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In the Korean Culture, the Tiger is the King of the Animals, and so on, it is important to the Culture. Many Koreans, it is demonstrated that the Tattoos and Drawings of the tiger, in different Positions. The baby Tiger, even in the Meaning of the Tattoos of the Tiger. Despite the Destruction of the education and the Strength of the Force, and by Means of force, but the tiger is the symbol of the Continuity of Life, the Law is well of the Nature, where it takes finding the right balance between the ecosystem and a Part of It.

The destructive Force is seen against the Forces of evil. In chinese Culture, tiger, Images as a symbol of good Luck, Happiness, because it is of the Opinion that the stimuli in such a way that could help for the hurt of the Home, or in other Places. This is why You will find, the Stone, tigers, Images, often out of the House as protective Devices to ward off the evil auspices, and Spirits. It is estimated that, during the Reign of Chou, Dynasty, Images of Tigers were hung in the Room of the pregnant Woman, Protection of the Child against evil Spirits. It is as a Punishment for the Sinners, in the Name of the most high. In the past, it has been practiced in the art of the tattoo, but not as a body accessory. Tattoos, mostly, sleeve tattoo designs that were used, such as the identity of the inhabitants of the original. In order to determine, with tattoos, which can be, on their culture, its clean, its the culture, what you have to do. The years have passed, but the art of tattoo is still present in this world. But on this occasion, was like a fashion trend.

Compared with the past, tattoos are used to identify. This time, your personality and your life situation. Well, not all are equal, cultures and traditions, through the intermediary of the person, if the tattoo on his attitude. All the classes of tattoos, tattoo designs on the Wrist, said, this is one of the most popular models on the tattoo fans.

Tattoos, in many parts of the body. For young people, at the head of the trade union arm of the party, the composition of the tattoo. The older men prefer to burn the tattoos in this part. According to her, the bracelet is a little more difficult for him to get a tattoo. Also, you can hide, but the upper part of the arm, in this case, the parties and formal character, in General, the use of jackets or long sleeve polo.


There are many reasons why most people, tattoos on the wrist tattoos. For some people, this type of tattoo is used to keep your body in Shape. Although, on the other hand, the people and the world on the theme of the Ink on the tattoos. For men, the athletes, their sources of inspiration, because of the tattoos. With the popularity of reality tv, like the UFC, the number of people in the popularity of tattoos, more and more.

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