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We count sorted buffer long enough, but we have an idea of what’s to come. Planning Material (you how designers every year our hat to you!) Far in the future is a common element of many marketing strategies, and the material forming the calendar adults, this role perfectly.What time do you use in your marketing materials and social media to create?Talking a lot of interest in the timetable for passengers, dug across to find some of the best tools and models subscribed and schedule of free content, and the elements to do well who , what, when, where and so the content of the design, a month’s time or all at once in a week time. This is what I got.Psychological establish a timetable for the visual conten.The seminar was organized recently on Twitter team, and together draw slidedeck seminar on the subject in the calendar. This image is a great victory for those who have seen it, and our community will want to know: what is it and where can I find the calendar?It turns out that the calendar is not a table. But interest cards, which leads us to think: what is the cause of the sliding timetable so attractive?I got some psychological theories can explain why.
1. Plan your work mental model that shows us something to know that you understand something difficult..Now I’m not saying that blogs or tweets is challenging in itself. But psychologically we have a much easier time to consider the things that comes to us through the calendar. When we work our calendar, we see a much more manageable. Near the schedule to minimize the suffering of our work and the place is exciting, fresh, and fun, and we are willing to keep..2. simple visual timetable to significantly reduce their perceived difficulty..The analysis shows that the impact on the behavior of the level of difficulty in perceiving the action. Are more likely to win a positive visceral experience when we all showed graphic calendar of seminars Although the appearance of the calendar.
Hick law is the same. Under the law, it will have longer to make decisions to meet more choice. Twitter Timing is simple, clean, and marked by some advanced options, which may explain its popularity.
These theories may be useful to consider when choosing the contents of your calendar. Find one that is familiar, simple and easy to use, and you are likely to stick to.3 ways to plan to improve content creation
We use a range of buffer material calendars, and based on discussions with suppliers and distributors of other content, social media, it’s easy to see why they think may not be the time to be so good, advantages and why write your plan can be useful. There are three advantages:
1. Get a bird’s eye view of its contents and fill gaps.Annex new content reflecting their thoughts, and their content and watch content. You can check their updates, sharing and blogging, view 10,000 feet, where you can not miss the big picture. It’s easy to get lost in the details, as it is material to the head of all creation, so it is a session be extended to create a calendar, and injected regular schedule when to contribute to their work context.2. Planning and organization of the event, date and publication.Have you ever sneak event in your life? I was already there, and the number of people who create content for the event, I want some, I wrote it on the calendar. When the material in advance planning, we can prepare and organize around key dates that might influence their content. As discussed below, most of the major brands are planning ahead for recurring events and important dates that seem to be there at the same time each year to cover.

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