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We are planning to be able to advance and stick something up so many men and women break …And as I expected, he began to lose weight.During the first week, it lost about 3 pounds..But after a month, it reaches a plateau.And no matter how many calories we came back, his weight has not changed, and confused me at first.Since it is made by a simple rule of calories and calories.I thought, is not it?The fewer calories you eat, you lose more weight.You do not have?However, they are completely stunned.This led me to ask them to start with the fact that your metabolism has been damaged in any way? He betrayed his regime? thought or a hormonal problem?Someone who weighed about 280 pounds should not the problem of weight loss.But I do not know at this point is at a turning point.Terry had to go for two weeks to visit his sister in New York who lives with her husband access to nutritious food in an old farm, which is grown in capacity.The fear that is to return to the weight of the material, I told him as healthy as possible, just to be safe to eat and is a mile or two to go every day.Two weeks later, he returned home and went to greet him, I did not recognize the old Terry.He lost a miracle 16 pounds of pure fat two weeks, when he left.I was shocked and completely renovated …Of course I’m happy, but still embarrassed at the same time.I asked him what he was doing …How does it work …What do you eat …?he replied …”I did what you told me to do, I’m a mile every day and eat healthy.But it is not enough to satisfy my appetite.what they ate allowed to lose it easily 16 pounds of pure fat know exactly.Suspected of their claims, I just thought, you starve..In fact, I even called his sister, with permission, of course, Terry. I wanted to know what happened to your two-week vacation..Then he sat down and wrote exactly what I ate …The first thing he told me was that he had left the diet drinks, down, diet foods, gluten-free snacks, packaged foods and whole grain breads and treats the whole grains.It also has normal milk in the supermarket, instead of drinking and avoid integral mass.He returned to his roots – eat as it has been in business as a boy grew up in Pennsylvania.And lined with freshly picked vegetables in gardens, apples and peaches trees in the back, raw milk, raw honey and meat market for local farmers with grass.Moreover, what really shocked when I saw the list of foods and the foods we eat every day of your total energy is actually more than the original diet before the holidays.How can you be before you eating more food to lose much weight?And then one day I went ..

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