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First, I went to God, and took a long hard look at all the negative thoughts that I felt. God cried and said: ‘It is unfair; . . No matching I was and I need a week after arriving in my thoughts and feelings were bad, then I confessed to God and acknowledged they had sinned; I told him that I did not respect the emotions, but I wanted to be; I choose (I think, not emotion) unconditionally forgive Chuck; I gave everything I thought and feel God; I asked her to clean and heal me. Finally, I read part of the book and FIS to give the party the following week.It’s so exciting when you want to turn around and do it God’s way: You can not get love and thoughts in your career, but also frees the miracles and that is exactly what happened in this case.My curiosity led me to the book, as well as a military reporter Thomas E. Ricks, called Making the Corps, having boots on the ground in the process of recruiting young men to turn to the Marines.Recruit, Ricks writes, usually bused in training at Parris Island, South Carolina late in the evening. There is a sign on the front door for all to see. It reads, ‘Parris Island where the difference begins. ‘How different can it be? How can we distinguish between the sailor loan for someone else? The answer could start a new rod body position, impeccable uniform content steel and determination meant that involves the discussion. Other characteristics? Proof of self-discipline, perseverance, willingness to obey orders and measures against a member of the team.Marine is a warrior of the best practices of the highest military training models that can be achieved.

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