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In 1988, I started studying on the fertility and the way of life that FRIENDS called: the pregnancy and the life of the study. This was the first study of its kind in the world. I was inspired to do this for many reasons, but in part because I didn’t know that Many people were unable to have children. He also began to happen in my family, luckily, for me.
I am still in contact with the men, from Vietnam. Many of them have strange diseases, including infertility and abortion. I wanted to know if there are playback problems because of exposure to Chemicals? People thought that this would be relevant.
As I started my research on the style of life, I was very popular with my colleagues, the doctors. He thought it was a great idea. The project was funded by Australia’s peak medical research body, the National Health and Medical Research Council. There are a lot of enthusiasm was due to him more than 1 000 normal couples to help us in our study.
It is interesting to note that many of my medical colleagues, did not come out as results when. They are not like the world of advertising, it is our job. Why the change? Not? Why not the fact that the results show that the relationship between the way of life and the problems associated with infertility and miscarriage? to understand Why not to take advantage of you, that we have problems with the lifestyle factors of men and women?
Not all doctors have the same opinion. Some do not like that the answers are very simple and solutions, with the couple itself. This means that the couples back to their power: it is not necessary to resort to expensive treatments and high-Tech. Some are only interested in what you know, as a counselor for married couples. Many people do not know how the results showed that the relationship between the different professions and infertility or miscarriage.
Then, it was my “colleague”? I beg you, stop you, your life, to leave the style, the research or the hospital.
I was shocked and surprised, but I was not ready to stop with the extortion, of this important work. I have decided to resign my permanent position and continues to work with couples. To speak In the last ten years, I have to do to write, manage, evaluate, and individual counseling. I have to go in search of hours each week that the latest discoveries of science and the medical literature to ensure that my current tab, to the extent possible.
The pharmaceutical industry and many doctors, the interest of people who depend on the system of the disease. To sell a little bit of “natural” retailers, a large number of Add-ons that may not be necessary. Only a couple of experts to understand all the aspects of life that may affect fertility, is therefore limited, in any orientation. It is my opinion, based on my research, which published the results on the other side, and the wisdom that I have acquired, thanks for all your work with couples.
I am able to help couples solve their problems? The answer is generally, “Yes”, the Pair of you to follow my advice. For some couples, the problems are not only the style be solved with changes in life. These are relatively small, pairs, or some clinical intervention.One of the great pleasures of life, to be a father. For some couples to have a child is very simple, but for others it can take a lot of patience. In some cases, to share in the fight for years, and you can understand, in spite of all the efforts.
If you want to know how to increase your chances of becoming pregnant, and then read the following guidelines can help you increase your fertility the natural way:
Drink alcohol in moderation: a large study has found that men who were 200 ml (approximately three to four drinks) of alcohol consumed per day, a lower number, mobility and morphology of spermatozoa compared to those who drank less. According to a study conducted on women under the age of ivf, alcohol consumption caused a decrease in the production of eggs by 13%, and women are three times less likely to achieve pregnancy and twice as likely to have a miscarriage. What is more, excessive consumption of alcohol by women, and abnormalities in Fetal development and the birth of underweight children.
Not too much coffee: According to studies in Spain, Italy and Denmark the consumption of 100mg of coffee (about 1 Cup) per day to have any effect on fertility.

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