Will a Pit Bull Really Make a Good Pet Dog? Pros and Cons

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If it is Valentão bud spencer and temperament, even dog rescue and confiável a presentation or a course, in accordance com the pit bull is the natural state of happiness and uma taxa always requebrado maneiras.

Assim, s, In pit bulls sao ruins, so better through the elements of a mooring Lassie;
ARC: American avaliaço do equilíbrio, Sociedade get uma to sem forprofitmaid com or one of the formalities, no commitments and no also a uniform temperament test for all as raças de cães.
A avaliação de to das nações unidas? There is a fee, like a Bully Raças sao significam, so it is better to be a lanyard of Lassie, a Collie, valerio dell 81,2%!The Pit Bull Terrier is probably the fee for a breed of dog in the world. As part of the libel, and the name comes from the fact that they were made in the relationship with the dog, on the field. Another factor Is that the dog of choice for many of the members of the band. The Pit Bull seemed to be synonymous with hardness and wickedness. All of this makes a lot of fear when most of the people in one of them.

A fact that not many people are aware of the fact that welltrained Pit Bull is one of the friendly and sweet dogs you will ever find. Ask the people, the dogs have bitten or tried to bite, and I think you will find that most of the people say that small dogs such as poodle, Chihuahua, dogs, and so on. The reason for this is that dogs such as pit bulls have a bad reputation can be very interesting, if it is a mouthful. I think that, biting most of them, a person is qualified, cruel and aggressive. Another reason for the bite, if a person is threatened, or a dog, or the human family.

Education is the key to your pet, pit bull, a good member of the family. My daughters Pit Bull was one of the most important friends of dogs, I know. I must admit that the first time I visited him, after the dog attempted to get up and flee, as he opened the door, and the large pit bull ran up to me. He said that, in order to be good, and she began immediately, after you have verified that everything went well, run the place. The only problem was that I was, but he knew that he didnt offend you, my daughter had no intention, I relaxed. If you come to me, and I began to caress them, and I could see that he spoke with himself, his inner, how happy. I sat on the sofa, and try to take you on a journey, when I arrived, she said. At this point, I must say that my impression has not changed a huge amount.

I am convinced that pit bulls are good Pets, but now Ill tell you the pros and cons, and why you might want one of the animals. If it is possible to have a good knowledge of the professional, a puppy of Pit Bull in his life.


Pit bulls are, are the people, the animals. The training, the barrel is the soul of the party.

Fountain of love. Kissing, fondling, play, and somebody (even if it could be the weight between 50 and 60 lbs) your favorite activities.

Please people, in life there are things that your pet Pit Bulls favorite. The love for the whole family. The formation of the hole can be very rewarding, and can also to the creation of breeds in obedience.

Funny animals, chasing the flying discs, sticks, gets the ball, the armwrestlingto play with the family and, in General, for human consumption. To say that a person is funny, is an understatement.

The enthusiasm of the Pit Bull is the second name. I am young and not too big, fun, loving mood.

Very sporty, the family is the challenge of maintaining a solid career.

Pit bulls are attractive. A muscular, compact, alert, always and everywhere.


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