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The resistance is important, also, was as important and loved. – Sometimes grandparents or trusted family members and friends to support the reconstruction allows a better relationship with the children. The voice of reason, a calming influence and of the continuity, in which the child feels safe and protected are able. With the help of the family, the environment can, to a place where the children can begin to re-build confidence, again with a step after the other. Sometimes it is enough to know that his father was called, may be sufficient to see in the first place, even if they refuse it. – Mediation and family therapy can help provide a safe, neutral environment where children feel listened to, respected, have a comprehensive assessment of their wishes and opinions. This can help you a arena, to which the children say what they feel, what they want and need, for a moment, that for the understanding of the situation, what your fears are. Therefore, it is possible for parents and children to navigate in the scene, in order to improve the relations. This helps the children to understand that you have agreed what you can expect, in order not to change the rules that works and not for you. This will be discussed in a professional manner, advise you, make you feel in this process is included, the pressure is less, and that their wishes are heard and taken into account. Divorce is often a traumatic process for all. In particular, children may feel that the world was destroyed. Everything he knew, as the usual and well-known disappeared, and was replaced by prejudice and uncertainty. Thus, a sufficient amount of time is an important part of the recovery. So, how does it feel, to be accepted and respected, you can start to solve the relationships of the family.Some of the children after the divorce, I’m not very good with changes and transitions can be very difficult. One of the most difficult things you have to do, as a divorced father don’t you encourage the children to come up with your ex, even if you want to. The task of parents is to encourage children to walk with your ex if you want to avoid a certain type of neglect or abuse. You can give these guys a favor, if you are working to make the transition as smooth as possible.Let the children go with the father in the house, are familiar with. Can accommodate things, such as a blanket, photos, games, or even a stuffed animal. If you receive a certain number of days, in which you and your ex-spouse, children, and so I wanted to know from you, when it would be. I can help you with this part, mark the days on the calendar that you have, with each of the parents.