultimate goal is weight loss, find out eczema, improve digestion or improve health indicators for blood pressure or cholesterol.It’s tempting to want to renew our lives at one time. And sometimes operates for a longer time.But if you are someone who is always square to walk away with a diet, or are unable to create healthy habits that really works for your lifestyle, then read on!1. Check the ‘why. ‘So you want to lose weight. Spectacular. Why? Take a pen and paper and take 10 minutes a day to make a list of reasons. Good in a bikini is fair game, but is deeper. At least 5 or 10 makes sense, why would you want to lose weight. How things will be different in your life? Think of how not to lose weight that holds whether these limitations are self-imposed or not.Maybe you want to prepare your body to pregnancy or reduce health complications such as cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes later on the road. Maybe you just want to feel more confident in your own skin, or buy clothes for a more enjoyable experience. There is no right or wrong answers, but the reasons should be meaningful to you.Now you have a handy list to keep in a safe place. You refer to this list when things get tough and you want to go. This list serves as a reminder of why you start from the first track. And no, it is not only torture, the program is larger in the game. Do not skip this step.2. Identify the major limitation (s). In other words, it is something you need to make a copy of your health more experience you want. If you could remove one of the obstacles that then things would be easier, and was probably faster results.Is the lack of organization, or the ability to prepare healthy meals for you? These are the ‘drinks’ with friends who regularly leaves you feeling terrible the next day and constantly jumping exercise in the morning? daily habit of café aggravate IBS and leaves a feeling of anxiety? Eat or night binge drinking sugar stress?You have a long list of obstacles that we believe the brakes, but it’s really important to focus on anything (maybe 2) the things that come your way for most people. It is not always obvious and may require research, but when you have indicated that you are the only one goal (for now).3. Set limits, but less than Commit. Here, to accept a small operation when approaching the final goal. But wait! Before going to undertake to eliminate gluten, sugar, coffee and alcohol at the same time for two months Monday – stop. Remember that you can choose one (maybe two) major limitation (s) in step 2. This does not mean that you can not control; that just is not going to commit to do more. It’s all semantics! This means that you are free to do more, but we make no commitment.It is important to make commitments that are 90-100% sure that you know that you can perform. In other words, before they decide to think: ‘How am I safe on a scale of 1 to 10, which can really meet this goal? If the answer is not less than 9, you might want to reduce the commitment to facilitate.


Beginners Lucid Dreaming Guide–How To

Beginners Guide To Lucid Dreaming Free,Beginner’s Guide To Lucid Dreaming Techniques Pdf,Beginners Guide To Lucid Dreaming Pdf,A Beginners Guide To Lucid Dreaming Techniques,Lucid Dreaming A Beginner’s Guide To Becoming Cons…It can be very difficult to know how to start and has a lucid dream effectively.There are many articles and ‘sorcerers’ line is discussed on how to lucid dream, but if you’ve tried them, chances are it has not worked for you. Chances are you have not had a ‘revolutionary moment’ when you hover over the city to fight against the great dragon was cast (I had this dream many)
The thing is, most of these guides will lose important parts, and do not tell me that it is really important, and how to solve problems you encounter. Problems, such as:
– The ‘beginner problem where you can not only get your first lucid dream- Reality controls do not appear in dreams or when they do, it will not work
– When you do finally lucid dream, it is so vague and short, and you get nothing for weeks
– It is really difficult to control and impossible, ask your subconscious and experience unlimited power
Many people spend weeks and sometimes even months or years trying to lucid dream and never master it!
Do not be. .Does this sound like you?There are opportunities, if you’re here, maybe a little knowledge of lucid dreaming.
– You tried to have one or two and have not had much luck. I know how difficult it can be.
– You learned that you need to take stock of reality, but you can make them appear in your dreams? (This is a common mistake that I explained in my ebook in the first part)
– You tried MASTER lucid dreaming for weeks, months or even a year, but not quite understood? (My ebook will show you how to start very quickly and build knowledge from there)
You may have learned technical WILD, WBTB and sweet, but they do not seem to work regularly – Do not worry, I’ll explain why they are not working for you and what you can do today to start properly.- You can not know anything about lucid dreaming, except that it refers to control your dreams. . Still, this is perfect for you, guiding you through everything from scratch.I spent a lot of time to learn to do it, and there were times when I felt like giving up. (I’m so glad I did not give up, because I think that, thanks to the incredible lucid dream almost every time).Nothing happens, and I could not close my mind and control my dreams, I want people to read. I was there. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn, I can help you do it.


