MI40X Plan

MI40X Plan “Mass Intentions” Extreme by Ben Pakulski

The MI40X plan is the latest workout program from Ben Pakulski. Ben originally made waves in the world of fitness with his MI40 plan. The original MI40 was a runaway success because of several factors that I will outline below. In this MI40X review, we take a look at why Ben Pakulski’s MI40X plan makes sense. What are the shortcomings? What are the challenges in the MI40X plan?

Product Name: Complete MI40X System-muscleexpt
Publisher Web Site: http://www.mi40x.com/
Trial period:60 Days

Mi40x Platinum

Ben Pakulski is a professional bodybuilder, for those who are not in the loop. That adds authenticity to the MI40X plan just as it did to the MI40 workout program. A man who has himself been through the rigor of developing a muscular body. Ben is definitely qualified to comment on what is good and what is bad about muscle building and weight loss. The MI40X plan clearly stands out from the other similar programs in the market. It is not just another muscle building program. Ben Pakulski carries substantial credentials to establish himself as a fitness expert.The last thing anyone should want to do is experiment with the body without knowing if the steps or the methods are conducive to general well being.

The efficacy of the MI40X plan can be gauged by the fact that it takes a multi pronged approach to bodybuilding. There is the psychological aspect, the physical aspect, overall health, awareness and nutrition. Ben charts out the distinctions between good food and desired food. What to eat and when to eat. Everything is explained in the nutrition guide. Ben explains the methods to eating efficiently. There is an optimal time and place for everything to have a muscle building effect.

Several conventional myths and presumptions are busted in Ben Pakulski’s MI40X plan. When you read about the myths and the realities, one is amazed at how and why the misconceptions became an unavoidable belief for millions of people. When you pick up the MI40X plan, be prepared to be floored!

The price for the MI40X plan is not hefty and the content that comes along, including the literature, the audios and the videos, more than justify the price. But the MI40X plan is not without its share of challenges. It is only for those who would be dedicated to the program. Absolutely serious about getting amazing muscle building results!

Mi40x Workout

Is MI40X a Download?

Is MI40X downloadable. Or will MI40X be shipped to my house?

The MI40X workout is available via download. An MI40X download link will be given to you after check out. You can download everything from the MI40X website to your computer. It is a really easy process. Even if you aren’t very good with computers.

MI40X download is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals. It also has digital videos plus audio files. Nothing will be shipped to you. After your order, you get instant access to the MI40X download. You get transfer everything to your computer. No waiting. It will require a PDF reader for the manuals. The videos play on pretty much anything. VLC is a good movie player.

I know people want results instantly. That is one of the reasons for the MI40X download. Rather than make you wait for a hard-copy version. This way, it is accessible to the masses instantly.

If there ever is a hard-copy, it would be at least double the MI40X download price.

Ben Pakulski did not want to delay the release of MI40X any longer.

What if the program doesn’t work for me?

The short answer? YES! It will work for you. If you read the program and follow as it says. There is no way you can fail. There is no doubt it will work for you. It will work for anybody that puts in an honest effort.

Yes it does come with a money-back guarantee. The money-back is “no questions asked”. If you take back the program, just ask yourself if you did give it your all to get results. I think that is pretty fair. Ben Pakulski really looks forward to helping people get into their dream body.

How Much Does the MI40X Workout Cost?

To tell you the truth, it is an absolute steal! Think of it this way. A one-on-one training session with Ben Pakulski would be over $200 per hour. Easily. I think he actually charges more than that to tell you the truth! Anyway, with the MI40X workout, you get 40 days worth of workouts.  Plus you get over 7 hours of MI40X workout footage featuring Ben Pakulski.

If Ben had to personally coach you through the program in person, it would cost over $6000.  The 7 hours of MI40X workout footage alone are worth over $1400. Even if you were going to attend a one-hour seminar with Ben, the group rate is usually around $100 per person.

When Ben makes special appearances at events, he is paid upwards of $5000 per day!

But why am I telling you all of this? To show you the value of the MI40X workout. Do you think he would have people lined up to pay those amounts if he didn’t deliver ten times the value? No way! Just like his one-on-one clients, you will be floored when you see the MI40X workout methods.

Ben Pakulski has not officially launched a price. I have had personal training with him for close to three hours. I can tell you first hand that I learned more in those three hours than I did  in my first three years of working out.

I personally would pay somebody a few hundred dollars easily for a full 40 days worth of training, nutrition and supplementation manuals. My time is worth at least that much.

But what will you pay? Probably around $77-97. Most likely closer to $77.

