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The important element to understand and remember what you read, even if the increase of speed. You can be the solution to all of your learning needs, in work, in school, and it is a pleasure to read. An art that requires practice, but it will be worth it. The practice is necessary because it is a quick read and not to lose the sense of the text. It is not like riding a bike, you need to practice often, otherwise its back to the habits that developed when he learned for the first time.

It is not about reading fast all the time, its about making reading so easy that no matter what the content is, or where it is, or you love it. The print is very important when it comes to a quick read. If you do not understand or do not remember what you just read, this is not of any utility.Reading is one of the most effective methods for the representation of the information available on intellectual knowledge. The reading of the speed of the technique refers to the process of accelerating their reading skills more than a player on an average speed of 250 to 350 words per minute (wpm). The experience of the participants, who have learned the art of speed reading you can read over 1000 words per minute, with an incredible 85% of their level of understanding. In comparison, the average reader to read the 250 ppm as a general rule, the level of understanding is only 60%.

Therefore, the reading speed of the technique, it is possible to not only read faster but also understand, and therefore remember more of what they read. If youre studying for an exam, or a professional in a field that requires a continuous updating of knowledge of the bank, the duration, the playback speed, the key is to reduce the amount of information overload. It is very useful to have the possibility that, in spite of the fact that it is not always possible to use, in the reading of the poem, in which you want to read slowly to savor every word, to the maximum.

First you learn to read the speed and the technique and the secret of the movement, the speed of reading, it is important to understand the factors that make reading slow. Some of the most common reasons for slow reading: (i) the reading of the word forword, as a child; (ii) the vocalization (that is to say, the silence of the word) during the reading; (iii) jump backward to the previous read online, or words, that interrupt the flow of reading, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes, the lack of concentration.