Programme Boosteur D’intelligence

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E-Learning – Boosteur D’intelligences Pdf Download…Attention! L’épidémie mondiale se propage très rapidement. OMB fournit (Organisation mondiale de la protection sociale) a des milliards de personnes infectées dans la prochaine décennie. Les symptômes de cette terrible maladie:1 – La tendance à contrôler leur propre intuition au lieu d’agir sous la pression des craintes, des illusions et des conditionnements du passé.02. 01 manque total d’intérêt pour juger les autres examiné et est intéressée à créer des conflits.3-1 perte complète de l’aptitude à se soucier (ce qui est l’un des principaux symptômes).4 – Le plaisir continue d’apprécier les choses et les gens comme ils sont, ce qui conduit à l’annulation de la procédure va changer l’autre.5-1 forte des changements positifs dans le désir de contrôler ses pensées, ses sentiments, son corps d’un milieu de vie et pertinents pour développer en permanence le potentiel pour la santé, la créativité et l’amour.6 – attaques répétées sourire, un sourire qui dit «merci» et de donner un sens de l’unité et l’harmonie de tous les êtres vivants.7 – Ouvert continue de croître dans l’esprit de la jeunesse, la simplicité, le rire et la joie.8 – plusieurs fois la communication de l’esprit conscient, ce qui donne une agréable sensation de plénitude et de bonheur;9 – Le comportement de guérison apporte la joie et le plaisir de lumière au lieu de la critique ou indifférent.10 – La capacité à vivre seuls, les couples, les familles et la société en termes de fluidité et de l’égalité, sans jouer les victimes ou les agresseurs.11 – Sens des responsabilités et de sentir la vie heureuse des rêves futurs riches, harmonieuses et pacifiques.12 – une acceptation pleine apparaissent dans le pays et le désir de choisir en tout temps, le beau, le bon, le vrai et vivant.Si vous voulez continuer à vivre dans la peur, la dépendance, les conflits, les maladies et le conformisme, éviter tout contact avec des personnes présentant des symptômes. La maladie est très contagieuse! Si vous avez déjà des symptômes, il est susceptible d’être un trouble mortel. Le traitement médical peut perdre temporairement certains des symptômes, mais ne peut pas résister à l’inévitable progrès de la maladie. Il existe un vaccin anti-bonheur. Parce que cette maladie entraîne la perte de la peur du bonheur de la mort, qui est l’un des piliers de la foi de la société matérialiste moderne, elle pourrait sérieusement sociale, comme frapper l’esprit guerrier et la nécessité pour le droit malaise, est de rencontrer des gens prêts à chanter, danser et célébrer la vie, et les attaques de la communauté médicale de rire et des séances de parti émotionnelles collectives.


