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Feng Shui is not a simple type of decoration. Indeed, it is the discipline with the rules and guidelines that can be adapted for many types of decor. Indeed, it is the Belief that the system of each other different religious, geographical, astronomical, mathematical and philosophical ideas and aesthetic values.

The origins of Feng Shui has been said, for two of the Jin dynasty (d. D. 265420.) The burial book written by Guo Pu, Chi rides the wind and stops at the boundary of water. The ancient chinese, I thought, in the Manipulation of Chi, so that his face, with the aim of, and not to waste. Because of the art and the science was on the basis of the wind and water, is the concept of Feng Shui was born.

Today, it is widespread opinion that the principles of the Feng Shui books were burned during the Qin dynasty (221 . C. 206. c.) one of the most important books on this theme was written by Huang Shi Gong and Zhang Liang, in the last part of the Qin dynasty. Later, in the Tang dynasty (618 907), Yang Yun Song and his disciples have written a number of books on this theme. This important works from all Feng Shui schools. Unfortunately, the books are very strange, and to use information for a large part of which is transmitted by the oral tradition.

With Feng Shui, it is considered to be intuitive and arise from our reason and our senses, which, of course, on the environment. The vanity, the German missionary in China in the second half of the 19th century, wrote in his book, the FengShui Or the rudiments Of natural science In China(1873), which is at the origin of Feng Shui is the belief system unique to The writings of Chu and other poets of the Song dynasty (11261278.) Chu has called the influence of Confucianism, and in all his writings and comments may be on the basis of FengShui, FengShui, the roots, in fact, go as far as the original of Chinese philosophy.

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In the Middle of the 19th century, Feng Shui is a part of life, the Chinese government published all the materials necessary for use in the practice of Feng Shui. How, in fact, the settlers speak English, came to China in the Middle of the 19th century, they are struggling to get used to the way of Feng Shui.

What Are Embroidery Design Files?

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The team Sport is very focused on the Material, in General, for those who are Part of the Team and its fans.

Floralmany home Accessories are often embroidered with Flowers to freshen the look.

Music these designs are Usually made for fans of Artists and Music, Clothing, designs and patterns to decorate the Clothes and Accessories.

BacktoSchool, the Type of Project is particularly important, welcome, this People, as the new School. It is also easy to create a custom design for Your backtoschoolkids.

Hawaiithe beautiful, according to the Embroidery on the Waist, the Island of research. Super, also for People that love Hawaii.

Work basic Types in Order to Add sparkle in the Attire of a person.

Airplane, Plane to act as a precious Gift Options for the People who work in the Aviation Industry, with only a couple of Models for those who love Aircrafts and the Concept of Aviation.

Animals a great Way to decorate the Clothes, and then Accessories.

Fire/Police for our Employees.Dear friend, you have had enough of browsing through nonprofessional, amateur, and hotels embroidery design collections? This is the solution to the problem. Are you tired of searching on the internet for the designs on each page, it is possible to, only to find that you pay a fee for each article that you buy? Not to mention the time it takes to search thousands of web sites for your drawings? We give you an easy and effective solution to this problem:
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An exciting and colorful on the upper part of the sheet or at the edge of the envelope of a cushion can be filled with a color or more thin, whiteonwhiteembroidery offers a classic, to the side of your room.
Pure white or cream curtains will be a new look, if they are touched by a hem or top vine or the random pattern, a small embroidered design pattern, scattered over the ultra thin fabric. Easy to do, if you use cross stitch, embroidery, the back of the embroidered fabric
Curtain tie backs of linen, the white color or the color of the curtains to provide a touch of class to any type of curtains.

The Idea of Freedom of the Project, through Research in Books and Magazines. You can also create your own Templates and Customize with PhotoShop or other photo editing software.

Try to keep your Hands on some Embroidery and Motifs? Extraction famous Places, and buy Your Choice. But remember, when it comes to a free hand Embroidery, many Times, to get what You pay for. However, this said, it is also possible, on an unusually large Amount of free Projects. You need to be very important.If You have a new Embroidery Machine, or, if You like, youre probably thinking, designs, You can embroider. Embroidery, Machines, Generally, that the builtin Templates. But, sooner or later, You want to create a Project, it is another Thing. You need to know the Model, the Embroidery, the Data in a format that is compatible with Your computer, as you do on Your computer and transfer them to Your Embroidery. This Article explains what Embroidery design Files are and how to use them.

Where Can I Embroidered?

You can check Your local Embroidery Sewing machine and Dealers. You can be sure that the Projects on the CDrom or a memory Card reader. The Disadvantage is that it does not Have much of a Choice. But if, in spite of everything, is not evil. Yes, here the perfect design.