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He believes that it is one open space that would encourage interaction between the family and the removal of obstacles and the artificial light must be reduced to a minimum, for large quantities from the model were added. Book Stickley book Furniture of the Arts and Crafts Movement, it was divided in various moments Of the experimental period, the First Task of this time, the time of Maturity, and the Objectives and Activities of the time. The era of division was also used to describe the, of Artisans, of houses that were built over a period of time. Some fans furniture Stickley has been hypothesized that the house has been designed for the furniture that he designed the house. Stickley knew furniture creations is not the victory, that was when our day. In the case in which it is possible to find a home for the Craftsmen, the plans for today? The majority of companies, Craftsman house plans have updated Stickley plans to fit current design styles. For example, Gardner Co. (www.dongardner.com deals, Craftsman house, plans for a modern elegance and an evaluation of the original Craftsmen movement. It is a Craftsman-floor chair of a house of 2546 q. ft. what might be a good option in any society today. The house, which is called the Martelle, has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a guest toilet. On the small side, there is the Kellswater about 1,571 q. ft. and with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Eplans.com in addition, the plans for the Artisans-art-of-house. As examples of houses, eplan, shouted Lawn with Pride 2 422 sqm. ft. and with the name, the appearance can be deceptive, if you think that the 5,949 square feet.ft. In these systems, the costs, the plans for the Lawn the Pride of the house eplans.com the cost is $620 or you can purchase a reproducible master for $935. The costs of these plans, appearances can be deceptive – the house is only $2379, the reproducibility of the master and a set of plans. Not Gardner has sold five floors Martelle, at the price of 765 dollars for the five series of $ 2,110 for AutoCAD construction on CD-ROM. Plans for Kellswater series 675 $for a set of five $ 1,850 AutoCAD construction on CD-ROM. When I was a kid, it was right after the war, the rare materials. I don’t have a lot of toys, and I don’t think that I’ve lost, because I have an obsessive player, and I have never had my nose in a book. An exception was when I was in London with my godmother, that I hit the museums. The day I saw a beautiful doll house, which was the property of Queen Mary, this was an important step: I have never forgotten. I was completely taken by the detail of furniture, little people, funds, all in 1/12 scale. How is it possible that I loved most. I think it was around 8 when I ran away. And then I have my dad, I got into rock ‘ n ‘ roll (no sex and drugs for me!) studied for my exams and I forgot about the dolls in the house.” At the age of forty years, I was ready for a new opportunity.