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Neurovector Technology,Neurovector Technology Review,
Neurovector Manual,Neurovector İbramed,Neurovector İnterferencial,Neurovector Download…Finally, the possibility is hard to curb their own thoughts and behavior to achieve.Our advanced audio eliminates ™ technology NEUROVECTOR harmful mental and emotional state that they have become compulsively and physiologically dependent.This leads to the revolutionary new technology to personal and spiritual liberation after the growth of the imagination.Technology has advanced NEUROVECTOR ™ tested and proven to work for everyone, in fact, we guarantee that you will positively change your life in a way that leaves absolutely mouth.Using brainwave synchronization NEUROVECTOR ™, a revolutionary sound technology guidelines, which affect the deep and permanent changes in the structure and function of the nervous system.Probably appeared in the DVD The Secret ‘,’ What do we know? read self-help books, and practiced daily demands. But still, you are looking for. Nothing can change the thoughts and behaviors of more than a few days or weeks.So what’s wrong with you? Why is it so difficult to harmonize with the thoughts and feelings, which indicated that a simple change in their expectations to create the experience we all want in our lives? Even when deliberately kept the information is objective and correct.Information is sought to be applied in your life right. We can do more, be more and enjoy more simply by changing our minds. This is reflected in numerous biographies and countless stories of ordinary people who have achieved what seemed impossible.Why not (yet) have all the evidence presented to you, and the methods proposed are incomplete and therefore flawed.The failure of the ideas and methods of the authors helped shipment to change your life because of the fact that when we remember the event with a positive attitude, is biased, but remember that it is more positive and the steps important.Our feelings and thoughts presented in false infused with the memory of actual events in the past, peace and simplicity do not correspond to the actual experience to create the illusion.

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Uberman Almost Superhuman Pdf Download…Some of these documents are not shared openly hundreds of years. . . The inner circles, mystery schools and secret societies have retained ‘button these secrets too long!In these pages you will learn amazing things, such as:How can I transform a moment or a friend ‘lie’ – the abuse of this technique can be done by anyone, anywhere, anytime. . . and when you learn to use it in the right way, the results will surprise you!An incredible secret unconscious, and how they do not need years of meditation to contact him. . . Sure, you can answer the most reasonable deep lit in a few minutes!How can the force of another person, without touching them! (When you see this, you may have difficulty raising your jaw on the floor!)The only thing that will steal their super-human natural talent ‘and how crushing it!The secret symbolic figure of eight ‘infinite’. . . and how it can easily be used to extract the energy, so you can think more clearly, make better decisions, there is less stress and more!Because some speakers can exhaust the entire record of the hearing. . . while others illuminate, inspire and motivate people in his presence! (If you want to ‘unfair advantage’ in any social situation, you have to see this!)As the ‘imaginary middle of your body that you can actually eliminate stress, pain, illness and stress is expressed in seconds. (Once you learn this powerful technology, it is necessary to prove that all his information … In fact, other people can start calling the miracle worker …’I have this book, because I know that everything I read Jason and Skye are really looking for, they really feel is valuable. . .. . . knowledge and energy awareness. That’s why I like to be on the list. I took a chance, ‘Uberman’. And I must say it is much better than expected.Much of it was aware of the reason for your years of study. And all this is very valuable. But there was one thing that struck me everything.I used EFT and taught, and it was not best for more than ten years after going through NLP, Hypnosis and training to try some of the other forms of energy.But this. . . It has simplified the process until a single movement of the hand and fully and immediately works every time! This really made me question what is possible in a whole new way!Get Uberman. You will not regret it.’I have the book! Exciting! Blessing! Thanks for making it available. My sister also received. Tell me, when you make Volume 2!Two amazing ‘power’ tools that can start using immediately to start a demonstration of a happier, more magical in five minutes or less life. . . Use these two simple tools every day and participate in important positive changes in all areas of your life!Master technique to express the energy of money (or anything else). . . you begin to understand how energy is converted into the physical experience to follow the magnetic induction law. This goes well beyond the law of attraction and provide steps operations can begin to create experiences that meet the requirements!A ‘deceptively simple secret’ that has access to the command prompt as an administrator in your mind. . . and then sends the commands can be used to begin to affect physical reality! (You can also read how this secret was used to transfer the old combination of stubburn trailer!)Because things ‘bad’, and what to do with them. . . If you’ve ever wondered why the bad things that you create in your life, but it just gives you the answer you are looking for. . . and you could see the world in a whole new way!All you need to do reflects what you want in life. . . 99% of people who are trying to create reality skip this crucial step, then wonder why ‘nothing happens. ‘Once you learn, you should ask this question, because its manifestations will begin to flow into your life faster than ever!As I have a personal experience with one-on-one with the famous was’ zero. There is no mystery to you, you will learn that you can travel as often as you want, whenever you want!Technology ‘bow and arrow’ instant manifestation and opinions – it has evolved into a combination of the most effective techniques of quantum consciousness now available. This sort of thing used to be kept secret, which revealed the secret would be torn from his tongue (no kidding!) But now learn!display problem and how to solve it. . . Most people are a serious problem in displaying anything. . . or at least they think they are. . . here is how to manage the display, the night!As the world (perceived) the sound impact, and how you can use this information to increase the vibration and resonance to discover new realities!


