Thinking about buying Media traffic Meltdown?

With The Onslaught Of Sub-Par Click Bank Products, It’s No Wonder You Are Looking For More Information on Media Traffic Meltdown!I must admit I didn’t have high expectations for this product- But man, was I shocked!Have you noticed how many similarly priced,” traffic getting secrets” products have been launched lately?

I sure have, that is what I do, I drive traffic, for both myself and for my clients. So whenever a new course or new idea comes out I jump on it. I don’t normally expect much expesially for a product priced at just $37.

One or Two golden nugets or new ideas are all I expect to find, and I’m happy with that.One thing that realy stood out to me in the Media Traffic Meltown product though was the names behind it.

Most of these other sites popping up have been bvy people I have never heard of before, but I am familiar with the three names behind Media Traffic Meltdown. JP Sheofield, Soren Jordanson, and Cindy Battye.

These three know their stuff and I have been impressed with their past products.

But What about this one?

What about Media Traffic Meltdown?

This site does not disapoint. As the name suggests it is a training course on using media buys to generate tons of traffic to your site. If your like me you thought that media buys for for large corporations , buying print ads in newspapers and magizines. Buying airtime on the radio and TV and it involved huge bucks.

Well luckily for us that is not the case and these guys not only show how media buys have changed due to the internet, but show exactly how to get in on the supper effective targeted traffic for only a couple of bucks.

Whats Inside Media Traffic Meltdown

There are ten video modules inside of the members area, these videos do not hold back and walk you through exactly how to use some of the hottest media buying platforms.Each video is a no fluf straight to the point tutorial that leaves no questions to be asked.

Here is what each video module covers:

Media Traffic Meltdown Review

  • Module 1: Introduction.
  • Module 2: Demographic Research This module will show you exactly how to find out what people want to buy online, what products to promote to them and how to promote to the people who are ready to buy. Master this and your chances of success will increase exponentially.
  • Module 3: Talking The Talk. Media Buying is a whole new world to most. And this world has a language all its own.Before going any further it is important you understand these terms as they are used in media buys.
  • Module 4: Media Buying Tactics. This is the real meat and potatoes. Here you’re going to to discover the easiest and best ways get started and succeed in media buying.
  • Module 5: Explosive Clickthroughs. You want to be seen, but more importantly you want actions, uncover these briliantly simple tactics for getting more clicks.
  • Module 6: Creating Image Ads. Tired of hiring expensive designers only to be placed on a waiting list? Discover how you can easily create your own
    image ads in minutes.
  • Module 7: Explosive Conversions. Step by Step instructions walk you through how to get more sales and earn more money, with the same amount of traffic!
  • Module 8: Blueprint To Traffic Meltdown. There is a lot of information in the previos modules,
    So this module puts gives you an exact blue print to follow to put all your new found knowledge into action.
  • Module 9: Tools & Resources. To help you work through the blueprint, there are some great resources and tools available here. Make your media buying process push button simple with
    everything foiund in this module.
  • Module 10: Bonus Module. One thing that Soren, Cindy , and JP are known for is their over the top suprise bonuses, this section won’t disapoint those that are expecting to see just that.

If you are looking for good actionable content then this is the product for you. The 10 video series from Media Traffic Meltdown give you exactly what they promise. If you follow all the steps outlined in the videos, you will never have to struggle with getting traffic to your website again. There is no easier or faster way to drive enough targeted traffic to any website. With this information at hand, you can start making money in 30 minutes with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Product Name: Media Traffic Meltdown – anprofit
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

Look I know you may be hesitant about buying this course. But I truely do beleive if you are serious about getting traffic to your site then this information is priceless.

2017 Linked Influence Review

This is my Linked Influence review.  I will start by saying that it is a great resource if you are interested in supercharging your LinkedIn presence. Below is my in-depth Linked Influence review.

What is Linked Influence?

Linked Influence is a guide to marketing on LinkedIn, the largest and most influential business network today.  With over 100 million members, LinkedIn recently launched an IPO and became a publicly traded company.  When it comes on online marketing, LinkedIn is an excellent resource to tap, and Linked Influence is aimed at leveraging this resource.

The guide was written by Lewis Howes, a former two sport All-American and current world record holding athlete.  Lewis began his wildly successful journey in LinkedIn at a low moment in his life, when, due to a debilitating injury, he couldn’t work or work out.  A respected mentor sent him an invitation to LinkedIn, and the rest is networking success history.

linkedinfluence download

What’s in it for me?

If you are interested in leveraging social networking in a business context, and don’t have a lot of time to spend chasing 20 odd platforms, then Link

edIn and Linked Influence are for you.  In this guide,  you can find the following:

  • Keywords: how to use the right keywords to not only find, but be found on LinkedIn by 100 million+ members on this professional network.
  • Advertising: people in the know say that advertising on LinkedInconverts at much higher rates than, for example, Facebook.
  • Becoming a thought leader: how to create your own tribe on LinkedIn and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

What’s Inside – Detailed Linked Influence Review

The Linked Influence product is packed solid with practical, actionable tips.  The main ebook  is broken up into 8 chapters, an introduction and a summary.

Lewis writes in an easy to understand language, and tends to go straight to the point.  There are screen shots that accompany the how-to paragraphs – of which there are several.  This makes it good material for complete newbies to LinkedIn, and to social networks in general.

There are real examples used in the guide to illustrate various points, and Lewis is not shy about pointing out specific groups or profiles that he has worked with and has had success with.

I loved his discussion around groups and building tribes, a term originally coined by Seth Godin.  While other social networks are based around personal events, photos and goofy times, groups in LinkedIn foster a fresh exchange of ideas.  Lewis talks about techniques for leveraging these tribes for maximum impact.

