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They are very comfortable and strong enough to change the structure of the house. The construction of container house is easy enough. Manufacturer of container or containers for the lowest hand, in the rule, the cutting of doors and Windows on the walls of the container, it is possible to isolate the container is changed in a way that is easy to decorate for the resistance against the heat and cold, and it is already possible to use container house renovation, modern house. The modular structure of shipping containers means that it can easily be connected to each other. This allows architects to create interesting and unique design. The cost for a 40-foot container loads of about US$1200. As you can imagine, the construction of the house packaging is very convenient. In General, the costs for the construction of the house on the container, for half of the costs for the construction of a traditional house. Pack of cheap apartments is very high, edit, fast construction time, easy and the delivery of the container around the world. However, there is a certain amount of skepticism, but with the advantage of the other houses. For example, it has been suggested that the high heat conductivity of steel requires better insulation of the houses, which is such as the houses of brick or wood. In addition, it is to be feared, to the health risk from the bottom of the vessel, original shipping, usually treated with chemicals that are harmful. The floors in the original packaging, and it is always removed before the start of construction. The lake package can also be used for temporary accommodation or custody. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan on the left side of 90 000 100.00 for the homeless. The lake, the ship can be used to protect the homeless and provide privacy and rescue service. Can also be used to support the temporary offices, and schools. The construction is very short, that is what the country needs today. So, the container with a new concept, the popularity and the interest of the public and rapid growth in many countries. The economic benefits are of course eco-friendly methods, recycling and sustainability, create a lot of opportunities for modern architects and builders, to develop and improve the container house concept. There are many advantages of living in a house built out of containers, and, more and more people begin to understand, and act. If you already have the ability to built, own and/or already live, it is known that to get the benefits of first-hand and lived. Much cheaper than using traditional methods for the construction of buildings made of wood and brick-and-mortar buildings, containers, modular and flexible (and can be done, to see absolutely gorgeous!!!), durable, and eco-friendly, and just a winner all around you, when it comes to building your own house.

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