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A man that certainly knows what they need to win promotion to the championship, Neil Warnock. Led to Sheffield United and Queens Park Rangers to promise the earth, seems to be looking for a hat-trick for Cardiff City. You have not made the best start, followed by a day the opening of the victory in the Burton-with a clear 3: 0 against the demolition of the option with the title, Aston Villa. Visitors Sheffield United is a hard fact, that it is not too far away from the river, with the aim of their Sabbath, the day, you have to exclude a target incorrectly, for offside. This said, it is difficult to something here, especially against a team that-from a man who knows the sword better than any other.

As mentioned above, the boron is a little bit of luck, to take, come on 3 points this Saturday, but are they really required the day of the inauguration of the defeat. Garry Monk has impressed in the championship last season with manchester United, and try to do the best Teessiders and ends with the promotion of places. Burton Albion, fresh from a 4-1 hammering at Hull City, but to be quite honest, we play with 10 men from the 38. minute, day, striker Jackson Irvine saw red. Don’t expect a lot of goals, the Bor the power to fire, up the time, and Burton is not the primary target of the threat.

The Elland Road faithful, finally, he had something to seemed to scream past season the team a little at its best level of the day, year for mediocrity. Unfortunately, not only lost in the play-offs, and the manager Garry Monk has decided, on the basis of their right to return to the start box. Under the new leadership of Thomas Christiansen Yes, Leeds have collected 4 points in 2 games. Fulham, on the side of the pip Leeds for the final of the play-offs last year, just on the lookout for the top 6 at minimum. Are yet to win in the League so far, but still lose. I see that the trend continues in this cul-de-SAC.

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