The Linked Influence guide also teaches you how to build and nurture your own tribe, opening up an entire new way of marketing, generating viable leads and becoming an authority in your niche.

As a long-time user of LinkedIn, I was actually quite shocked at how much new information I learned.  There is much more to LinkedIn than most would suspect, and LinkedIn themselves don’t seem to excel at raising awareness on all the different things the platform is capable of, especially for increasing business reach and strengthening personal brand.

This guide bridges the gap nicely in terms of laying out in simple terms the various capabilities offered by LinkedIn, and more importantly, how to best use them to your advantage.

The last chapter – before the summary – focuses on the applications that sit on top of LinkedIn, and how to use them to deepen your profile and overall presence on the network.

linkedinfluence course

Conclusion – Linked Influence Review

I read through the entire guide in a single sitting, not because of working on my Linked Influence review, but because it is actually quite compelling.  I found it easy to read and understand, and had to force myself to read through the whole thing before hitting the keyboard to begin making changes to my LinkedIn profile.

The only thing that might put one off is that the guide is not padded with pretty pictures and marketing layouts.  It is mostly text, and the only images are the screenshots used in the how-to sections.

There’s no magic formula to increase your exposure and influence, but with this guide and a few hours over a few days, achieving a good level of network exposure and influence is possible.

Product Name: Linkedinfluence – The Ultimate Linkedin Training Course-LINKEDINFL
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

Paid Social Media Jobs Review – My Experience

I am no longer promoting this product because there are far too many refunds!!!! This product is for serious people ONLY who are looking to start their own business online. This is NOT an affiliate program and the refund rate is way too high to continue to promote.Get the full, uncensored, bare-bones, honest Paid Social Media Jobs review here before you buy the product! Scam or legit – continue reading and find out here for free before purchasing. I have been testing the service for a while now as a full member,  and I’m able to give you a full review – the most comprehensive you can find on the web.

Product Name: Paid Social Media Jobs-SOCIALPAID
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

paid social media jobs online

What exactly is Paid Social Media Jobs?

Paid Social Media Jobs is an international platform dedicated to social media employment opportunities, more specifically Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube jobs. Allow me to identify four main features that the product gives access to legitimate work at home:

First, you gain access to the social media jobs search engine that searches all over the internet and gives you all the jobs listed in social media arenas.

Next, thorough specific training of both what a social media manager is, and how to become one, you are taken from beginner to advanced in less than one day! You will quickly learn how to perform jobs on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms as well.

Additionally, you will receive Bonus documentation, such as ebooks, videos, and software reveal how to perform other related jobs in social media. For example; making money while you eat, drive, shop, golf, etc.

Finally, you will get the best support for this type of online workwhich includes creating a (free) professional web resume with very cool features, such as work samples, charts and graphs, audio, video and images, unique URL and sharing options. They just do not give you an option to fail!

paid social media jobs login

Who is Paid Social Media Jobs for?

The Social Media Manager is a new breed. Just like any other job, it requires a profile for the candidate. Are you suitable for this job? Find out for yourself. Here are some facts associated with a social media specialist:

First of all, unless you get hired by a large corporation, it will be home based. This gives you freedom to work when you want to and still enjoy time with your family and friends as much as you like!

Next, a Social Media Manager requires basic online skills, specifically a basic understanding of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you can begin with even one of these and work you way to more of them, you will do just fine.

I began with Linkedin and boosted connections for my clients to 500+ in less than 24 hours! After two weeks I began to build Facebook “likes” for several clients and added more than 1,000 Facebook “likes” in less than 48 hours!

The key is to start slow and then move forward. When we throw too many darts at one time, we miss the bullseye!

Finally, you do not need a college degree for any of these jobs. Most jobs are entry level, and only a small handful are more advanced. Just know this: degrees for social media managers do not currently exist! Outside of this course, there is no formal advanced training anywhere, period!. This is your opportunity to get started, and succeed, in socal media today.

How does Paid Social Media Jobs work?

Once you pay your one time lifetime membership fee of $47, you will have unlimited access to the VIP Paid Social Media Job Database!

This is the bread and butter of your membership! You will be able to search and apply for any of the hundreds of paid Facebook, Twitter and YouTube jobs in their database at that point.

You will actually get additional advanced training on how you can be successful at getting the best paid social media jobs, and how to make sure you get paid more than everyone else in the process!

Also, you will learn more in depth and advanced step by step instructions on building residual income strategies, so that you can find social media clients who pay you over and over again!

paid social media jobs

Furthermore, you will get your hands on a special ‘Surprise Bonus’ that you are going to LOVE and that will make you HUGE amounts of extra cash! And much, much more… 

Well, there you go, you just got the full, uncensored, bare-bones, honest Paid Social Media Jobs review from a guy who is using their product and service. I cannot say anything more about the company to encourage you to get started now, but I wish I had the words to do so!

This is really the best (and most fun) means of making money online from the comfort of your own home. And with a full 60 day money back guarantee, there is nothing to lose! I hope this review has helped you make a more educated decision about your own future as a Social Media Manager. Thanks for your visit and may God bless you in 2017!

Now What?

The next step is up to you. The work that I described is VERY SIMPLE and anyone can do it! I am not trying to force you to do anything. If you are interested, then check it out. I can promise that you will not be disappointed. I have covered the exact inner workings of Paid Social Media Jobs in a recent post, so you can read all the good and the bad about the company in that blog. The purpose of this post is to share with you how super easy this system is, and how anyone can do this effectively as well.

I more than made up the initial $47 membership fee (which is a lifetime membership with NO further payments required, EVER)! If you are remotely able to work on simple tasks, and spend just a matter of hours (or even minutes) per day, then this system is definitely for you! There are thousands of job postings with Paid Social Media Jobs and you can also do what I am doing on Linkedin. There are more than enough people for all of us to have equal opportunities to earn a lucrative income working online as a Social Media Manager.

