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And even after that I want to play on the street all Day, until sunset… And remember, much faster than what it can be used to heal? If I skate nikki, or come up with a bad Case of the Flu, I was new in a few Days… But now, quickly, to the Street in 30 years. I would give anything for, the same Force And medical… Energy, Resistance and “the joy of living” was a long time ago. But I was very grateful. I had a steady job in the long term, this has given me a reliable source of income, and it was a lot of close and loving Family. And, as in any other Family, if we go wrong, what we need to see a Doctor immediately… I Had a good insurance policy, than I have for my job, we always have to ask for the brand name drug any more “Normal” Family in the first place. But, even if I’m completely healthy, I was in Silence suffer. I had to do with chronic diseases, gastrointestinal problems, and as a result of the Years… And only recently become serious, there were Days that I felt bad to be at Work and just stay in Bed, and So I did what most of the Americans, which, of course, is not…It all started when my best friend from childhood, David, is a wrong decision and you fall into the black hole of depression. I see this as my “uncle”. We were drawn to the… As is the case with the majority of people who suffer from depression, take care of me, and with health down hill. Finally, you will be required to go to the doctor…talk with him in two minutes, and gives us the recipe for depression called Zoloft, and some other pills that supposedly help strengthen the immune system. For the time, the treatment seemed to be of a smaller size. David said, the Zoloft has given the feeling of fatigue and nausea…and have put on 20 pounds…but at least that track seemed to be depression… Until then, in the middle of the night…I was jarred from my dream by a phone call. The family of David, the cold, lifeless body was found. My best friend was killed. The autopsy confirmed that the cause of death was due to an error in the internal organs. Tablets, it is assumed that, in order to strengthen the immune system and help you get back on the road to destroy it and inside… And, as it turned out, this is a KNOWN side effect of the pill, the doctor usually prescribe. The side effects turned out to be a million times worse care. I felt as if my heart was torn out of my chest. I can’t understand why no one told us about the dangers. I have never thought that the recipe for “the cure”, the fact is that it can be fatal. So, I looked on the Internet for information, and what I found, for me, the heart surprised my… did you know that each year more than 100 000 Americans die in the “right” medication? Not because of any strange unexpected answer, but of the well-KNOWN side effects? But another 1.5 million Americans survive their medications, to suffer, but to have bad health problems because of them. I discovered that, according to the study published – the antidepressant Zoloft…David’s head, the doctor was so prescribe quickly, for he, One of the persons in the test group who have taken tablets in a suicide attempt. But investigations later revealed that the FDA knew five people in the group who tried to commit suicide while on the drug. That is, if the discovery of this mystery, and it is my opinion that our society as a whole, has been brainwashed to blindly trust the “Big Pharma”, many times deadly, side effects. In other words, if you are sick, and immediately think “drugs”, then you are brainwashed. If you think that the only solution is to take pills just to get through certain periods of the year, and, according to the allergies, she is brain washing.

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