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The front and the back, from the front (or ventral) refers to the front of the body (for example, a Department of the crown). Posterior or dorsal refers to the back of the body. The terms are often used in combination, for example, the front and rear and not the front and rear. The whole body of these terms can be used interchangeably, with the exception of the brain (the ridge between the middle and the top of the head and ventral means toward the bottom of the page).

The skull and the measures of rio: the term is a bit confusing (also known as the skull, the brain, the rostral or later version), top, or head, at the same time, the flow rate (bottom) refers to the lower part of the structure or to the head. These terms and conditions) in a mixture (skull and debit cards, top and bottom, not the skull, and, also, less. It is a relationship, and all parts of the body, like the human body as a whole. For example, the generation, the less of the height of the hips and legs.

Area: This refers to the services, in close proximity to the surface of the body. Against the time, all over the world. For example, the brain is very deep in the skull, the skull to the surface and is good for the brain.

Type of movement

Bend and stretch: these are the concepts that are moved to the description of the movements on the sagittal plane (for example, forward and backward, instead of to the side). The descent is the angle between the bones is reduced, in combination, for example, if the height of the knee. The expansion of the final exam on one leg (increasing the angle between two bones in a joint), to give you a hand on the shoulder.

The flexion and extension of the ankle, called the plantar and Dorsiflection

The hyperextension of the Operation to increase the town, more than 180 degrees. The hyperextension is most commonly associated with lesions of the company.

Forward and back: the extension is the transfer of a part of the body from the transverse plane, the movement of the muscles of the face. The collection is quite the opposite.

Abduction and adduction: abduction is the movement of limbs, the removal of the plan of the tubes of the body. He put his hands on his hips, so that the T is the fact that, for example, the kidnapping, the spreading of the fingers. Adducția of the disease is the movement of the limbs and the heart the cardiovascular.

Rotation: movement around the axis of side effects, with or without displacement of the medial, turning your head, look to the left or to the right.

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After youve read the story, ask the children to talk about what we like and less on the story. Some of the new words to introduce, to write the vocabulary, and to encourage a few words, the sentence or the story on a sheet of A3 format, construction paper. The letters collected in the book and was on display in the library/language corner.

Learn By Game

The boys and focused on the student to learn Early on, there was a lot of fun, pretending to be a train, a goat, a wolf, a Baker, a Miller and merchant. He Experimented with different movements, sounds and facial expressions. A lot of enthusiasm, it was clear that the children of the chocolate with goat milk with Milo, goat and cheese, biscuits. The kids, put them on the graph, it is revealed that the milk from the cow or goat, milk, cheese

The Benefits Of The Learning Materials

Of course, the kids, the life of the partnerships with the, what he learned, in your daily life. Test sense of the world, together in relation to the experience and ideas. Learning materials, a child, and the inspiration to think further. Through the search, comparison, description, analysis and synthesis, more opportunities to speak, read, write, and create, in the same place.The definition of the goals for the kids is a great way to have good results for your development. Indeed, one of the best ways to improve the situation of life so that your children learn of your success.

We all want to hang out with the guys and be proud, to find purpose, meaning and success in life. If the child learns that it is possible to get the results of their work for a specific purpose, will, feeling, emotion, satisfaction, success, and selfconfidence with each success.

As parents, we often think what we need to do is to give the children the best possible start in life. In the case of many of us, life is hard work. There are so many questions you with us, we forget sometimes, as here, papa. How many of us are slaves to our children? If you could see with the eyes of the child, what we know about ourselves? We need to teach our children about the difficulties in the school or in the classroom, the parents as part of the most beautiful feeling in the world?

We love our children very dearly, but I have a gap in the calendar for you? I forgot, some of the most beautiful memories of the youth, especially, the people, the moments with our parents?

There is a reason to spend time playing with his son, it is necessary for the wellbeing and development around the world. Modern methods of teaching and learning in the task, the fun and the attitude. Baby, all the books the character of the collection, security, simple pieces of information, seems to be present in the school to designate, in very good knowledge on the head. Maybe it is because it is fun to learn, but the other is not?

Most of the kids love to be the center of attention in order to thrive in an atmosphere of love, trust, and popularity. The work with the parents, with the aim of, in particular, to monitor the progress towards the goal, and on the breath, it is fun! Sitting in front of the TV, can be fun, but to be his son, it is only necessary, by a rule in a state of trance. Fun, go to the media to make something like this. Play with the parents, because of the attention all the time, it is the ideal environment in which to learn, and therefore a good start for the introduction of the targets.