Honestly Now Folks!

I hope this helps you decide to check out the company further and get started today. I tried not to give you any “hype” but only the facts (which I did), however it was difficult to contain my excitement. Honestly, this is the best home-based business opportunity that I have ever come across and I highly encourage you to get involved soon. Someone once said, “the proof is in the pudding” and that is the case here. Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose at all and a world of opportunity to open up to.

The Bad points:

My main objection was the price. Why do I have to pay money to get a job? But after I’ve seen what this system is about, I understand why. Nobody would give such a comprehensive training platform, search engine, and support for free. Loaded with this knowledge, you can perform jobs and pay for the one time fee in your first job. In fact, from my first assignment I was paid $94.61 and that was for around 4 hours of work!

Next, it requires time to learn the proper skills for the new social media jobs. You may be able to start over night, but most often you will need to thoroughly go over their training materials to be able to understand what needs to be done with these Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube jobs. This is when most people respond and say this is just another Paid Social Media Jobs scam. Nothing could be further from the truth! You will need to work! No jobs will be handed to you but you CAN do this! It is very rewarding work, and very simple after you get going.

Additionally, it may be overwhelming at first. There may be too much information for you. My suggestion is to take it one step at a time, and specialize in one area at first. You may not find yourself being a Social Media Specialist on day one, so just hang in there! Once you master Twitter for example, move to Facebook and YouTube, or any other social media you want. Someone once said, “slow and steady wins the race.”

The Good points:

First, the system is a hub of social media jobs and related training. It keeps in one place, easy to access, all you need in order to start making money right away as a Social Media Manager. The best part of this job is that you get to work online from home.

Next, it gives you real jobs in an easy format. It may be overwhelming to otherwise search for social media jobs all over the web without a good search engine that centralizes the information. You will not become a Social Media Specialist overnight, however, with time and patience you will find this to be a legitimate work from home opportunity that pays very well.

Also, it offers tons of training, from beginner to very specialized. This training is priceless; I have seen much less information sold for much more money all day long, all over the web. Really, you pay very little money for such a bundle of information, and in most cases you really do make up your initial investment within the first few jobs, if not on the first one itself, like I, and many others did. This really is your best opportunity for Social Media employment.

Furthermore, anyone can use it. No degree and no experience required. Just a willingness to learn a new type of work. And if you already like to mess around on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms, you may already be a pro! This is your one source to find legitimate work online in the field of social media management.

Finally, they offer a full 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy, just ask for a refund. It is that simple.

Overall, What do I Think?

Paid Social Media Jobs has been a great blessing to me and I know it can be for others as well, even you, reading this now! In my eyes, Paid Social Media Jobs is the best, no “fluff” means for you to work online from home. Their training is second to none and they offer literally thousands of listings for social media employment so you are sure to find just what you are looking for. I have even used their advanced training techniques to further my own Facebook page with more “likes” and my Twitter account with more “followers.”

I hope this has been helpful and has given you a greater understanding of Paid Social Media Jobs and what they have to offer.

Buy Blogging Underground – The Real Review

I think your going to like this, Honest, to the point non biased no fluff review. So why Buy Blogging Underground?Blogging Underground is an excellent membership website that was created and is owned by Mike Liebner, It was created with the web publisher in mind, To build word press blogs the right way with pages and then submit them to the blog network, where you receive fresh relevant content for your blog, You then in turn post your content to this network of blogs, over 380 and counting that Google just loves. My Bad;  All search Engines Love!


First and foremost, What exactly is Blogging underground?Blogging Underground is the next best thing to Chevrolet and apple pie when it comes to getting your web pages ranked high in the search engines.

The Blogging Underground training website is designed for both the beginners and seasoned bloggers in mind, that’s why you will find some very basic and advanced information in there.As an active member myself i can say without hesitation it has done for me as Mike said it could do.

When your a member of this premium WordPress based blog network you have access to over 385 blogs! and counting. Over a vast range of categories.

review blogging underground

What i love about Blogging Underground is the instructional videos that Mike takes your hand and walks you through the process step by step of posting to the blogs and makes it very easy.

In his videos he shows you the best categories most relevant to your niche or keyword to get maximum exposure. Some questions I myself had when i started out was.

  • How do you create a highly optimized blog
  • Where do i start?
  • How do i write the content?
  • How do i know I’m going in the right direction?
  • What about Search engine Optimization?
  • How do i get Google to Notice me?
  • How do you get traffic that is targeted and lots of it?

Well the answer my friend is in the membership site itself called The 12 Steps To Success Strategy System.Where Mike not only walks the walk, he talks the talk!, Here you’ll learn the 12 step system.

Step by step here is the what the Blogging Underground Program Gives you

  • Step 1 – The Discovery Process
  • Step 2 – Buying Domains and Setting Up DNS
  • Step 3 – Set Up Your New Domains on Your Hosting Account
  • Step 4 – Create a TEMP page for the Brand New Domain
  • Step 5 – Get Links to Your New Web Site
  • Step 6 – Wait – Do Nothing
  • Step 7 – Monetization
  • Step 8 – Add a WordPress Blog
  • Step 9 – Add New Content (PAGES!)
  • Step 10 – Get More Links
  • Step 11 – Analyze Stats and Keyword Targets
  • Step 12 – Repeat Often – Do More of the Same!

Post in over 385 blogs in the huge blog network, Quality back links are key to getting ranked on top of the search engines.

Keyword Research, Every week you’re going to receive some spreadsheets consisting of thousands of profitable keywords. Mike shows you how to find the golden nuggets.This is without a dought my favorite and i know it will be yours too.