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Discoverinfluence Program Review,Discover Influence – Conversational Hypnosis Course,Customer Review Of Discover Influence,Discover Influence İn Your World ,
Download Discover Influence – Conversational Hypnosis Course ,Discoverinfluence.Com Coupon Code…It is a step by step guide that provides an easy way to start using conversational hypnosis secret in all interactions TODAY.
Examples of models and methods of conversational hypnosis language begins penetration of ‘mind immediately.
No studio albums or memory required to learn boring.
Of course, you (instinct) may end up covert conversational hypnosis with everyone who interacts
And in turn, naturally (instinctively), and commits itself to respect the ideas and wishes.
It is fact.Here is a brief summary of what you’ll find:
How to avoid a catastrophic failure in the end almost everyone does in their daily interaction with those who have lost friends and kill opportunities
How to form a deep direct connection to someone without complicated things or act weird!The simple secret of Wall Street tycoon, Queen Victoria and the author of 20 million copies of the best sellers know that it does, and how it can revolutionize the way how to persuade and influence others.Since most of the so-called hypnotists conversation ‘never really achieve success that claim – and a change of mentality that allows you to simply succeed in most others do not.Both the technical report of NLP really works, and four simple steps, you can create instant rapport with someone (best of all: it works everywhere, and soon to be as natural to breathe)As Milton Erickson was able to create powerful transformations in a few words – and how you can use this simple hypnotic tricks in everyday life
Five sound innocent questions, erase the bad and useless beliefs, and may redefine the perception of the person in the world embarrassing trap that many novice hypnotists call the fall, when you try to use the ‘hypnotic language patterns’ and how to avoid once and for all
game internal cause ‘an important basis for influencing the rest of the irresistible without even trying
Discover the secrets of NLP, Milton H. Erickson, and then – and reveal what they got wrong (Disciples PNL warning!)
The key impact and ethical Since many of the ‘conversational hypnotist’ End to alienate friends Instinctively
Change the shared secret persuasion life of Queen Victoria, an author of the millionaire success, and in 1920 the Wall
Fishing Report – Four ways to quickly form a deep connection with everyone and make that feeling to feel sympathy ‘
Interpreting body language, what is your favorite TV detective!
Developing a compelling sounds that humans can not stop the response (which is necessary if you really want to lead change and others)
The secret of the language and techniques of Milton Model hypnotic regular calls without beeps or found strange
Like having hypnotic stories of people hanging on every word and drill public so subtly and secretly installed a powerful subconscious transformations
Five questions that can be done quickly and overcome objections to destroy negative beliefs, even when life took
And more – much more!
Also, just to sweeten the deal, I have taken two great parties bonus for you:Bono § 1: a simple but effective technique showed that unites all of these technologies together and can eliminate the problem in a short, normal conversation.
Bonus Section 2: 20 without changing the ‘magic words’ that can be used in ordinary conversation immediately Hypnotize
Ok, I know that you are willing to download your copy and get reading!I can understand why! It takes more than five years, and (get this 🙂 22. $ 000 less investment to master these skills sought.For every download to your computer and play in a short time, concise e-book in the real world.


