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Understand nonverbal signals to make a show of dogs, both with people and be kind to yourself to go, which will be of benefit to you in a number of different ways. For example, to understand that it is the only way dogs communicate will help to provide a deeper understanding of the species and their unique abilities. The communication and sharing between you, and make a dog flow better, as you begin to better understand the needs of the dog. Taf practice, you can begin to evaluate the dogs are emotional states much more easily. The training of a dog can be a lot easier, as well as also, too bad that you will be able to assess the level of dogs to inspire and responses to different situations and training.To be a good coach and be in harmony go of everything to do with your dog, learn the dogs body language.
The dogs love to go in many other animals, show their intentions to others with your body language. There are three different parts of dogs physical needs to focus on. The head, Tail, and Posture.

It is important to look at the dogs ears. Dog to keep the ears in different positions for each type of state of mind in which it is located. In the case where the dog is to make a smile, pressing her skin to the area of the nose and focus your eyes on something, it means that the road is in danger, the object of the intervention.
At the same time, if the dog shows teeth and on the sides of the mouth are drawn back, showing a smile to your face, the dog is showing fear or lack of confidence in himself.

These are just some of the various movements of the body, the screen, such as a dog feels. You can learn more about these movements, the reading of certain documents, or for a consultation with a specialist.

In fact, the dogs have feelings, just like people. Therefore, you must try to understand how the animal feels, in the order of their emotional needs. Do not forget that an animal should be treated as a member of the family. Your dog is a part of your home, you are responsible for your wellbeing. Like the dog, the father of the family, it is your duty that your pet will feel comfortable, happy and secure. A dog is a good companion, he is faithful and will stay with you through thick and thin. So, Yes, your dog is really enough love and attention from your side.For people who do not understand dog pack behavior, dog body language, or silence of the dogs whisper communication system, and the dogpack structure, it is sometimes difficult to know if you are in the direction of your dog, or for recreation.

Im going to be compensated. When my dog eat it, not take it out of the way, if I do nothing, not worth the m? No, of course not. This, my friends, is a classic example of a lack of respect for him, for me.

Now, when we eat a piece of parasites, or curves, a part of the drive dog and my dog, and she whispered: andfor me is a possessive growl, the dogs attention and can deteriorate if this is not fixed. Thus, there is a reason for me to cook. If it is not fixed, my dog, at this point, so that I can send to, and make it strong.

If a dog threatens me, if I have a bone or a toy, for me, the question, and that you give to us, if you have given to me and respect me. But, my dog is free and the ball or the bone, and the courage, to chew and to play with him, because she wants to. It is also possible, in front of me, but dont let them fall on me, let me. Warning you must you can use to Verify.

If the dog cries when I go to eat, and fed me, took me in reform, and the strengthening of remorse for his behavior. What can you do? Remove the dog to his place and began to sit still until you finish eating.

Another important factor in the dogs body language the tail! There are hundreds of different emotions can be displayed by the dogs of the queue playful happiness to the sadness of death. Make sure you keep an eye on the dogs for the tail in different sites and learn how to read, literally, have a dog.

The dogs posture is equally important. If the dog is stiff and is standing on the balls of the feet, is generally not a good idea to approach an animal of this kind.

It is important to keep the attention of your dogs posture, facial expressions, and the queue to read the body language, but, what is more important, you must learn how to put together the three of us together to make a complete picture of what is making the dog think and you say to yourself and to others!To demonstrate dog body language that may seem like a strange thing to take into consideration.

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