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If you can, increase your spiritual strength, the ability to be creative, I would like to start small. I dont want to burn, or fear, what is still worse.

Depending on whether the goal is to start the process of creation, such as the use of the best methods to continue. If you want to play the piano, for example, it is possible that a part of the brain that are currently used to learn the basics. The key Is what you say or what you do.

When it comes to play, that is, if you start with spiritual forces. The first thing to do is to sit in silence and concentration on the breath of fire. Listen to your breathing and start to reduce speed, to clarify how the head. When the mind begins to appear and at rest, increases, and the face of the world. Imagine in my head, sat down at the piano. Imagine, how the keys feel under the fingers.

Now, what you can do, to see, to start playing, but singing, singing, singing, you need to wait to play as soon as possible. I see that the game is good, and you can do that through your body until only the image in my head.

When youre finished, I began to imagine how it feels this moment, when the last key. Dont you feel well? It feels really good? Now, I can do it again, open your eyes slowly and breathe.

What you need for a mental exercise. This exercise can be adjusted so that the creativity in the environment that you want to initialize. Try to do this exercise over and over again, before trying the real thing. You will notice an improvement in your ability.

Of course, it takes time to build up your creative side, the use of spiritual forces, but you can do it, and you will be able to do it, when it is time for the process to work. Be patient with yourself and know that even the most creative of all, for his craft. With this process, you can use your creative side, the rest depends on you.

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