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This objective is achieved through the All india Football Federation (AIFF), the race director and organizers, the aspirants to a place in the world. Due to the FIFA, to those who have no voice, both in India open to challenges and down? FIFA due solely to issues related to the collection, AIFF, in particular, because of these violations, if you are in search of a place in the world cup?

In this event, the organizers and the race director is against all the rules and the cables of the FIFA. It is a serious problem, it is necessary to take into account, because the indian, the Russian, the Football is not FIFA. You snobbando the sanctuary of the laws, the football all over the country? Or ignore the laws? She got up, humiliation, football world cup, in India, without sufficient rules and ethics of the game is determined by half of the organisations in the world?

The question cant be serious, a bedroom, a reply or a small villagers, who plays football, at home, in the garden. But it was a situation that for the best team in India, which is the only trophy that, for more than 6 decades. 60. out of Santosh Trophy in Kochi, Kerala is a black day for the world of sport. In addition, it is a large room, in the policy of punishing the small state of Manipur. The state, under the oppression of the Indians and of the police since the day that India, with the obligation, up to the tip of the torch. Until then, the public opinion in India, as the change of the brotherhood of the treatment.

And because the state of Manipur, a guest in India. You only need to do this, in the development of their policies and of their region. The people of the state of Manipur, has never felt comfortable with the Indians. In the range of models, that the violation of human rights, the nero application, to read, and to the illtreatment and of the Indians, against the feeling that every meithei language. However, I always have India as their homeland, without prejudice, and the country, international sporting events. But the recent violation of the FIFA statutes, the code of conduct of india, the federation of Football of the spark of fear meithei language. Things get worse at any time of the policy.

The sad thing is that the meithei language, the feeling of loneliness and abandonment, in all countries. I am firmly convinced that the game is unfair, the directive, so that in the future. Some players have the obligation not to touch the ball again in his life. It is a loss for the player of football and FIFA, in the true sense of the word. While FIFA is encouraging people, in the promotion of the game, some of the incompetent of the voltage of the organizers, and the game towards the referee, obstructing the spirit of FIFA. FIFA recognition and a challenge for the organisers, the matter, the ministry for sport, the game, the dirt, in the name of football.

Win or lose, it is the result of each game and the teams have to accept the fate of the game. Yes, the team of Manipur, the adoption of a 1: 1 ratio of bad management of date. He has won the hearts of the spectators, the commentators and millions of viewers on any tv program.