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Super Senior Strength Training Program PDF..Let me first say that I am not the exception, not genetically gifted, and I really do not spend seven days a week in the gym.But I know some shortcuts to staying in shape and living a healthier life in my golden years.I share these secrets and shortcuts, if you give me a moment, and I can show you how you too can get the power, speed, flexibility and health faster than you ever thought possible.There is no silver bullet here. But there are proven methods to fight against aches, pains and ailments associated with aging.Guess what? You do not have to turn into a wheelchair shrunken head Johnny Carson re-start the day! There are more developments and to stay strong and 90s, and you can be one of them.Let me show you how.Too many people have the attitude of loss decreased mobility, agility and balance, which is associated with aging is inevitable. They believe that sarcopenia (muscle mass) and weight gain are simply a byproduct of aging.I assure you it is not.You only need to maintain and increase strength. The diseases associated with aging are not inevitable, they are made to prevent and reversible.We baby boomers – and we sit age!’When the strength of the Super Krayewski Ron, I Feel Like I Was 40 Although the fat loss seems to be anger, an expert on fat loss recently admitted that 99% of those who try to lose weight fail because they lack the desire and discipline. In addition, everyone can become stronger and faster with minimal effort.Why become stronger? With the rise to power is the ability to work or continue as you did 30 years ago. Half of the bonus is that with renewed strength, lose weight, solid muscle REPLACE FAT.The fact is, strength training is actually more important than it was when you were 20 and 30 of resistance training helps keep YOUNG. We do not need to know how to improve muscle sheets on our quads, or we show washboard abs. We need good practical advice to help us through the rest of our days with ease, grace and pleasure. got. My wife and I spent hours in the gym for many years little to show for all the effort. When we started the classes Ron, visible results came quickly. varied and fun exercises. We need to do a lot of things we had never done before. So our advice is that if you want results too, stop playing around and get something arranged tour pro. ‘- Bob Dietz (64) and Sue (62)
Why Listen To Me?I Bodybuilding since 1969. When construction, owns and operates more than 20 Canadian Fitness (Fitness Lady Catherine), I have a diploma to hang me in Ajijic, Lake Chapala in Mexico, where I am known as El Jefe (pronounced ‘ hey -fey).I’m not just one of the best coaches in Mexico, but one of the highest mentors for older customers worldwide.My education consists of a BSc. Physical Education Texas Christian University, and 3rd degree black belt in Wado-Kai Karate by founder Hironori Otsuka.I learned Russian Kettlebell lifting the famous Valery Fedorenko World Kettlebell Club Thai Lanna Muay Thai Boxing in northern Thailand and is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as the ‘Strength and Conditioning Specialist’ since 1995.But the greatest achievement Mỹ turned 65 this year and will be ‘old.’ In short, the choice of languages, and I am here to interpret new phenomena fitness, arts and crafts and complicated exercises, so they are suitable for the generation of baby boomers.Now that you know a little about me, I want to show you the best exercises secret, I spent decades carefully craft to meet the specific phone age.


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