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Farmers market: selling products and gourmet food…Every Saturday will local farmers market, ‘and every time I am amazed at how big look for fruit and vegetables in relation to food choices.Although I am also a gardener ever, I am able to grow well, that’s a great product. If blessed with a green thumb like me and grow large amounts of fruits, vegetables or herbs, you can use your skills to earn extra income.Farmers’ markets are becoming places to go for people who want to eat fresh, healthy food. not as well as local and large buyers of organic sounds, and is limited to the sale of fruits and vegetables. Yesterday I bought cheese, goat cheese and pesto house roasted tomatoes almost gave tears.You want more of your work at home and in the garden, but you can spend a weekend. If you like the idea of selling locally produced goods, but the swing may be out of the house this weekend, consider selling your friends, family and neighbors instead. Almost everyone wants a taste of freshly picked tomatoes in a store bought one.Although this is a good way to make money doing what you like, you should have a few things in mind before you start:Selection. Many people who sell their products, so if you want to succeed, you can make yours stand out. You can try to sell some of the vegetables or hard to find rare herbs, or may include a special recipe for each variety.License. While only sell new products, you do not need a special permit. But if you sell gourmet products, you need to call your local health department for regulations in your area.
Code. All markets are different rules for each supplier must observe. You will have to ask permission to sell the product. Please contact the Director of Market and ask how you can get started.

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