Here is where Mike gives lots of fantastic bonuses for members, No wonder it fills up so fast! right now its closed to new members but you can get in through my link right now before April 26 for a killer price go Check it Out for yourself through this special link and get ready to be blown away with the bonuses Mikes offering .

blogging underground deindexed

The Bad points

Well i hate to say it but no system is perfect, Here’s what i didn’t like about it :

  • My main gripe is that it’s a membership site and so you will have to keep paying month after month in order to access the software. While it’s definitely worth it I would have preferred one price and then to never be charged again.
  • The 12 step system is pretty in depth even though its well worth the study its still quite a learning curve. so you’ll have to make some time for it.
  • Lots of rules, but as with any system in order to keep it good you have to have strict rules i guess, anyway more rules.
  • You can only publish one link  in a  post, ONE LINK per URL per BLOG I guess that keeps people honest. but you can post two links to 2 different URLs in one post. IE, one post to the money page and one to another page so long as they dont have the same URL. Make Sense?

The Good Points

  • Most importantly: It works and it doesn’t matter what your experience level is, if you implement the system you WILL make top rankings for your keyword. Number one on the front page of Google in a short period of time  is certainly and easily achievable.
  • You don’t need anything else. While I recommend you pick up the big bonus package for signing up for annual membership the bonus you get for month to month is nothing to cry about.
  • You can get in right now even though the doors are closed, just use my special link to get in before launch day where it will fill up fast! April 26th.
  • You can get in for 4.95 Trial! that’s how i started too, and its great you get all the benefits of premium membership for the trial period to get started.
  • The instruction you receive is second to none! great video training and lots of extras like
  • add ons to the 12 step process new updates all the time.
  • Bonus videos called Jam Sessions! where you get lead by Mike himself to look over his shoulder and learn the latest tricks, techniques. These “jam session” recordings are filled with ideas, tips and suggestions.
  • Bonus webinars from some of the Internets top super affiliates like Brian Johnson, Auto Content Cash, The Wonder Wheel With Wendall Chong And Much More!

Last and Final Word

And so we come to the end of my Buy Blogging Underground Review, Overall, this is one of the most impressive and complete systems for top rankings and link juice in the search engines I’ve seen in a long time.When you check out other systems and compare the value, Heck just Google it and read the tons of testimonials! youll see what im talking about.

Essentially you have here an amazing, unique, simple yet powerful system that’s a sure win for any publisher to get traffic, get the rankings,get the back-links Google loves and overall in the end make some money. We all have to start somewhere and this is where i started back in 2009 and haven’t look back since.

There you have it – the complete review. Hope you find it useful. I have been a member of Blogging Underground since 2009 and it gives me a lot of benefits for my online business, Enjoy!

Product Name: Blogging Underground Targeted Traffic System-bloggingu
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

Blogging Underground Is it a Scam?

With the amount of traffic you’ll get by using strategies from Blogging Underground, you might think Google is head over heels in love with Mike Liebner and his crew.  And while that may not be the case (it’s probably not) time and time again Mike and his crew is able to get to the top of Google with keyword after keyword after keyword.

As a Blogging Underground

Product Name: Blogging Underground Targeted Traffic System-bloggingu
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

The Secret of Blogging Underground

The secret success formula for Blogging Underground is simple really, however most of us laymen simply never used it.  While most of us were in the sheets with article marketing, Mike Liebner and his crew were killing us with blog marketing tactics.  And here’s what they did in a nutshell:

  • Build a blog around a specific keyword and supporting keywords
  • Write around 10-15 good articles for the blog and post them
  • Use linking strategies to get EACH PAGE to index in Google quickly and have them on the 1st page
  • Rinse and repeat with a new blog around a new keyword

Basically what you do is put together a simple blog (like this one) and you target a specific keyword for your first page.  After that, you add other pages to your blog that target secondary or supporting keywords.  What this does is put your entire site in action mode and Google just loves it.  Once they see that your entire site is linked together and well structured with relevant keywords…well…that’s money because your site will leap frog to the top of the search engines for multiple competing keywords leaving the other folks in your niche wondering who you are and where in the world you came from.

What you are really trying to do here is rank at the top spots of Google for multiple keywords.  That’s where the real money is.

The cool thing about Blogging Underground is they give you a step-by-step action plan that you can follow to launch your site to the top of the search engines.  This isn’t overly challenging, but there are no short cuts and you’ll need to follow the system to the letter.

Something I recently learned from the guys over at Blogging Underground is the fact that search engines really don’t know what pages to rank high unless you tell them.  You see, there millions on top of millions of pages in Google, however the ones that are on top of the search engines are the ones that are properly linked using smart linking strategies and have relevant links pointing to them from around the globe.

Blogging Underground is the successor membership program to the long serving Article Underground site setup by Mike Liebner in 2006.  The original site was legendary in a couple of ways: first of all, it was one of the early paid membership sites in the internet marketing niche; and secondly, it was totally at the forefront of article marketing and using PLR type content to increase traffic to your blog.  If fact, the original program was so popular that there are still many of the charter members still active and paying to this very day.

Blogging Underground Targeted Traffic

Over the course of the last five years, Mike Liebner and many of his students have consistently improved their techniques and strategies.  The Blogging Underground membership focuses on simplicity: create pages and get backlinks.  For anyone who’s familar with SEO at, it really doesn’t get any easier than that.  Many programs and systems try and over-complicate the process of getting high ranking pages in Google, but the truth is pretty much that, build readable, useful content and then have a backlinking strategy to compliment the content.

Another core ingredient in Blogging Underground is the idea of keeping things fun.  Too many systems being released now are really hard to maintain and require a fair bit of work.  No doubt the Blogging Underground program requires work, but the focus of the system is to simplify and keep things fun.  If you enjoy something, you’re far more likely to buy in and commit to it, therefore getting the outcome you desire.

