How to Promote Your Music With Band Bookings

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3. Starting with the basic movement. With the internet, it is possible to obtain a large number of people to listen to your music, it will be easier to obtain the signature. Get your group on the web site, Facebook, MySpace account and the iTunes account. None of these things cost a lot, and when you get to interact with people who have a lot of fans.

Imagine what would be the tag, if you can prove that the music heard by millions of fans on his MySpace page. The record companies are fighting for the contracts of the music. Dont forget, if you can show a label that will earn you money, it will be easier for you to convince them to sign. The promotion that you do for your group, you, the best you can be at the end.In general, a good idea to promote the music comes to a head at the most inconvenient moments, for example, through reading, or in some exotic locations.

The best advice is to buy a notebook and write down the ideas that come to you. You dont have to rely on your memory. It is normal that after a certain time, to forget the thoughts.

Too many ideas, too little time

When you have compiled a list of excellent, interesting ideas for the development of a career, think of ways to use them in practice. Most musicians are lost at this point, I dont know where to start, and do nothing. Or do, but very small, only a small part has been invented. Do not overload yourself, try to be consistent. Before you start taking part in a great promotion, do not forget two things you should do every day.

1) Write, record and make good music. This is not a secret that the majority of amazing and creative ideas to promote and contribute to the advancement of technology, it is possible to force people to listen and buy the music mediocre. Therefore, is always to improve the composition and the ability poetic. Do at least one good song, this is already enough to ignite the fire of popularity.

2) The second thing that you must do every day to take steps in the direction of the audience, to come back, and get your attention and sympathy. Try to improve technical skills and find friends in the music industry, without being distracted from the main thingto reach new audiences and communicate with old fans of music. The meaning of his work, of his audience. The fastest way to spread your music is by word of mouth, and therefore, dont forget to maintain good relations with its fans.

Prepare a plan… a perfect plan… and… and promote yourself!


Let me ask you a question… What should happen to a man, he becomes a fan of your music?

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