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Learn to Spray Paint Like Me!

If you would like to learn how to do paintings like me, please read the below information.  Keep in mind there are some safety and legal issues to consider before you get too excited.

Product Name: Spray Paint Art Secrets
Official Website: …..www.spraypaintartsecrets.com/

Step one: you have to be 17 years of age or older to buy spray paint at stores!  This is most likely due to the fact that kids will either graffitti property or sniff paint fumes to get high (Please don’t).  I’ve gotten more than a few faces from cashiers when i’m rung up for 20+ cans of spray paint in my cart.

The second important part is your safety.  You MUST get a gas mask.  And no, those little white hospital cough cover things will not do.  You need to invest in a 3M certified gas mask to protect you from the very harmful gases and small paint particles released during painting.  These can do harm to your liver and brain and could cause you big trouble down the line.  Another thing I suggest, are using latex gloves.  Not that paint is extremely harmful to your hands, it just saves you cleanup later and can be very useful when doing multiple paintings in a row – to keep you from mixing the wrong colors together.

If you have completed the above preparations, its on to the juicy stuff!

Some things you should collect before starting the fun:

  1. Posterboard (Glossy sided kind, can be bought at Walgreens for 0.79)
  2. Paint Spreader / Razor Blade / Paint Tool – Something to draw on your paintings with
  3. Lids to form planets (Tins, Ice Cream tub lids, Pot Covers, anything thats heavy and round!)
  4. Tarp – You don’t want to color everything up!
  5. Flat Surface to paint on
  6. Newspaper or magazine pages for textures
  7. Assorted Colored Spray Paints / Gas Mask / Gloves (stated above)
  8. Music (don’t paint unless your jamming to some beats)

spray paint

The run down:

Your basic idea is to work with layers and understand how they will fit together at the end.  You usually start with the planets because they require detail that cannot be added later.  Start by spraying layer upon layer of different colors onto a single spot.  Lay a piece of paper over it and remove, you now have a planet!  Cover this area with one of your lids and start to paint your background.  Stars can be added by spraying white into your hand or onto one of your tools and flicking them onto your painting.  Next you need a foreground and something to lead your eye.  You can do mountains, rivers, ponds, citys, you name it.  Let your creativity go!  That is your basic painting.Happy Painting!

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