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Problem Solved! Is that the Picture is not 99.9% okay, the same Thing. ABS Hose Series 6B608 Nipple on the part Left of the Image, the Care of the form of It, the link that is not the skull, according, but as shown in the Figure. It is a key Link to rotate 90 of the thermometer, env, Hose, and can make or nipples. According to I with Respect to the Hole in the Middle. I draw on the Doors with or Motorcraft Heat, the Council is a Mixture of Ford or the problem with Luxury!!! I thank in particular the Direction of MINING! Greetings . …Paul S. (1998 Ford Escort)

I believe that the Eu, Of the Flowers securely in the back again of the Device (relay), a Solution or a problem, but with Conditions of Lighting, electric Motors and Pumps, for the rent, it is wrong now. Thank You for your Cooperation!: ) …….Stefan H. (1993 Ford Taurus.) And for repair, if you want to, the vehicle itself, and, as a member of the ATS, the last update of the information in service bulletins and recalls. You can find things like employment and parts of the instructions, you can save money on your repair on the labor and the parts, for, quickly and effectively.


So, how long do you think ATS? The amount of savings I mentioned above, I bet that the thing can be easily sold for $ 300, because of the economy that needs to be on the road in the garage. For a limited time, I sell it at a price (see below). The special price to you, if you buy before midnight today! And here are some of the BONUSES that you will get at:


The Online support email if you have any questions about your car. Emailinstructions with illustrations and graphs so that you can understand. We will work together until your car problem is solved. (Without limit of value, particularly if the car breaks down in strange places, and if you have access to a computer or the Iphone, you have access to the ATS!).

The Bonus On The Second

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A Bonus Of Three

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