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The counts continue to increase each month, many of us remain in the bill, and I would like to know if there are alternatives that can save the us from financial pain. If you had asked this question ten years ago, the answer would be… but with the large number of changes in technology in the last ten years, the answer is yes, finally!!!!! With the help of the solar energy to manage all the house, and, finally, to break the power of the society depends. Do not worry, you do not need to be an expert to tackle a task like this. If you follow the instructions, well, then you have all the skills necessary to be successful. Now, the first thing that you need to understand exactly what your budget is.There are instructional videos available online, collectors, step-by-step through the process of creating your own solar and it is worth it. At the end, not only that the clearing account, but, if at all, are months, if you produce more energy than is transmitted with the control of the company, the amount of energy added to the system! Do not hesitate and start to save money and help the environment, solar energy at home today!Green means that the life of the three r’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Adopting the style of life, the environment, it will do, it is important to improve the environment and the conservation of scarce resources. One of the most important sources of fresh water. Water is a scarce resource, especially in urban areas. The development of the supply and demand dynamics, also, send the price of water is higher. Therefore, to create a life style eco-friendly and conserve water, you can save a lot of money. The number of green and life, changing habits and preferences, when you use less water, take shorter showers and use the toilet, and the installation of accessories low-flow faucets and showers. Also, if you do not speak, almost as many, the adjustment for the recycling of grey water has the potential to have a greater impact on water use. The recycling of grey water, use of water, loss of water for other purposes, without the recycle bin. Examples of gray water and water-based activities, such as, for example, washing of clothes, dishes and a bathroom. This water can be used immediately after use, the installation, which is the right equipment. The gray water, which includes water, toilets, the human waste. The term for this type of water is blackwater. The grey water can be up to 50%, and 80% of water in the average home. Simple tube design, the house can be configured in such a way that the amount of grey water and re-used for different applications, such as, for example, the house, the consumption of fresh water. For example, if you are washing your hands the water is not necessary, (it may be a little bit of soap is used to clean the bathroom. The same is true for the water in the dishwasher or washing machine. It is estimated that, on average, a family can save between 3500-7000 gallons of water a year by recycling the grey water. This value is almost equivalent to the amount of water, which sub-drainage-basin, sink and Laundry. A complete water collection and recycling system for filtering grey water, and then transfer to other parts of the house, including the bathrooms.

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And the results came in, socada, the day after… the meter is moving a little… And this is the traffic just… 68% discount on the first month. I do my best and even more… but on a large scale, you can build-it Just was not possible. As I said, this is not BS-stealth-conspiracy. There are no limits. I don’t think it was very good… And the cost of $ 200 … it is money well spent. I need to go back only 3 months, the court may, at the court And I $1369.30 take advantage now! But if you really want is the value by default, a monopoly, but a slight increase, so that it can be done, drowned in the meter to run backwards, and start with, you have to pay for energy more than the fed, also on the internet. Imagine, you have to get on the account, trembling hands, when you open the envelope… AND YES! It is everything you might expect. The value is NEGATIVE! This is not the story. These are the facts… Personal accounts of some dear friends. Well, let me tell you what happened and how it can change your life-the ingenious solution can be in any place, wardrobe, clothes, work, power, small radio, etc., large fridge, TV, the Computer, or in the home. it is perfect in all situations, especially in crisis situations, when all the power cables are down and you need electricity to store food in the refrigerator, and the kitchen (as I also said: 6 people are still there, so to speak). It is not even the half part of the garden-Just a few square meters. and you can simply fold the leaves and put them in the garage, if you like-but it is so powerful that it can be reduced power, at 68%, now… even if the payment of € 250 per month. … and to find parts place and the local or online store. Not only that… but the battery is not new. My father, did not want hundreds of dollars for non-payment New always the best option. I bought 6 batteries at a flea market a few cents. There is a problem… the diy instructions solar panels are everywhere on the internet. But if you follow the instructions, they are looking for a $2000 minimum investment. And there is a lot of money. But none of you know, because you don’t want to work, less than $ 200… I don’t know why… but they do not know. But all it was, until my father found a way. He has his own idea of the most popular sizes of batteries to use all the-5-8-years, and can be recharged hundreds of times… no matter how hot or cold it is outside. the battery on the car. It is easy to get… anywhere… you can also do a couple of garage resources, ease of maintenance. time, and, after complete emptying and has enough power for the welding of iron.