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Have you ever thought how wonderful life can be if you want to share the love, trust and support of his party?If you’re like most women I know, you’ve been dreaming about this. Since most of us want to find a partner, someone you can share your happiest moments and the saddest. Someone who never get tired of hearing your day; Your birthday is willing to go halfway around the world to get the flowers that you like; partners are here to listen, share, and offer a comforting shoulder and support.Sometimes you ask yourself, ‘Why am I still not found what I can do to attract and get the man I want to What I’m different from the millions of women who are willing to enjoy to achieve good relations with its partners? ‘The truth is that you are not much different than the women. You’re not as smart, beautiful or less favorable than most women happily married.

The reason you can not get the man of your dreams, not because you are not good enough. They are still struggling to attract and retain the right partner, because you unknowingly use the wrong model (behavior, thoughts, feelings) when it comes to relationships with men. She probably made several critical mistakes in the way we choose the method, behave and communicate with men.I have one of the following cases
Familiar to you?Let me describe different situations for you and ask if you have experienced something similar. I want you to be honest and open with yourself that you are responding to.Situation 1:You met a great guy and a strong chemistry. You have not discussed what kind of relationship with him, but obviously much more than two nights. She called again, he spent several evenings in detail with you and was quite attentive, helpful and friendly.

Over time, it seemed odd to still introduce you to one of his friends and they still are not sure whether you should include in your next vacation plans. You do not even know if you could call it ‘my boyfriend’. But it was not made any speeches relationship, because you do not want to be one of the girls in need. Do you live in this relationship until everything exploded.Maybe he said he was coming for a long stay without you, or maybe they asked him to give you and some friends married for a romantic weekend together and go wrongly rejected his proposal. He felt he had nothing to lose so she asked how you did your relationship. He said he did not know. He believed that the two of you go with the flow. I offered him some time to think about it, and he agreed. You have to reduce the frequency of phone calls and meetings. But as long as you were sick, you got stuck report. When you become demanding, he grew apart. After a while, he just disappeared.Situation 2:You have a real charming man. He was handsome, successful, brilliant, witty and full of confidence in the proper sense. Your first call went well and you feel you’ve known each other for years. He knew when to take what order you and made you laugh out loud.In the late afternoon, he insisted on paying the bill. They look forward to the next time you encounter two. But there was no next time. It just can not remember. You do not want to be a leech, but after it was lifted three days of silence on the phone and called him just to ask what happened. At first he did not answer. When he finally did – he said you were good and had a good time with her, but he did not feel ready for a relationship right now. You said you were preparing yourself and maybe you should give each other a chance – but insisted that it was pointless.

Situation 3:

You’ve met the perfect guy. It was everything you ever dreamed it could be. You have chosen to play it safe and go through the book. He was called to make him feel that he was holding the steering wheel. You do not have the pressure of the meeting, as you did it to him. You’ve waited long enough until you’ve had sex with, but to see more serious and less available. For a whole month, you live in a dream. He thought you understood how things work at the end. Then one day, he said he was sorry, but he was not in love with you. It just was not ‘it, not because of you but because of it.If any of the above known to all, do not be discouraged. Things of this kind have happed Most women, at least once. The problem is not the mistakes you make. Mistakes are human. The problem is not knowing what you did wrong and how to solve the problem. Did you not know that it failed, where you went wrong and what needs to be corrected or improved.The secret to find, attract and
Keep up the good …Many of your friends have said he was an idiot and not even you. Some of your friends are men said it was probably driven mad by looking for problems that did not exist. Others explained that it was for sex.

These interpretations unsatisfactory, to say the least. He knew, deep down, that the truth elsewhere. It is not dated or invent problem gamblers. He also tried to compromise when a problem or conflict. But good advice was hard to find, so it is necessary to make the same mistake.Although friends had good intentions (which wanted to comfort and encourage you), it is very likely that they do not understand the problem. To understand what really hurt, you need to understand how men think in the first place. The truth is blaming the situation on the boy, made matters worse.Instead of ignoring the problem and blaming the boy would be better if you knew exactly what you did wrong and how to attract and keep a man like you? It would be better if you know exactly how to express and understand men not to miss the great opportunity to get your dream man, just because you forgot or did not know how to handle the situation specific?But I have good news for you. I know I can get on your weaknesses, obstacles really stand in the way of significant correlation to identify and provide powerful tools to help you better understand men, not open them, to find the right partner you and keep forever. These instruments are the result of research documented 12 years, I have interviewed hundreds of women and couples worldwide.

It is the search began during the school years and ended when I was already going counselors, marriage and relationship experts.

5 mistakes women make capital
Men without ever reaching the …The research I did, I found some mistakes many women make the approach, meetings, communication or a relationship with men. These errors are particularly critical and practical self-repetitive kills any chance that a woman can achieve a deep emotional relationship with a man.Error 1: Poor and insecure with your husband.It is quite natural that long to get closer to the party and more natural to be afraid of losing it. However, when a woman develops an immediate emotional dependency, the other side is reduced. Remember, there’s a fine line between someone must be emotionally and reliable and trigger a warning to the man uncertainty. Men want to be with a woman who is aware of its value and make a free and informed choice to be with. When you lead a person to believe that you are unsure or need, quickly becomes less attractive and pretty much kill any chance of a relationship. If a woman does not even believe that she is the love of man, why would he think that?Error 2: desperately trying to please a man

Most women believe that the best and shortest of the human heart is always exactly what a woman wants to be. They believe that when a man realizes that there is no other woman like him because they are – they act rationally and take. The problem is that the choice of the heart is often irrational. Surprisingly, not many men tend to choose a woman to do something for them, but they tend to choose the most worthy of their efforts.Error 3: Leading one to believe that they have control over your emotions and your behavior.

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