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I remember, as I have access to a therapist, and at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Even if the sound of the cultivation is simple, with a written plan ahead of time, in fact, the time that is required to help the child. Im still not sure, try to access the meetings and forget that the projected, mental (this happens with all of us).
Developed to help make the entire process easier for you, dayplanner, plan our week. The map of lessons and activities for your child each day.

Even if the sound of the cultivation is simple, with a written plan ahead of time, in fact, the time that is required to help the child. Im still not sure, the list of sought, in the course of meetings and forgot to record, which is a spiritual (sometimes).
The Scorecard is only one toolthe images attached to the word of the son, and to say every week, how many of the words. You can start to increase the condition and gradual evolution, is one of the most exciting I have ever had, as Rebecca, you can learn more words.
So, what is the price to help start a conversation about the child?
In my opinion, I have to say, I believe, the moment, the program is a good option for you, because youre going to test the system, which has been shown to help to talk to each other, and less, with a speech delay at the beginning.

To be honest, only a small part of the courses, there is a way for your child. If the first two hours, I hope that you will see the difference, how to use, for how long, for at least 15 minutes per day. This is a small amount of time to help your child.

And Im a big fan of how he met Rebecca. You can see in the video below.
You can see the difference, with Rebecca:

As you can see, about 24 months, and Rebecca, the speech is very bad, and you can see the barley, all the words, (more than 10). In this age of words, at least, 50. This was extremely frustrating for us.

Fast forward 5+ monthsand you can feel the difference. She says that many words, and I can say that they are very good for their age. Pulls much more than his words, because the most important lessons that Todays program.
Now is the time for your child to help with two words in 6 weeks
Did you know that this program is designed to make it EASY for YOU to do?

After all that I have, Im sure, I know that it is. But Im sure that, in the first place, you are able to these lessons in a childs life is a simple and easy way.

Bilateral activation of the thalamus and putamen, and left insula and superior temporal gyrus during these tasks was significantly lower in late talkers, demonstrating that residual effects of the end of the speaker is found not only in behavioural tests, and in written language, but also in the distribution of corticosubcortical neural circuits in word and print processing.
Denis JL, Frost S D, Menci W, E, Fulbright R K, Landi N, Grigorenko E, Jacobsen L, K, T , (2010), the First and the speakers of the afternoon: children: schoolage language, literacy and neurolinguistic differences
This is very technical, and thats it. But the translation in English is not easy.
Children with speech delay can be, in the future, to reduce the activity of the brain.
But it is not necessary to panic. You can immediately intervene and get them to start to speak and develop interest in reading.

This, in turn, has a stimulating effect on the brain.

The most devastating effect on speech delay, Rebecca their social interactions with their peers in kindergarten.
When all of his friends, he began to talk, and he could not, he was aware of his friends. Im going to take a look at the school, and if a colleague said something to him, he hid behind my legs. It kills me inside to know that he was with social anxiety. No child should be able to pass through it.
When children cant communicate clearly, they may have difficulty in making friends and being part of a social group. They may want to be alone and be shy or removed.
Spiliotopoulos, B, (2009), an Expressive language disorder and how it connects with mood and behavior disorders
When I saw Rebecca working in this way, I began to wonder what she could do for him longterm. I know that being shy is not really the best, but I was surprised when I saw the research.
Children with speech delays may be at greater risk of being the target of BULLYING, or develop a tendency to behave in an aggressive way, why cant we solve the problems of the voice.
Whitehouse, A, W, H, online, And, Bishop, D, (2009) Adult psychosocial outcomes of children with specific language impairment, pragmatic language impairment and autism
Personally, I saw the attack start to manifest in Rebecca. He began to behave in relation to other children of a day. He Bites the other children, when is not heard.

Its embarrassing to be an old man with a staff. It will make you feel like a bad parent, even if you do everything you can.
You will learn how to help them to start, which reduces these risks.
And I want to tell you now, Rebecca is the delay in the talks has been removed, it is a little chatty.
He was very friendly with his classmates, and no longer works (the majority of bites from other children).
Know Your Options?
This is the most important thing is that you know the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options?
The process is not simple.
You can see yourself talking about with your son? You can imagine, the more tantrums because they are frustrated? And there is no more social anxiety and word, at least?

This may seem very far in the future, but it is not so. Im going to show you how to make the dream a reality. And you will be able to start immediately, without long waiting lists or expensive therapy sessions.

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