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The erotic sex when people share basic values. balance mechanism forces. Coordinate resonance. For example, suppose you and your partner make love. If you agree that this action is a sacred bond is strengthened, the ecstasy of growth. The two men disagreed on everything. Harmony is the merger agreement notes simultaneously. But when it comes to the most important – the merits of the heart, spirituality, desire, passion – to be on the same page with your partner, or at least prolonged.Not intuitive ways members can still read the minds of others. Express their wishes as positive as possible. For example, say your spouse, ‘I love it when you touch me here softer, harder, then very slow’ or ‘Please. ‘If there is a contrast between two people, it can also break the most solid materials. A feeling of fear and partners to keep your sense of humor continued passion. The relationship is open communication in all areas.Beyond emotional communication, as you and your spouse to be intuitively provides all kinds of wild things can happen. When you love, you can see colors, feel the energy to shoot through the spine, which flashes experience on how to give the closest partners. All this could be very erotic. You do not want to experience or, if they consider strange.

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