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What keeps these people on the night? What are the main problems? What are the objectives and the tasks that they are assigned the duties of the company’s performance? All this know-how, you can be ready, with the testimonies of the past, to demonstrate their strength and the value proposition is a perfect fit for the needs of the business. Take the time to do your research and make you shine in an interview, in order to stand out from the competition thanks to their knowledge, sincere interest to your future employer, and your initiative.The seven to the job interview, get ready to discover the secrets that will help you for the interview in the ideal situation, you are strong and gives you the opportunity to be selected for this work. The secret – the law of priorities, for its own benefit, if it is possible, try to arrange for you, the first person he had seen on the day of the interview. The Interviewer must be especially attentive and interested. The first appointment on that day, the right of priority in the game, this is the way in which you have in your favor, it is not to forget that we have a tendency to be in the first person, as we know, is the first element of the list, etc., it is much easier, in connection with the center. Secret number two to the value of a good night’s sleep, so make sure you have a good night sleep the night before the interview. Also, prepare a meal, full of food, they feel, the night before the interview. Before going to bed, sleeping, with the intention of returning easily within a reasonable time, fresh and ready to do its best. Secret number three, they know exactly where you are going, you can plan your route with care, who knows, as the interview of the target and the alternatives in case of unforeseen circumstances. If you have the time and money, the practice, the travel, the location, the Interview, at the same time, for one or two days before the scheduled date. Should be 20 – 30 minutes 30 minutes before the hour, the day, and stay with your car, or you are in a suitable place in the vicinity of your interview destination, where you can sit to act, to relax you, and prepare you with breathing exercises, or at the end of the year a summary of the main issues and respond to them, there is no doubt that in the minds of researchers/s is the right person for the job. Secret number four check boxes, and recharge your energy, Because the energy and the demonstration of strength is an important factor in the art and the method in which they are perceived, to his energy and output, and if you have the game with the amount of energy to work, to make the application.

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