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equilibrioec Pdf Free Download, Scam Or Legit?, Discount Coupon, Review Scam Or Legit?, Pdf Download, Coupon Code Get $10 Off, Program Review…¿Cómo de satisfecho o no depende no sólo en el factor externo.Aprendí EQUILIBRIOEC, eliminar las fuerzas negativas que tienen poder sobre mí. Vi que mi felicidad depende.
Elegí ser feliz en cada situación y en cada momento de mi vida, mi felicidad se sentía como una persona diferente, cosa o situación en el suelo, sería serios problemas. He aprendido a ser feliz con toda la experiencia ‘Vive cada día: el amor, el perdón, apoyo, comprensión, fallar, levantarse, recibir, escuchar, consola.Algunos dicen, ‘no puedo ser feliz. . . porque estoy enfermo, porque el dinero porque es muy caliente, porque ofendí a alguien, que alguien ha dejado de amarme, porque alguien no me quiere. . . ‘
Pero lo bueno es que si se puede ser feliz. . .Sin embargo. . . usted está enfermo, está caliente, no hay dinero, no hay mal que no le gusta a alguien o no evaluado.
La vida es como una bicicleta. . . se obtiene sólo si se deja de pedalear. . . !!! EQUILIBRIOEC aprendió.
Comience ahora a cambiar. ‘En este mundo tan rápido, fugaz, nervioso, violenta e indiferente, debemos responder al amor y el bienestar. La tecnología estructura EQUILIBRIOEC me creó perfecto para la paz y la relajación profunda para crear herramienta eficaz. Por último, se puede cambiar y actitudes disfuncionales vivirá aquí y ahora amplificada, feliz y libre. ‘Relajarse y disfrutar de los próximos 15 minutos para que pueda leer la información importante en nuestro sitio web.Si su vida no está equilibrada, el efecto de la gente feliz e infeliz asociados con usted por alguna razón. Por acción u omisión, no sólo sus intereses, sino también todo el peor. . .La gente piensa que soy afortunado que va mal ‘, y esa es la verdad. A continuación, ver, cómo manipular el ambiente se considera una víctima de las circunstancias. Para escapar de la responsabilidad hacia la realidad.Al hacer esto, y para evitar la responsabilidad, en lugar de vivir, morir y el medio ambiente muertos. ¿En serio?. . . Estoy seguro de que no tengo que escribe honor. Un poco fuerte, pero es necesario.La vida es siempre bella todo depende de usted y su decisión actual. Para sobrevivir, tenemos la oportunidad de seguir la decisión de construcción y el futuro. Hacer un compromiso hoy!Escalas! Él piensa que no puede, según los casos ambos. Es deseable creer que si se puede, y tal vez por primera vez en la vida, consciente y responsable de decisiones. Está en el momento adecuado para abrir y dar a su entorno de una vida feliz.


Conecta con Tu Grandeza Juana

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Curso Conecta Con Tu Grandeza,Curso Conecta Con Tu Grandeza Discount Coupon,Read Curso Conecta Con Tu Grandeza Review,Curso Conecta Con Tu Grandeza Reviews….Estoy muy feliz de hacer lo que quiero y disfrutar de la familia. Pero no siempre fue así. Desde hace más de 25 años he trabajado como empleados dejan los momentos importantes con mi familia y otras circunstancias que están lejos de mí como el día en que se hundió en el dolor y me hizo sentir culpable. La única cosa que me animó fue el amor que sentía y siento hoy lo que hizo. Hasta que un día, la vida se enfrenta a una situación que cambió mi vida y la perspectiva de la misma. Sorprendentemente, el dolor que descubrió lo que la vida es preciosa, que a pesar de todos los problemas en la vida, para dar lo mejor de nosotros mismos para ayudar a otros. Estoy listo para enfrentar un nuevo reto en mi vida: tomar la Internet y proporcionar los conocimientos y la experiencia para promover el bienestar y el desarrollo personal y profesional de los demás.No importa la edad o situaciones en las que es hoy, la elección de la vida que quieres vivir aquí, pero esto es la necesidad de conectar con nuestras herramientas de grandeza interior.Ahora la historia es más sobre mí, sino sobre ti.Usted quiere encontrar dones y talentos para servir, y para servir a los demás y aprender a tomar su vida?Mi nombre es Giovanna Alicia Espinoza Soy una enfermera y un profesional de la educación, I Master de Educación, me terapeuta certificado Healing Touch, indicativo de la terapia del habla, mi pasión por el desarrollo personal y m ‘llevó a la formación en investigación y liderazgo personal. Es un placer presentar una combinación de elegancia! Una manera de descubrir su potencial interno como el comienzo de una vida llena de salud y bienestar.Este curso es para usted, sin embargo. . .
Es un equipo y desarrollar cursos en la comodidad de su red doméstica.¿Quieres hacer cambios reales en su vida.
Estamos dispuestos a poner en práctica lo que aprende.
Me siento fuerte y más seguro, física y mentalmente.
Para resolver los problemas, preocupaciones y conflictos sin disfrutar de la vida.
Queremos desarrollar una actitud positiva ante la vida.
Usted está interesado en la mejora de la familia, las relaciones sociales y el trabajo.
Usted quiere estar bien y disfrutar de una buena.
Usted está ansioso por recuperar el control del éxito deseado en la vida.
Quiere construir confianza.
¿Estás listo para ver una forma diferente de vida para disfrutar.El curso fue diseñado para desarrollar Internet en la comodidad de su hogar.
Se trata de una pantalla de vídeo, el contenido teórico y práctico, el tiempo; Cada vez que un marcados ritmos hicieron.
También puede hacer preguntas para dirigirse a apoyar conferencias y mensajería.
3 cursos están diseñados para desarrollar cada uno de los 15 días.