The added secret sauce for Blogging Underground is the ever growing blog network that Mike Liebner has created to help get the members valuable backlinks.  Not all backlinks are created equally in the eyes of Google – a backlink that you can go and create on your own is all well and good, but a backlink from an “authority” type site where someone else has to create that backlink for you is much, MUCH more valuable.  The blogging network currently stands at over 370 top quality blogs and is growing all the time.

The last element of Blogging Underground that makes it special is the training.  The system comes with plenty of videos, PDFs and most importantly, a special external/internal linking diagram blueprint that shows you the right way to build your linking strategy so that you end up getting maximum impact with the search engines!  This diagram has been years in the making and by itself worth the price of the program.

Head over to Blogging Underground and see what Mike Liebner has created.

The Backlink Beast Builds SEO Links for Your Content

In today’s internet marketing world, search engine optimization or SEO is a paramount feature in effective advertising techniques. Over the years, Google has made a number of changes to the algorithms that have altered how people utilize SEO marketing strategies. One item of emphasis is the growing importance of having quality backlinks for content.

backlink beast

Product Name: Backlink Beast – Best SEO Software-backbeast
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

Backlinks are essentially links to proven, high quality sources that boost the quality of the content itself. The better use of backlinks in content, the higher it may be ranked on search results pages. However, garnering backlinks can be a very time consuming chore which is why new software programs have been created to assist in this process. One of the newer releases that have garnered some attention is the Backlink Beast.

What is the Backlink Beast?

The Backlink Beast is the latest software from Matt Cullen. Designed to work with your PC, Backlink Beast offers a number of features that allows you to build effective backlinks quickly and easily. In this Backlink Beast review, we will examine how this software works, the benefits, and how you can use it to improve your SEO marketing strategy.

The purpose of Backlink Beast is to boost your content on search results rankings by providing additional, high quality backlinks. In this manner, the Backlink Beast has proven to be quite powerful when properly used in getting the type of results that are desired. Furthermore, the speed in which this software program works is relatively quick and quite powerful.

The Backlink Beast features many of the software features that other, earlier releases have used. In conducting a Backlink Beast review, some of the features that are similar to other software applications include the following;

  • Creation of Accounts
  • Submission to various sites and more

Essentially, this part of the software distributes content to various outlets that can work as backlinks to help improve the search results rankings of the content. By posting content to these sites, the backlink process becomes more robust and builds up the necessary backing for the content. The advantage is that this posting process is what Google Panda and Penguin look for when reviewing and ranking content.


The Effectiveness of the Backlink Beast

The evidence of the effectiveness of this product was found during a Backlink Beast review with interviews from those who tested this program while in the Beta stage before it was launched. After the training period, the software worked as intended, which resulted in many having their content leap upwards to being ranked in the top 5 in Google search results all in roughly two weeks time.

Others testified in their Backlink Beast review that they saw their content rise from basically nowhere and into the top 10 in a very short amount of time. It was a common story that the traffic to their website where the content was located tripled in just a few weeks after employing the Backlink Beast.

The Features of the Backlink Beast

One of the most interesting aspects discovered in this Backlink Beast review was just how many sources were backlinked in order to boost the overall ranking of the content. A short list of places that were utilized included the following;

  1. PDF & Document Sharing Sites
  2. Web 2.0 Article Sites & Profile Links
  3. Social Bookmarking & Social Network Site Submissions
  4. Press Release Submissions & RSS Link Promotion
  5. Custom Sites utilizing BuddyPress, Pligg, Elgg or Drupal
  6. Submission to
  7. Decaptcher & Deathbycaptcha Support and Support Proxy

The focus is to create a series of natural looking link sites that is optimized for Google in order to obtain the maximum ranking for the content. However, the Backlink Beast can be abused if too many backlinks or non-quality backlinks may result in having the content considered to be “spam” or not ranked due to unwarranted backlinks. In this Backlink Beast review, it was viewed that the correct use of this software as instructed brought about the best results.

backlink beast affiliate

What was particularly impressive was the speed in which all of these tasks were accomplished. Typically, placing backlinks in this manner manually takes a long time and can be quite tedious. Furthermore, it is relatively easy to forget to place backlinks that can positively affect your content. The Backlink Beast is a software system that places backlines very quickly and provides a checklist to insure that all avenues are covered.

The Cost of the Backlink Beast

Currently, the Backlink Beast is selling for a one-time payment of $397 for a lifetime license or $67 per month. Compare to other, similar software systems, the price is certainly reasonable, especially give the effectiveness of this product.

The price is certainly reasonable and obtaining the lifetime license link is generally the best option for businesses that plan on being around for more than a few months.

Does the Backlink Beast Really Work?

Overall, the Backlink Beast review has demonstrated just how potent this software tool can be in getting the type of results that are desired. This product comes highly recommended to all types of online businesses looking to boost their own business brand.

This is because the overall effectiveness of this product, as demonstrated in the Backlinks Beast review, is to promote any business to reach new customers that they otherwise would not reach. In this manner, the Backlinks Beast is a remarkable product for any online business owner.

Perhaps the best reason to get the Backlink Beast is the fact that it is quick. The software system is highly intuitive and easy to use. In our Backlink Beast review, it was a snap to place all the backlinks needed for content in order to get it placed highly in search results pages.

While caution is recommended in just how many backlinks you place, the overall effect is a substantial boost in customer traffic. The Backlink Beast certainly lives up to its promises and provides a quick, powerful means of getting your content a greater visibility on the internet.