The MI40X workout program for a measly $77? That is a drop-in-the bucket price. If I walked into the local gym and wanted one personal training session, it would be more than $77. From somebody that knows next to nothing about muscle growth. A crappy personal trainer that does not even know the mechanism to achieve a killer body. And they would not even have 1/1000th the muscle building knowledge of Ben Pakulski.

Sounds like a clue. You are getting a crazy steal on the MI40X workout. You would pay over $6000 if you had Ben coach you through the individual MI40X workout plans. It would be the best $6000 you would have ever spent on your physique. But $6000 isn’t practical for Ben to give up his time. And most people aren’t walking around with an easy $6000 to blow.

So for $77? It is down right robbery for the quality of content you will be getting. MI40X workout in full force:

After Mi40x

MI40X Workout Download

Would you like to get your hands on a proven muscle building system? The MI40X workout download is specifically made by world-class muscle molding expert Ben Pakulski. Without a doubt one of the best bodybuilders in the World. And definitely the smartest bodybuilder in the world when it comes to muscle physiology, mechanics, and growth.

Just image, with your MI40X workout download, you can pack on a ton of new size in the next 40 days. You can do it!

I will give you my honest opinion. No BS. Will you be able to get a dream body without the MI40X download? Maybe. Probably not though. The way I see it, you have two options. You only have one body, so let me know which option you choose.

Choice #1. Close your eyes and hope you are doing the right thing.

I know it is tough. I have been there. But this is like playing the lotto. You may follow some good information here or there. And there is a lot of bad information out there. It is all over the internet. What happens next? You just end up spinning you wheels without any real gains.

Throwing fitness information on the internet doesn’t make it legit. Sure you can apply a bunch of random methods and work your ass off. Something is bound to stick. But that isn’t the best and fastest way to build quality muscle. You should spend time enjoying your free time rather than being frustrated looking for the next best thing.

Choice #2 – Get on the MI40X Workout download!

MI40X is completely done for you. It is tried and tested. There are real world results. You learn how to train you muscles and leave the gym knowing you have done enough to grow! You will certainly transform your body from average to awesome in no time.

With the MI40X workout download, Ben Pakulski is literally giving you over 15 years of his life’s knowledge. This will short cut your success. You will never again leave the gym thinking “did I do enough”. You will know you are following a sound muscle building program right from day 1. You deserve as much.

You will be getting the same program Ben has used. A protocol his clients use. A system that takes a below average physique and make it “professional” worthy!

MI40X Mass Intentions EXTREME by Ben Pakulski

If you are reading this, you are at least partially interested in MI40X Mass Intentions. I commend your decision. I know you will be trilled if you decide to buy MI40X Mass Intentions. This will be the first step toward building a hard and muscular physique. Your dream body. That perfect physique you have been searching for is within your reach.

MI40X Mass Intentions is designed so that it can be done by anybody. Any level of fitness. Yes you can train like the best pro athlete in the world! That is what MI40X Mass Intentions is all about. Showing you that every single variable of an exercise is under your control. Just by changing your body position here or there, you completely change the emphasis on the muscles.

MI40X Mass Intentions will teach you the best way to exercise. You will learn that MI40X Mass Intentions is the best way to train for muscle growth and symmetry. For less than $100, you will gain more knowledge with these videos/manuals than you have anywhere else. I can pretty much guarantee that.

And if you follow the MI40X Mass Intentions program, your body WILL change in 40 days. That much I can guarantee. In fact, Ben Pakulski has a money back guarantee.

MI40X Mass Intentions is quite possibly the hardest 40 days of training you will ever have to go through in your life. It is also the most effective 40 days of muscle building you will experience. So if you are lazy, then this program isn’t for you. If you are looking for a “quick fix” this program isn’t for you. If you are going to go half ass on your diet and workouts, then this program isn’t for you. For your sake, I hope not. If you are still reading this, I KNOW you aren’t that type of person.

Get ready! Because the next 40 days will be hard, but worth it. If you put all of your effort into this 40 day program, you will come out with a better physique. That much is certain. However, you have to be ready to trust Ben Pakulski. You have to trust science. And you have to trust yourself. You can do this!

MI40X Ben Pakulski Program is HARD!

The MI40X Ben Pakulski is absolutely no joke. The content of the system will blow your mind. Not to mention your muscles. In a good way though.

The length of the MI40X Ben Pakulski program is 40 days. This deters people that are looking for a “quick fix”. Although 6 weeks is still relatively short. But just enough time to see significant results. The MI40X Ben Pakulski program is not for “do-nothings” or “know-it-alls”. Get ready to LEARN!

