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If your hair is damaged, it is best, began to make in order to reduce external damage. At least initially, the hair is growing to get in shape, but if your hair split ends, dry hair, brittle or frizzy is to take everything in order, they need to get healthy long way. This is the hardest part, but worth it healthy hair begins, is ready to grow damaged hair, who try to save drive a losing battle. You can lose the length of the pause in the street, in any case, when it comes to your hair, so you could also start at the beginning. Remember, the key to this journey is patience.If you start to grow hair, it is for you to decide, before the surgery than is strictly necessary to give up (to maintain growth, to the extent possible) or regular cut (to maintain a healthy tip), or by cutting the lunar calendar.3. If this is the case, the course you are (seriously grow long hair, the hair type) to absorb the hair. This means that the distributor of chemical hair color or texture changes. Although there are exceptions, most people find that they Chemicals and long hair fall, because most hair types should be strong enough to resist the repeated violations to choose, and each will increase considerably for a long time.And the second point number – to stop the damage to the hair. This means that the long-term smoothing or ammonia or peroxide. You can adjust the colors, without any change in BAQ (quality art ammonia-peroxide) henna hair color or other natural forms (honey whitening, etc.) (which actually improves the condition of the hair). And if you need to use the absolute chemical colors, you may be able to protect him from applying color coconut oil peroxide damage to the rich. Further information about coconut oil for hair loss and prevents peroxide now download a copy of the Book of Secrets long-haired.4. Protect your hair from chlorine and salt water. Let your hair enjoy good fresh water before swimming and, if possible, use a deep conditioner and connect it to the headphones. If possible, wash your hair with a chelating shampoo immediately, and at least a good rinse with clean water after exposure and wash as soon as possible. Before the discussion.5. Protect. use or to cover the hair, the hair of the sun and the wind, if you are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, or UV protection. Or consider a soak in a deep conditioner heat. If you have high winds or hair braided bun or wrap it in a tissue or under a hat. It makes the open end of and complications wind!

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