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You can start with a free demo account? Yes, it is certainly possible. In fact, this can be a good way to deal with the system, even if you are not at the risk of money. It is necessary that the amount of money to start? No, you do not need a certain amount of. This is the beauty of Forex trading. You can start with a minimum of $100, and remember that you can use with a demo account first and learn the system and not with the market. I need to buy other software or charts to use this system? No, this system includes everything you need. Just follow the steps and you are on the right path and make big profits. How long do I have to use the system every day? One of the best things of the system is its flexibility. You can, as little or as much as you want. However, if you’re a beginner, we recommend the use of at least a few hours during the day, to get acquainted with the Forex trading. But, again, if you do not have too much time, you can use the system time. There are a lot of flexible time. It’s a robot, And? No, Fx-Profit-Rush-System manual trading system, which is the final word on the negotiations. The system with buy and sell signals, you can choose whether to do it or not. Unlike the registry, it is not to do business with them, and losing a lot of money and they are out. How do I know if you leave the trade? This system makes it easy to make a decision on the emotions from the equation, it is clear that visual signs, not only that, if you are trading, but by the way, for maximum profit. Just follow the signs and see your balance grow and grow and grow. Because this system is much better than other systems on the market today? This system is proven results. It is not created, only new and tested. This system has produced live positive results. The sad reality is that the most of the robots are not working, despite the fact that the back-test results may say. The truth Is that they have to do, life, market conditions, and if they fail again and again. What do I need to start using the FX Advantage is the Rush? You need a computer with internet connection. All the configuration information, which is, in Fx to Benefit from the Rush user guide. Is the platform “FX-Profit Rush”? MT4, this system works best at a certain time of the day or of a particular type of market? At any time when the market is better than the other. This system can be used at any time, 24/7, and live in the conditions of the market. You can change to lose the cancellation of all my earnings? No, this system uses the insurance money, and the principles relating to the management, growth on the account, during the term, without any risk of loss. In other words, with this system, enjoy the maximum benefit with minimal risk. There is a monthly fee for the “FX-Profit Rush”? No, there is absolutely no monthly fee, exclusively for the purchase of the time. In forex, pip system, it is necessary to know what will happen, a few minutes from now.

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