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Some skeptics say that alkaline water and diet can automatically pH of the body’s cells to a pH balance, but on the other hand, to adapt, it takes hard work to maintain an alkaline pH of the body, especially if you have had patients acid.Dietary alkaline water and increases the load on the system, so that the body is released to heal.Are you crazy?We force our bodies to work in ideal own funds. It provides a breeding ground for a variety of chronic diseases, accounting for more than half of the population today.If the pH is out of balance of the body (strongly), we reduce energy consumption, capable, fatigue, obesity, poor digestion, aches and severe diseases.Ideally, you should eat 80% alkaline and 20% acidic foods to be. But in practice, the converse is true.Drinking water and an alkaline alkaline foods eaten day can help the body to maintain the waste in order to obtain the free acid the pH balance of the body, the body recover and healthy weight loss, and finally help card disorder.No matter how much you work and try to eat right, if you can not balance the acid in your body, you will never feel comfortable as you want to be.What can you do …The good news is that you will be able to resume power and radiant health … Now I feel! Trofología helped millions of people recover from health problems, and is particularly suitable for your digestive problems, allergies, lack of energy and obesity.If your digestive system is in trouble?Many problems are caused by what we eat and how to combine products together.Trofología is important, if you have abdominal pain.Poor digestion leads to serious problems.Starches and proteins were digested in various ways. Simplify food, our stomach and intestines easier.Other animals, including our relatives (chimpanzees and gorrilas), generally do not eat a variety of foods at one time.Most people get “a bad combination,” but if you are prone to acid reflux heartburn after a meal bloating, heartburn and other digestive problems, you will find useful Trofología.

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