Magic Submitter – The pros and cons

Magic Submitter – why do you need it .If you want to boost your search engine ranking, you need to build massive backlinks from several web 2.0 sites and article sites, including Blogger, Ezine Articles and video sharing sites. However, these are common problems faced by marketers:

  • The submission process takes lots of time and very tiresome. You need to create unique, or at least spun content, register new accounts, confirm the accounts in your emails, submit to social bookmarking sites each time and create videos.
  • You can outsource others to do this for you, but usually it will cost you over $100 to submit just one website.

That’s why programs like Magic Submitter is so powerful. It is designed to boost your search engine ranking, submit to tonnes of websites and create a powerful backlinks to you.

magic submitter training

Product Name: Magic Submitter-msubmitter
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

The pros of Magic Submitter:

  1. This is hot. The designer mode gives you more freedom and backlinks. When you download this program for the first time, they already provide list of several websites that you can submit to, like Blogger, Youtube, Squidoo, Hubpages and more.However, if you find new website that is not included, you can add it manually. You can also setup new commands so this program will automatically register and submit content to that site.
  2. The cost of this program is half of the rest of its competitors, including SE Nuke and Web 2.0 Mayhem.
  3. The captcha can be solved automatically. Which means, you don’t need to wait hours in front of the computer waiting and trying to solve each captcha.
  4. This program will submit to hundreds of web 2.0 sites, including the popular ones that will give you quality backlinks. This includes Youtube, Blogger, Live Journal and Squidoo.

magic submitter discount

The cons of Magic Submitter program:

  1. Problem with software like this is the fact there could be error at times and sometimes you need to register manually.
  2. You need to solve the captcha manually sometimes. This is common for automated software.

Magic Submitter is a great program to boost your website traffic. One simple way to gain traffic is by submitting articles to directories. Article directories are quality sites which are trusted by Google and by submitting to these sites, you will gain powerful backlinks and high search engine ranking.

However, one big problem for most article and search engine marketers, is they don’t have time to register and submit to these sites all at once. Magic Submitter changes the rule. It will automatically create new author accounts, submit articles to tonnes of article websites, giving you powerful backlinks within minutes. If you want to dominate search engine ranking, Magic Submitter should be added into your list of tools.

Magic Submitter is a powerful program created by Alexandr Kriulik, the same guy behind Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter.

Before this, Magic Article Rewriter is a great success. It is in fact better than its competitors like Mass Article Creator in some ways, like the quality of articles produced. Magic Article Submitter, on the other hand is a powerful software that will register author’s account and submit to hundreds or article directories on the web.

Now, Alexandr is taking it to the next level by producing Magic Submitter software. This is a great program which allows people to submit content and videos to hundreds or article directories, web 2.0 sites, video sharing sites and social bookmarking sites. This will give the users powerful backlinks and high ranking in search engines.

Of course, there are tonnes of other software that does the same, like SE Nuke, Web 2 Mayhem and Traffic Geyser. However, Magic Submitter is half of their price. Which means, this will be a great competitor to the existing submitter software.

It is no secret that link building is the key to getting high ranking in Google and Yahoo. However, just because you receive lots of backlinks, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to get on top of Google search. In fact, some websites with less backlinks might be ranked higher than another website with even more backlinks.

magic submitter

The following are some tips to get high ranking by building links:

  • Get links from quality websites like popular article directories, top video sharing sites and press release sites.
  • Forget getting lots of nofollow backlinks from several social bookmarking sites. By default, lots of social bookmarking sites are using “nofollow” tags to any new links added. This will prevent webmasters from abusing their sites and their high page rank.
  • You can automate the link building process. There are several software that can help you doing this. Magic Submitter is one of them.

Magic Submitter by Alexandr Kriulik is a great program that will boost your search engine ranking and traffic. In order to generate lots of traffic to your website, whether it is selling affiliate products or physical products, you must ensure that your domain name is ranked high on Google search result. While creating relevant content could make your website get good ranking, you still need to create massive backlinks, especially when you want to dominate competitive keywords.

There are tonnes of ways to obtain quality backlinks to your domain name. One way to do that is by posting content to web 2.0 article sites.Write lots of unique and relevant articles to be posted on sites like WordPress, Blogger, Webs, Onsugar and Wetpaint. These sites are powerful for link building and they will give you high search engine ranking soon.

There are hundreds of web 2.0 sites that you need to use. The registration process will take hours of time. Which is why, Magic Submitter is created. You will be amazed on how easy it is to boost your traffic and Google ranking with this program.

Magic Submitter Review – What You Need To Know?

Magic Submitter is a seo software program that can submit all kind of material and backlinks to over 25 systems including book markings, short article directory sites, social sites, social networks, PDF sharing sites, directory sites, and a lot more. Instead of having to go to every single site manually and develop an account, submit material, and tracking back links and positions Miracle Submitter software application will take control of all of it for you!

Product Name: Magic Submitter-msubmitter
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

magic submitter

If you wish to obtain high ratings at the top of online search engines and outrank your competitors nowadays you should have a few tools as a means of maximizing your time and performance. Rather than manually developing the backlinks every day or investing thousands on an expert search engine optimization to do your search engine optimization for you you could leverage the energy of Magic Submitter.

Magic Submitter Review – What Is It?

Magic Submitter is a material syndication system. It sends your material over 2000 websites and directories that enhance your material exposure on search engine result. It’s a great hyperlinks constructing software application. Magic Submitter offers you over 1000 back links by sending your material to over 2000 websites. It’s a completely automated software program. Right here is a listing of exactly what it features:

  • Make ONE HUNDRED’s of Accounts (Instantly).
  • Validate All Your Accounts (Instantly).
  • Rotate Your Submissions (Immediately).
  • Send Your Material To Over 2000 Sites (Instantly).
  • CAPTCHA Addressing (Immediately).
  • Acquire 1000′s Links (Automatically).
  • Organize All Your Links (Instantly).
  • Sounding, Save and Twist Your Hyperlinks (Immediately).
  • Timetable Entry (Instantly).
  • Include 100′s of Extra Sites (Couple of Clicks Required).
  • 27 more fantastic functions.

