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That’s a great question. I know you just drop a bomb on you, so I’ll tell you a little about this downright deadly phenomenon.
Have you ever crashed your toe and swell like a helium balloon? It is an inflammation at work. Inflammation is simply a way to treat the disease, infection or injury to your body. It is healthy.
The problem arises when you have what is called the ‘chronic inflammation’. When the inflammation process continues long after a healing process is complete. With chronic inflammation, the body attacks itself in essence.
How can that be?
You see, when you eat the wrong foods, your body goes into full attack mode and processes the toxins that have just eaten as foreign invaders!
And if you keep eating the wrong foods (even those who think they are healthy), the fire of inflammation lasted higher and higher until your body is in crisis.
No wonder that Time magazine recently chose to inflammation as its cover story …
… It is so important!
The only way to get control inflammation is hitting the toxic foods from your diet. Once this is done, you need to start adding anti-inflammatory foods that are like ice water over a flame!
Then, and only then, your body can recover, repair and internal reforms to reverse diabetes altogether!
What I discovered in my research on diabetes is that changes in diet and lifestyle minor can completely reverse the inflammation get your diabetes under control.
So I created a system of 3 steps to reverse the level of blood sugar and inflammation using these minor changes.
This is extremely simple. But more of that later.
First, let me explain a very important point:
One of the worst things you can do …
… A group of diabetes medications taken. It might be hard to admit, but probably already know that these drugs do more harm than good!
The fact that drugs during their level of blood sugar is determined, does not mean your diabetes is getting better.
In fact, these same drugs are inflammation soar.
The pills are not going to do anything other than treat symptoms zilch you anything! And finally, they will worsen the problem.
How can I know? Good question, because now he has realized that he has information ‘inside’, but is likely to ask:
‘Diablos Who are you? ‘
Oh, how rude. I was so excited to tell you all this, I forgot to introduce myself.
Hello, my name Jodi Knapp and I used to work as a nurse in one of the biggest, the most favored in hospitals in Chicago. I can not describe the horror and despair that I have witnessed in recent years.
But nothing, and I mean nothing had prepared me for this moment that I became obsessed with finding a simple, step-by-step cure diabetes.
It was Christmas Day, and like yours, my family spent the day to feed each delicious feast at the dinner table.
Suddenly, our laughter turned to screams as we watched my mother pass out!
I immediately called 911 and paramedics rushing to save the life of my mother. Although not officially been diagnosed with diabetes, I had … I hope this will put a little crazy exposed there to rest:
Doctors are not bad brains: Sure, he wears a lab coat, but took the day and night to ensure that you have diabetes forever. Doctors are not bad – many of them are just very bad and too focused on drugs
Pharmaceutical companies are not out to kill people: Come straight: pharmaceutical companies may or may not want you to get better, but they do not want to kill you. They are a business like any other and that patients that users need to keep their profits growing. So you do not want him dead.
100 Diabetes is unaffected: You probably have a good handle on the basics, but you’re probably a little confused by misinformation floating around. I’m here to fill the gaps, and do not tell you what you already know.
Diabetes is not their fault: It seems likely that there is a queue of people waiting to tell you exactly what they have done wrong. I do not! I am aware that the type 2 diabetes are not something you get to be ‘bad’, ie, the result of listening to the wrong people! And the type 1 is clearly genetic (although you can still do something about it).
Now we have the way we can start doing things right: why you have diabetes and how you can get rid of it!
Four huge diabetes 21st century discovered that your doctor may have no idea
Losing weight will not cure diabetes: Since the day he said he has diabetes, everyone from your doctor for your friend dog was identified in Ti with the same tired message ‘. Lose weight, lose weight, lose weight ‘probably it sounds as if reading a script!
Well guess what? Dropping a few pounds will not harm (which is really useful) … but there is no cure! Research shows that the foods you eat make or break diabetes, but calories and books are not all the paint!
Type 2 diabetes is not a sentence of life: Every time I hear doctor about diabetes, which are buzzing about the non-stop ‘diabetes” diabetes’ ‘and control diabetes. ‘
Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a doctor who uses the word ‘cure’.
Based on the last decade of research, it is clear that type 2 diabetes is curable 100. The reason most people are stuck with diabetes lifetime is based on the plan of unpleasant drugs impossible off and follow exercise programs!
The diet of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) can worsen diabetes: This is one thing almost everyone agrees: the power is diabetes ‘all or nothing’ factor. The diet can cause, and when I’m about to show, completely cure type II diabetes.
Unfortunately, the ADA does not seem interested in creating a cure based on diet for diabetes. That’s why allow foods such as high fructose corn syrup Snickers … and even lard! I think I will say that diabetes is part of a giant conspiracy in a quarter turn in low light with ‘big pharma’, FDA, and your doctor all sitting at the table.
Let me tell you, I’ve seen those crazy books and programs online to sell myself. If anyone should be investigated, are nuts that sell a product just to tell how they are naive!
While there are certainly things that happen shadow treatment of diabetes, let’s start with a few …


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