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.┬áThat is all! It’s very simple. His new hidden links are now available for use where it is needed; blog, email, landing page. Whatever, that they are available. Another advantage of using a compressor is a link that you can easily manage your contacts centrally. If you have to change the source of the URL is changed in one place and in one place. This update all instances automatically connected to the new location. Here are updates every post or email.Advanced user interface connection supercharger.Use connection turbocharger (Advanced mode).Additional configuration mode provides the ability to add a link to the category with the addition of a title page for SEO purposes, and add text or image on the hot side. I recommend you use the feature class that allows a group of specific types of connections..What are the hot pages?.Another very useful feature is a so-called hot linking compressor pages. They are pages to select auction compressor on a page, which is controlled by people. You can create the pages of the last active link, link to a specific category or both..Tip: We suggest you select all the connections to link the image or text on pages about how a hot mix is not a positive result is created, even if your mileage may vary.While there are many methods of concealment and sign the application, I do not think any of them are simple to use, along with the advanced features offered by the connection of the compressor. You can also get a free Lite version to try today without the risk! link supercharger Lite is fully functional; The only limitation is that you can create up to 6 hot pages before needing to be updated. You can still use again….

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