Glauben Und Reviews

Glaubenundmanifestieren Program Review,Glauben Und Manifestieren Pdf Download,Glauben Und Manifestieren Eric Amidi,Glauben Manifestieren Coupon Code,Glauben Und Manifestieren Gesetz Der Anziehung,Secret Behind The Secret(German):Fast Selling Book, Law Of Attraction…Frage möchte jedes Wort hier zu lesen, weil die geheime Zutat, um etwas zu erreichen zu verstecken.Wenn ja, was ‘Geheimnis’ auf DVD oder eine interessante Lektüre zu buchen, warten Sie, bis Sie sehen, was wie ich aussehe. ‘Geheimnis Geheimnis’. Dies ist für diejenigen, die das Gesetz der Anziehung lernen wollen.Es gibt nur zwei Arten von Menschen:1) Diejenigen, die verwalten und anwenden (das Gesetz der Anziehung, um das Spiel des Lebens zu gewinnen!)
2) Der Rest, einschließlich derer, die glauben, dass das Gesetz der Anziehung ist, dass die Bilder und Tag TraumWie viele Menschen wissen Sie, dass sie leben ihren Traum ernst?Haben Sie?Obwohl Macht ‘Geheimnis’ und andere Manifestierungstechniken bekannt ist, kann es nicht, ihr Potenzial zu stimulieren.In der Tat, für die meisten Menschen, wenn es um die Anziehung, was sie wollen, in ein paar Monaten! Sie sehen nicht die gewünschten Ergebnisse, und werfen sie einfach alle.Ich war Teil einer Gruppe, die Top-Quarks, die letzten Partikel, seit 1995 Fermi National Laboratory entdecktIn meinen vielen Jahren der Forschung in der Physik, Philosophie und Spiritualität führte mich durch die Straße jetzt mit ihr.Wie gezeigt, können die tatsächlichen Quantenexperimente Physik, die die Realität des Universums zeigte, Unabhängiger Ansichten.Ich möchte Ihnen heute sagen, gibt es einige einfache Schritte, die Ihnen erlaubt, zu haben. .Mein Leben dreht sich um alle ‘Das Problem der meisten Menschen ist, dass Manifestierungsratgebern alle Konzepte zu lernen, aber keiner der ‘Fleisch’ von der Wahrheit entfernt.Wenn Sie sich jemals gefragt, ‘Was werde ich mit all diesem Wissen tun? Sie wissen, was ich meine.Die Wahrheit ist, dass die meisten Manifestierungslehrer nicht einmal sprechen, gelten ebenfalls. Sie verstehen die wissenschaftlichen Prinzipien sind nicht hinter dem Gesetz der Anziehung und was man nicht sagen kann, was zu tun ist, wenn Sie Probleme haben.erfolgreichsten und fleißigen Menschen fragen sich lernen, verschiedene Kulturen und Religionen und wie die Ergebnisse meiner Wunder, E-Bücher gesammelt Gefühle.
Wenn Sie meine E-Buch gelesen haben, werden Sie verstehen, dass Sie wählen, was Sie sind und was Sie wollen – Auswahl an verschiedenen Realitäten.Wenn ich den Prozess vorschlagen lesen, können Sie tun, was Sie im Leben zu verkörpern wollen.So wie Sie fragt Sie, Kahunas und Schamanen.Wo kann ich diese Methode zum ersten Mal zu finden, hat sich mein Leben für immer verändert.


