99% of Golfers Don’t Know HOW to Get the Right Posture

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Meet up with Renata, I’m 18 years old, from Fort Worth,Texas. I graduated from college, and I’m going to university in the fall on a golf scholarship. I know that the academy can greatly help my golf game, I just need a guide. There are six handicap and my ultimate goal is to help my team to win a championship. Also, I have strength issues due to the construction of some muscles and not others.I had a bit of hip-related issues that have significantly limited my golf game. Previously, if you have played golf, I can’t do 18 holes due to the exhaustion in my hips and hip muscles. However, five weeks into this program I went out and played 18 easily and with very little pain. Stretching really helped to relax my hips and the strength program helped rebuild the muscles that previously fatigued surrounding my hips.

Rebuilding the muscles that I used, allowed me to return to the sport, I love it!!!

In general, just a general state of health, in which I obtained this program is truly impressive. My abs and back are stronger than ever, so you don’t have to swing hard to be able to get the results that you need.

Meet Stephen…I am ready to play the best golf of my life. You can see in the photos below, I’ve already made a commitment with my body. I lost 50 pounds and have maintained throughout the year. My plan is to continue with my commitment for the rest of my life and as a product, to improve my game. My goal is a single digit handicap.I found my strength was improved. This was evident in the increasing the capacity to remain stable in the lower body during the backswing and the initial transition move. I was hitting the ball with more precision.

I have experienced greater flexibility in my hip, pelvis and in the region. I hit the ball in the first place, that is for a long period of time.

To comply with the JP…com in order to improve the golf course, recently, took a few golf lessons. I think that you have modified part of my swing. I know that, in practice, probably, will bring you the results that you are looking for. But the new and improved back swing has created back and side muscles pain, every time you play a game. I think, at a certain age, the body follows the mind.

After reading the article about the judgment, I saw the solution for my body to recover. I can assure you that you will be very motivated for the race training. After a week golf requires a healthy body and you can count on me to follow the instructions that are provided for you.

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