The setting of targets for your child can be anything, it is always possible, of course. We recommend that you test it on your own goals, and be specific. You may think that you want, you can do that this is true.

Make Halloween More Fun Than Ever Before!

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Kids love their Pets, and I cant wait to wear cute animal costumes for Halloween. For adults, the thought, there is nothing more adorable, with a little bit of trickortreat a little more sweet bunny costume, or ladybugdress. This year, in the manner of rabbits, with a leathertrim jacket and skirt Band with a penis, gloves, and a variety of colors, the ears, and hot. Daisy, ladybug, trickortreat in petticoat dress with Daisy request, red, simple, designed for travellers, at the head of the band, in black, with pipes, filters, antennas, and gloves.

Halloween is near, and to do for a teenager in search of something. Halloween activities for young people can be very difficult; you are like the idea of trick or treat, but I dont want to be seen as immature. But there are a lot of activities that the young people can, be your appetite for a scary night of Halloween fun, and what allows you to adult.

Handing out of sweets This is one of the things that are easy to do for young people. A teenager can dress up in funny or scary costume to open the door, handinhand with Halloween for the majority of the young people who knock on the door. It is best not to be afraid, or small children, perhaps too afraid to trickortreat!

Create a Haunted House it is a good idea, in combination with the caramel. You can go through to create a haunted house for the children, like picking up your sweets. It can be as simple as a decoration on the porch or in the garage, for a guided tour through the maze that covered the grass. Your teenager can invite your friends to help decorate, and with the fear of a surprise. Instructions for creating a great haunted house is available on the internet.

Throw Halloween Party Teens are getting ready for the party, so why not let your daughter and her friends organize a party in your house? Teens should be responsible for decoration and clean, you can chip in with snacks and drinks Despite the fact that it offers probably a lot more, if you are ready to disappear for a night, maybe a small part of the activities, including a costume contest, or bobbing for apples, to break the ice. To break the ice, its probably going to be more needed in a party for the young people of secondary schoolage children.

Halloween movie night If you prefer to work with a small group of teenagers in the house, why not make it a movie night? Select one of your favorite characters from horror movies, to cook some of your favorite treats and spend a spooky night at home with the lights up and down. Do not forget to check with other parents if the movies have adult themes.

Go to the haunted house or hay will not If you go to the house of the youth in your home, you can consider the possibility of sending their children to go to a local haunted house or hay. Many of the civil society organizations planning these events, and the use of funds for local charities, so this is a good way to enjoy the holiday, as well as help, and with good reason. You can participate your child in advance and one of the actors in the Ghost train!Many school systems are trying to be politically correct, and, therefore, prevents the kidsHalloweenactivities during school time. This leaves many parents searching for educational, yet funtouse games for Halloween at home. Parents can find free online games Halloween activity book to buy, or funny in the bookstore or download the eBook. Here are some ideas about the kinds of learning or play activities, the children love it and use it to strengthen your skills.

The little leopard cat tutu child costume provides the girl to a certain degree, because of the style of the season. A honey bee girls Halloween costume, you can treat a certain number of trickoron the platform. The animal theme this season, and the animals are still in the game. A growing number of pet owners dress their fourlegged friends in festive costume. Animals in the family, dressed as pirates and princesses, and all other kinds of interesting characters.

3. With Popular Characters

Many childrens Halloween costumes mirror popular characters, with children, through movies and books. All the favorite characters, to the delight of the children, year after year, and are in trend this Halloween to the next. Small adventures of Spidercoats, Prince Capes, and pirate, is Celebrated as the most popular among young people. Superman is sure to be seen in any haunted house.

Cinderella is always to find the Prince, when he is dressed as an elegant, sparkling dresses, the long gloves in satin. At au bois dormant belle, is always behind the scenes of on the platform. Lets not forget snow white and Tinkerbell, two of the first class, Disney characters, not for me, to celebrate Halloween. Alice in Wonderland, it is always a surprise for her sense of fashion, dress, apron and ruffle skirt. Halloween 2010 will have character and style, and is considered to be enjoyed by all, even the animals from his family. Happy Halloween!