Zero Reviews

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Zero Limits.İnfo Discount Coupon,Zero Limits Seminar,
Zero Limits Book Pdf,Zero Limits.İnfo Dvd,Zero Limits Online Coupon Code,Zerolimits.İnfo En Français,Zero Limit Automotive,Zerolimits.İt Attivazione….Two years ago, I heard a therapist in Hawaii who cured a complete told criminally insane patients – without ever seeing any of them. A psychologist could examine the table and then see the prisoners himself, of how the disease that the person is created. When he recovered, the patient improved.When I heard this story, I thought it was an urban legend. How can you improve the quality of all you are able to drive? How can even the best teacher of improvement could improve the criminally insane?It means nothing. It was not logical, therefore, dismissed the story.However, I heard it again a year later. I heard that the therapist had used a Hawaiian healing process called ho’oponopono I ‘. I had never heard of, but I could not get it out of mind. If the story was true, I had to know more.He had always seen the ‘responsibility’ means that I am responsible for what I think and do. Moreover, it is in my hands. I think that most people think of total responsibility that way. We are responsible for what we do, not what someone. Hawaiian therapist who healed the mentally ill to teach me an advanced new perspective about total responsibility.
His name is Dr. Hew Len Ihaleakala. We probably spent an hour talking on our first phone call. I asked him to tell me the story of the therapist’s work. He explained that he worked as Hawaii State Hospital for four years. League where they kept the criminally insane was dangerous. Psychologists quit on a monthly basis. The staff often sick or simply quit. People walk in this district against the wall, afraid of attacks in patients. It was not a good place to live, work or visit.
Dr. Len told me that he did not see the patient. It was decided to have an office and review the records. When he looked at the files you are working on. As he worked on himself, patients began to heal.’After a few months, patients had to be shackled were allowed to walk freely, he said. ‘Others had strongly medications rose from their medications. And those who had no chance to solve this problem every time.I was amazed.’Not only that, he continued,’ but the staff began to enjoy coming to work. Absenteeism and turnover disappeared. We ended up with more staff than needed, because patients were released and all the staff seemed to work. Today, this area is closed. ‘
This is where I had to ask a million dollars, ‘that in fact itself’ve caused those people to change’
‘They are just part of the healing of me that created them, he said.I do not have.Dr. Len explained that the responsibility for your life means that everything in your life – simply because it is in your life – is your responsibility. Literally, the world is creating.Uff. This is difficult to digest. To be responsible for what I say or do is one thing. He is responsible for ensuring that all my life says or does is quite another. However, the truth is: if you take complete responsibility for your life, then everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or in any way experience is your responsibility because it is in your life.
This means that terrorist activity, the president, the economy – what you feel and do not like – is for you to heal. They are not, so to speak, with the exception of protuberances on the inside. The problem is not with them, is with you and change you have to change you.I know this is difficult to understand, let alone accept or live. Guilt is much easier than all the responsibility, but when I spoke with Dr. Len, who began to realize that healing for him and in ho’oponopono means I love. If you want to improve your life, to heal your life. If you want to cure anyone – even a mentally ill criminal – you do the healing for you.