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Well, as the author seems to be the Numberer of the Bible, and I followed Meroz, this supreme Numberer; I wrote all the quotes from the Bible and sat down to analyze the data. An interesting but problematic. He tells us how everything in the chronology, the book of Revelation. Now I have no problem with the identification of the Member States of Babylon. . . But Revelation 4:19 p m is said: ‘The great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell; and God remembered great Babylon, to give her the cup of the wrath of his anger. ‘I do not think you can cut the inscriptions that refer to the fall of Babylon, and ignore these opportunities fractions chronology of history that is represented in the Bible.Nathan Shepard cites a passage in Isaiah 47:13, you are tired of the application of the crowd, tips on how to save America / Babylon dragged by a massive system of government. It does not include others who said, ‘And now the astrologers, the magicians, the odds, stand up and save these things for you. ‘In other words, he took the key to identifying the type of advice, Babylon is based on decision-making. Maybe even the car key, or the actual producers of this video to identify. Apparently, Nathan Shepard knows only a little ‘,’ in spite of the Bible claims to be a scientist. Referring to Daniel 11, the author seems to have little knowledge of the historical fulfillment of many prophecies in the past.Now we know that there may be some future references to Daniel 11; but Nathan Shepard because he said that Obama is the king of the south seems the best. There is a strange mixture of errors for e-book promotional video, is difficult to meet all the detours they write. The author seems to be a liar of all kinds, or perhaps his doctorate was obtained from a university of fly-by-night, and try to get your $ 97 or $ 37 or $ 26, the cost of graduation.But, of course, his greatest scientific support will be Steve Quayle revealed Human Meroz, who has a lot of faith in their work, which is guaranteed ad space on a site that gets about February 1 million visits a day..

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