Magic Submitter Review – What I Liked?

Magic Submitter will certainly conserve you hrs of time by permitting you to schedule your search engine optimization over the appointed amount of time. If you intend to keep your web link building all-natural and stay under the radar dome you could book your project to run over an established number of times and Magic Submitter will send content every day on ONE HUNDRED % autopilot.

Among the most powerful functions of the software setup wizard where you can setup a project to submit over 900 back links within 5 minutes or less! Merely follow the step by step wizard and pick the accounts and internet sites you intend to accept, add some material, and send and the software program will build your web links instantaneously!


Magic Submitter Review – What I Didn’t Like?

If I had to place my finger on it and create one thing that I do not like concerning Magic Submitter would be that the instantly CAPTCHA resolving does not work until you sign up to any type of Third party CAPTCHA fixing service such as Death By Captcha. Likewise it could take additional time to complete an entry when you have numerous ones going on at a time.

Magic Submitter Review – Overall Thoughts

Miracle Submitter is really simple to utilize, You don’t need any type of academic degree or any sort of experience to establish it. I strongly Suggest this amazing software program for every single internet marketing expert also novice who wants to obtain leading positions on search engines and that intend to get his blog or websites discovered by the online search engine. Link building at its ideal is when you obtain back-links from throughout the net. There are Web 2.0 sites like Digg and Squidoo, Blog sites like WordPress and Tumblr, wiki websites, PDF sharing sites, Micro-blogs, social media websites, and bookmarking sites. Programs are developing now to benefit from the auto-submissions to these various sites. Magic Submitter has taken lead as being the most effective in class for the adhering to factors:

Incredible Assistance: Constant website additions, making certain the auto-submissions scripts for each and every website merely functions.

Training: Sturdy Webinar existence and excellent training video clips.

Simplicity of Use: User interface just makes sense- ideal for newbies and strongly adjustable choices available for experts.

Outstanding Special Attributes: Integrated spinner tool, Dead web link mosaic, automated back-link indexer.

Diversified Websites: You can include your own web site listings to Magic Submitter and it instantly spots whiches it can deal with and adds them to the software program.

Trustworthy Brand: Miracle Submitter sets up its software program so you can not simply be lazy and blast out horrible hyperlinks that will never obtain you anywhere with Google. No such thing as a Turbo Wizard. You do it properly and obtain the outcomes you wish.

Back to why Miracle Submitter functioned so well for getting my web site to the front web page, and how its assisted me for numerous lots of internet sites given that. Miracle Submitter is a tool, however you still need to use it properly. Usage it incorrectly, and you may even acquire penalized by Google. Visit Magic Submitter today.

So What is a Long Tail Keyword?

Are you struggling to find profitable keywords?Do you spend hours doing keyword research just to find one or two keywords that look decent?Have you built websites based on keywords you thought were good only to have them never rank in Google?Stop wasting your time and check out Long Tail Pro.Long Tail Pro is one of the best, if not the best program for finding and securing profitable keywords and domains. Long Tail Pro is quick and capable of making your keyword discovery pursuits more efficient.

Product Name: Long Tail Pro: Keyword Research Software-keyblast
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

long tail pro discount

Benefits of Long Tail Pro

  • Save Hours of Research Time
  • Increase your Income – Rather Than Wasting Hours with Less Powerful Keyword Tools
  • Quickly Find Keywords that Will Make You More Money
  • Boost Traffic to Your Niche Sites with Low Competition Keywords
  • Reduce Frustration by Having Winning Websites
  • Dominate Google with the Hidden Gems You Find!

So What is a Long Tail Keyword?

Simply speaking, a “Long Tail Keyword” is a that might not get searched for as often, but could more than likely be considerably easier to rank for. Allow me to explain…

Yes, its good to carry a best seller and then sell millions of copies of it. However it is better yet to sell 2 copies of a million different obscure titles! (This is actually the real power of Long Tail Keywords). In other words, in combination many internet vendors have discovered that they can bring in more revenue by selling only a few copies each of many different titles instead of millions of copies of only a couple of best sellers. This is the power of the Long Tail.

long tail products

So, how exactly does this apply to Search Engine Optimization and making money from your website?

Think of a keyword as that best selling title or long tail title. You can attempt to rank for a keyword in Google that gets TONS of traffic and make millions of dollars, but the only problem is the COMPETITION for these particular types of keywords is TOUGH. You might spend your entire life attempting to rank for some of these “best selling” keywords and never even make it to the top 1000 results in Google.

However, if you attempt to rank well for any keyword that doesn’t get as much traffic (a Long Tail Keyword) your odds of making money are DRASTICALLY improved. Should you put together enough websites or have a single big website that targets these Long Tail – low competition keywords you could have a real money making business on your hands.

long tail pro affiliate

So, perhaps you should should ask yourself? “Have I been targeting keywords which are easy to rank for?”

If you’re ready to efficiently find those low competition keywords then you are going to LOVE Long Tail Pro. This software takes the entire process and simplifies it right down to a few easy steps and then hands you the income generating keywords!So, not only are long tail keywords much easier to rank for, there many more of them out there waiting to be plucked and profited on!

Traffic Travis 4 – Is It a Scam or Actually Worth It?

Traffic Travis is a great SEO tool I’m recommending to my clients. This tool will make life a heck lot easier for you. As you know, Traffic Travis is much simpler and cheaper alternative to the famous SEO tool such as Market Samurai. I also use this SEO software but I was not really like it because it usually eats lots of the RAM when running.

