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The akashic records are simply the sum of all knowledge and history. When a person dies, they can immediately look into these records and the Akashic vision is the life that passes before the eyes of the survivors of neardeath experiences have been reported. Beyond these files contain detailed and accurate information in the past, the present and the future. They are also dynamic to adapt to many of the decisions that we make in our lives.

I read With Eyes to See, I woke up with many thoughts and feelings that are going on in my head. I grew up with the stories of the bible, and they are etched in my mind, how I should live my life and has given me a purpose for my life. Eyes to See the scriptures more real to me. He gave me the details that I had not thought about and gave me details that helped me feel alive, like I did. Add more details to what I knew and I liked what Bonny could see. Has helped me and made me feel more close to the people in the scriptures. I think that someone is going to take advantage of the new knowledge in our scriptures.Have you ever wondered if the stories of the Old Testament, that are all true, and wished that you had the chance, in a certain sense, a return to a time in which these events took place.

This is not only an illusion, but is available to all those who have allowed their minds to enter a state of deep relaxation in each of us, is the ability to travel through space and time, as well as access to the knowledge of the time, the mere contemplation.

In our book, we shared our favorite and beloved spiritual travel experiences. We know that the reading of these experiences, you will be able to find a solution to the many unanswered questions about the history of certain parts of the Bible, which has been abandoned by those who have translated the book, I liked it a lot.

In addition, I was invited to take an online course in Ufology at IMU, International Metaphysical University (click on the link below for more details).This innate power is almost beyond imagination, but is at the disposal of each of us, how can we learn to calm the mind in a relaxed state of focus.

The longdreamt of ability of mind travel, as time and space are circumvented and the events and characters of the past, the present and the future of the kingdoms of the simple and clear.

I thought, Eyes To See, it was fantastic. The author has given life to the reading of the holy scriptures, with detailed descriptions of the events in the Bible. I felt the spirit very strongly reading this book that I could not control my tears. It is, without a doubt, a mustread for all those who are in search of spiritual truth and knowledge.

Bonnie Kieffer
Los angeles, CA

Here are just some of the possibilities this book has to offer.

In the end, dreams and reflections by poets, writers and playwrights from the beginning of the story—travel through space and time!

You will be fascinated by the discovery of the unknown ideas about the life of the famous and wellknown.

It is my firm belief that one day, the more you will be able to take advantage of this special gift, I think it is inevitable for our future.

If you have always wondered if Mind Travel was possible, now, to read the life experience of the author is fantastic.

Innate in each of us the opportunity to communicate directly with others through thought, the power to control matter and energy with our minds, to travel through time and space, as well as access to information, as well as information with the simple contemplation.

It is reasonable to consider that the human mind is the ability to change the type of the fabric of space and time and allow us to examine the history and future events?

A whole new world of knowledge available to those who allow a change of mentality, as preconceived reality is replaced with the experience and the observable reality.

Now the title of this article suggests that the reading of the akashic records is the heart and root of all the techniques of divination, and I can assure you that is absolutely not true. Of all the ways to see the future of all, they are simply access methods to the data, as the lord, the book of knowledge.

The Tarot, you need to understand that the future is always fixed, but flexible. Tarot reader of the composition, and the place of the card, but the parcel has already arrived, in which, in an order that is seemingly random, but because of what is in the akashic records, currently and in the future. The Tarot reader interprets and this is where the reading of the Tarot, many times, may not be accurate. The idea here is that the letters have been placed exactly in the form in which the akashic records to predict that there will be, and, in fact, what he has done.

The spirit guide, I think that the best way to describe it is to compare the use of a spiritual guide to call a friend and ask him to read a newspaper. It is, in fact, what is happening with this technique of divination. The medium asked the spirit to guide the reading of the akashic records. The psychic does not know that the holy spirit guides the reading, but, without a doubt, what the guide is doing. The problem with the use of a spiritual guide to divination, is a psychic who receives secondhand information. Any misunderstanding between the spiritual guide and psychic is the equivalent of read errors.

Crystal balls This technique of divination is not as popular as it once was, and has been the subject of many jokes. But, in reality, a crystal ball is one of the best methods of divination, because the ball will allow the psyche to concentrate your physical eyes, the contents of the akashic records. And with a crystal ball reading, there is an intermediary, such as a spiritual guide, or a complex series of accessories, such as Tarot cards.

The tea leaves, and other methods of divination are the same. Everyone is trying to get information on the astral, more or less direct technique. So, how do you want to get the best and most accurate psychic reading possible? The answer is simple. It is not necessary to require a divination that comes from the eternity of the storage system, the most direct way possible. Find someone to watch directly from the akashic Records of their honest answers.

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