The very fact that you are reading this MI40X Ben Pakulski review tells me you are not that type of person. You are somebody that is an action taker. And somebody that does their research before they buy a program. You aren’t somebody that is going to sit on their hands and do nothing with the amazing MI40X Ben Pakulski workout.

I am going to be bold for a second. I have personally done the program. In 40 days, it has changed my physique and life. I am going to make that same claim for you. If you follow the program exactly, your body and life will be completely changed in 40 days. I know it.

Will the MI40X Ben Pakulski program help you gain muscle AND lose body fat at the same time? That is up to you. I have seen it happen. I personally gained over 10lbs without an increase in body fat over the 40 days. I am not saying gaining muscle and losing fat on the MI40X Ben Pakulski is going to be easy. But it is going to be worth it!

In the 40 days, you will get a lot of muscle growth. But this isn’t a program you can do over and over again to continue to get the same results. It will shock your muscle into growth. After the 40 days are up, it is time to do something else. I recommend doing the MI40X Ben Pakulski program four times a year for best results. Mix this in with some of your other muscle building routines.

The program is too intense with too many variables to be done multiple times in a row. There are certainly times to change up your workout routine. High reps, low reps, and medium reps like the ones typically in the MI40X Ben Pakulski program. Although, you will get a chance to experience all rep protocols.

The MI40X Ben Pakulski program will eliminate any doubt in your mind. It will teach you how to think like a pro athlete. Heck, you will be training like one. A professional bodybuilder. Every time to step into the gym, everything is planned for you. This takes all the thought out of your muscle growth and/or fat loss. Stick to the plan. Every day has a purpose. You must LEARN before you can growth. Every video and page in the MI40X Ben Pakulski program is there for you to educate yourself. The more you know, the more you grow!

What’s Included In the MI40X Program?

Is MI40X a digital or hardcopy? For right now, it is a digital copy. When you pick up the program, you will be given instant access. All of the products to easily download onto your computer. There is no physical products included with the MI40X system. There are 8 solid components that make up the MI40X programs. There are PDF books and mp4 training videos.

What do you get with the MI40X program?

  1. The Mass Intelligence Extreme Training Guide PDF.
  2. The Anabolic Mass Consumption Nutrition Guide PDF.
  3. The Recommended Mass Intelligence Supplement Stack Guide PDF.
  4. Exercise demonstration videos.
  5. Printed Exercise Execution Reference Guide.
  6. Printable Workout Sheets.
  7. A Printable Workout Calendar.
  8. Audio Interviews With Ben Pakulski.

MI40X training program provides the most elite bodybuilding knowledge! Everything is packed full of Ben’s bodybuilding knowledge. Ben Pakulski includes his workout secrets. You get his elite training guidelines. You really should review everything before jumping into the MI40X program.

MI40X Mass Intentions Training Manual

The elite training manual will tell you what MI40X is. You will get a history how MI40X started. Plus the theories behind what makes the program so successful.

MI40X Supplement Stack Guide

This is not mandatory. It is recommended. The supplement guide will tell you what you need to grow and recover. It also tells you how much of each supplement you need for best results.

MI40X Nutrition Guide

I like to call this an “anabolic” nutrition guide. It teaches you how to eat properly. It also determines what exactly you need in terms of calories and macros. This will maximize your results. This takes all the guess work out of it for you. It also explains what to eat and the correct timing for optimal hormone response. Get ready to grow!

This program is so jammed full of elite information. You will be certainly learning something new every page. It does not matter how long you have been training. Even if you already did the original MI40, this one will blow your mind!

MI40X FAQ – Frequency Asked MI40X Questions

MI40X FAQ #1: What Exactly Is MI40 and why is it so effective?

MI40 is the secret shortcut to build muscle and achieve a lean body quickly and easily. This exercise plan is the result of Ben Pakulski’s efforts to take everything he learned from coaches, doctors and therapists and roll it into one technique for toning muscle and dropping fat. The MI40X workout is effective due to Neurological Overload Sets X (NOSX) that help muscles grow and gives it participants a sense of accomplishment once they’ve completed their workout. The 40 in the MI40X workout stands for the amount of time an exercise set should take as well as the period of days it takes to get used to the program and how long people should rest in between sets. The X however, well let’s just say “uncomfortable” is a nice way of putting it. You will hate it. Your muscles will LOVE it!

