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Thank you for your training life for seven days. Lessons and questions not only encouraged me to read the material, but to live, play with it and try it yourself. mission statement is still on paper I wrote, but it is also the heart and mind.that things were once the main big plus. I can be more direct and conclusive as follows. Thank you!I am David Fritz, who lives on a small farm near Benoni, Johannesburg.I think this course. . . From the first words you read, I’m intrigued, because ‘they feel good. ‘It is said that Jesus taught the Pharisees authority different ways of teaching, and I felt the same’ information ‘of faith,’ which is ‘in his speech.Since December 2008, for a period of about seven months, I decided to be a worker of the light, the healer comfort as much as possible, using my musical talent, and all other talents, gifts, and the experience and I know winning over the years. The course gave me a nudge in the right direction I wanted to use basic meditation for self-healing and healing of the Earth and others, but not to read it, but meditation and said, ‘of course, one day.
Now exercise your account, of course, I started to practice regularly and I can not wait to develop guided meditation. I found it to attract men and women very interesting lessons on the course and their knowledge and worldwide.

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