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Order now and get a special book of cult leaders, and persuasion tactics, ‘Control Cult’. It sold for $ 39 by itself as recently as this week – is now controlled by you ‘Patterns prohibited.Q: What will appear on behalf of my credit / debit card?A: It seems that Clickbank or CLK costs * BNK. Book Name appears.Q: Is your site secure?
A: My site does not process orders – all orders are processed ClickBank that the process as safe as possible in order to. And ‘much safer to phone or e-mail – in fact, no human being ever see the information.Q: I work, which can be saved on another computer, when you get home?
A: Yes, you can store anywhere.Q: Can I use PayPal?
A: Yes! PayPal is an alternative to ClickBank.Q: What is an eBook?
A: It is an electronic file that would look like if printed on the factual record. You can read books online, download them to your computer or even print the pages. They are in PDF format that can be read by almost all computers and devices.D: I’m not good with computers. What if I need help?
A: I’m just a series of email. Usually I answer support emails within hours – certainly no more than 24 hours. The process is so simple that anyone can do it.Q: If you lose your ebook (like a computer error), what should you do?
I can confirm that you have purchased or return to work for free.Q: What if I have trouble downloading the book?
A: The e-mail attachment to books that 99. 9% of people can open with success.

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