MI40X FAQ #2: To Whom Do You Recommend The MI40 Program

The MI40 Program is the ideal workout program for anyone whose goal is to make the most of the time they spend at the gym in order to achieve the physique they desire. The strategy behind this workout program is bulking up and dropping fat quickly, easily and most importantly, safely. It’s all about optimizing the amount of time one spends at the gym.

MI40X FAQ: #3: What if I don’t need to gain mass? Can I Follow MI40 if I need to lose fat?

Anyone who desires to lose weight would be wasting a great opportunity if they didn’t follow the MI40 exercise plan. Using this program is the best way for anyone to train their body to look the way they want it to. This is the perfect workout for those who are unhappy with the composition of their body. It is designed to increase a person’s mass of muscles and burn fat simultaneously. The MI40 is the perfect way to achieve a ripped body.

MI40X Diet – Gain More Muscle and Less Fat!

Ever notice how guys that are excessively “bulking” just end up looking FAT? Or maybe you already are overweight but would like to lose fat while gaining muscle.

I get this question a lot. How do I lose fat and gain muscle? How do I gain muscle without getting fat? I know what you would really want. An extra 10 pounds of muscle with absolutely no fat gained in the process, right?

The truth is that you are able to put on 10lbs of MASS no problem. The problem is if this is “fat free” mass. Of course nobody would like to gain 10lbs of pure fat. It is all about balance. Your goal is 10 lbs of muscle with little to no fat. This is “quality mass”. It is a lot more complicated than simply training hard and overeating. You will only be able to add as much muscle as your body can handle. The excess calories will turn to fat!

This is where the MI40X diet plan comes in. Ben Pakulski has come up with a scientific nutrition plan in order for you to build quality muscle. Not only that, but you will get ripped in the process. How is the MI40X diet plan so successful? It all comes down to timing.

There will be certain times of the week when cabs intake will vary significantly. This will help your body burn body fat. During the rest of the week, your body will be packing on muscle. When you pick up the MI40X diet plan, your manipulations are all laid out for you. The nutrient timing, volume, everything! It all depends on your specific goals. The MI40X diet plan is possibly the most scientific diet protocol. It is just within your reach.

The MI40X diet plan deals with the most common of goals. Gaining muscle while losing fat. You want to be big. But you also want to be lean. That is understandable. Size and cuts is what it is all about. Ben Pakulski is know as the “master molder” for that exact reason. He will teach you how to eat “anabolically” with the MI40X diet plan.

Get ready to learn. Ben Pakulski teaches you everything you need to know how you add quality muscle and size even while losing fat!

MI40X Review of Ben Pakulski’s MI40X Program

Ben Pakulski’s MI40X Workout Program is marketed as the program to use if you want to instantly gain twice the muscle mass you have now by working out half as much as you normally do. While this may sound too good to be true, with this workout program it is entirely possible. This MI40X review can help you determine if this workout program is right for you.

The MI40X Training System is something Ben Pakulski has been working on for the last 14 years. He has used this system to propel himself onto the list of the 15 top ranked bodybuilders in the entire world.

And if this MI40X review doesn’t convince you how effective this workout program is, nothing will. Men and women throughout the world have used this system to gain muscle. Pakulski advises those trying to bulk up to maximize the training they put their body through while making sure they don’t put anything unhealthy in their bodies.

This MI40X review identifies how the MI40X program identifies four key problems that will prevent you from ever bulking up and tells you how to scientifically avoid those problems. The first problem he identifies is that many people who want to bulk up become obsessed with lifting weights that are as heavy as they can physically handle. This is not the way to build muscle because it does not lead to muscle tension and that is a necessity when it comes to bulking up. You have to feel tension in your muscles to know that you are getting a good workout.

The second problem Pakulski addresses is those who want to bulk up but think certain parts of their body are weak due to genetics. Bulking up is all about strengthening the weaker parts of the body. The important thing to remember is that we all have weak body parts, even if we think we don’t.

Ben Pakulski identifies the third problem as people not being clear on how long their workouts need to last. One of the biggest workout mistakes people make is that they don’t increase the number of sets or reps they do. Without an increase in the number of sets or reps performed you will never really bulk up the way you want to.

The fourth problem is that people don’t know how to properly exercise to encourage muscle growth. This is where the MI40X workout program comes into play. Ben advises that the number 40 applies to the length of days the program lasts, the amount of time one set should last and the waiting period between sets (in seconds). However, in this updated and extreme versions, NOSx comes into play. Without giving too much away, let’s just say the word “uncomfortable” is an understatement. I have found the periods where I was uncomfortable gave me the greatest muscle gains.

The answer to all these problems is to try the MI40X Workout Program…

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