Product Name: Traffic Travis: Free SEO Software-TRAFFICT
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

traffic travis download

As a good SEO tool, the Traffic Travis will give you the ability to gather the data on lots of SEO related info about a certain site. These data could be found for free from some other tolls but then these tools don’t have the integrated features for the data to work with. So, why you waste the time to go through a variety of some free tools when you could have all the information gathering you will need just in one place?

Traffic Travis Professional Giveaway

Traffic Travis 3 is a free version which provides users with great SEO research capabilities. The Traffic Travis 3 has been downloaded about 250,000 times since released in 2009 and has been the best choice for SEOer. Traffic Travis 4 is upgraded version and is much more powerful than before. The Traffic Travis is super to use, I really do not know how I could live without this amazing tool. All my SEO projects depend on it.

buy traffic travis

With the Traffic Travis4, things are starting to become easier. If you have thousands of visitors to you website per day, then you should need the help of Travis Traffic 4. Of course, if you’re like me, a small business site owner, you can not afford the Google Adwords and in desperate need of the targeted traffic from, then Travis Traffic is just work for you.

Traffic Travis will help you solve all the problems you will face. With the Traffic Travis, you can make more commissions from you affiliate site. Traffic Travis is great software which will help you to drive floods of targeted visitors to you site. As you know, the more relevant visitors the more money the will earn. With the great guide and easy layout, this is an amazing SEO research tool, by offering some exciting website data in the easy to use software, this toll succeeds admirably, and I highly recommend it.

traffic travis discount

5 steps to optimizing your money site:

Traffic Travis could help reduce your time associated with manual research in Google.SEO can help your site perform well in Google results.

  1. Find the keywords are much more popular.
  2. Find the best competitors and check what the backlinks they are use.
  3. Optimize your money site for this keyword such as position and frequency.
  4. Build the backlinks to you site as more as possible.
  5. Monitor your site’s status in Google.

Do You Really Need Traffic Travis

If you are looking for a SEO software that could help you analyze website and also keywords, Traffic Travis would be your answer. Traffic Travis is really a well-know program which will promote your hits and affect your online marketing methods. Traffic Travis provides a simple tool for knowing about your site popularity. With great instructions and an easy setting, this is a fantastic Website tool.

Fist Impressions

Recently, I have spent lots of time on this software. Traffic Travis is a breath of fresh air. Their front page is dapper, free and clearly laying out what their software wants to show. I was very impressed by the site. And the Traffic Travis makes it so easy to understand what their software provides and free download link is placed in an obvious place so you are easy to buy this.

Why I Like Traffic Travis

There are so many advantages for Traffic Travis. Firstly, it gives a comprehensive present for your website. Secondly, you could have a see on your Google rank that is based on your preferred keywords. In addition, the number of back links to your site would be within your sight. Don’t just use it to have a see of your own websites; also you could use the Traffic Travis to know about your competitors’ websites too. So, this tool would help you observe your rivals. Last but not least, you would overstep all your competitors.

All on One Screen 

You could easily have a quick overview of the SEO performance of your websites by Traffic Travis. This includes your website traffic rank, and the number of pages that you have indexed from your site. You don’t need to get help from somewhere else, because you would gain what you want. Therefore, if you own a Traffic Travis, you should only look at your screen.

In Conclusion

Traffic Travis is a reliable tool for people who want to go into website market. With the advanced features, Traffic Travis is become more and more excellent. You could also try out the Traffic Travis for a full 60 days free. Such an offer will let you have a quick fell of the software before purchasing it. So if you haven’t Clicked-To-Buy, let’s go right to it.

Traffic Travis Review – Is It Worth Buying?

If you are looking for a good SEO tool for promoting your site, Traffic Travis will become your solid choice. Traffic Travis is a great SEO tool made by Affilorama. When it was first introduced to the public it was well-know for making SEO amusing. And, it is still preferred by many people up to now. Recently, the Traffic Travis was published as tool that is much improved and allows you to do more than ever. Even better, you can try out this Traffic Travis for a full 60 days free. This tool has improved the process of analyzing multiple sites much easier.

You don’t need to go anywhere else, the videos are right inside Traffic Travis and they really make it as easy as possible to use. All you need to do is to create a new project and Traffic Travis will go and gather all the valuable information for you.

What Exactly Traffic Travis Do for You

  • Offer a comprehensive description for your website on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Show your Google rank on the base of your preferred keywords
  • Check the number of back links to your website
  • Help you have a idea of your competitors
  • Let you exceed your rival
  • And more

Advantages of Traffic Travis

The Traffic Travis is very simple and effective, and they bring us a large number of information with greater ease and least efforts. You can monitor your competitor and know about what they will do next step. Another advantageous place is that you get a report on your website that warns your SEO page. These warnings are all about technical aspects of your website that could stop its online performance. Traffic Travis will help you to drive more traffic to your website and also let you make lots of money!!

In Conclusion

For years, Traffic Travis is helping many website owners manage their site and make their way to a high level on SEO. For me personally, I use Traffic Travis everyday. And it has been my best secret weapon to skyrocket my websites to the top of Google. Traffic Travis allows you to do what you want to promote site hits. In fact, I was able to open my own SEO consultancy and gain a lot of profits. It’s really an amazing tool.

If you’re finding a decent SEO tool that would help improve your keywords rankings you should consider using Traffic Travis. Recently I used Traffic Travis and spend over $700 per month with the Google Adwords and make enough money. Since paying the time to learn great SEO strategies, using SEO tools like Traffic Travis. Traffic Travis is working fantastic; they’re really fast with updates. I use Traffic Travis more than 1 year and it is a really great SEO tool. If you a beginner, you could watch the tutorial videos in the software. You also could contact the Traffic Travis support team if you have questions.