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To try to explain what it feels like an orgasm is difficult. Although we all agree that it feels absolutely fantastic and something we feel that the ideal situation would be different forever, so that the actual words that describe the precise and detailed the feeling of orgasm leaving many of us, if not most of us speechless. TGDP is still a big query: Do you feel the same? Men and women? Well, women are twice as many nerves in the clitoris compared to men, he is head of the penis is safe to assume that this is the real goal against women great orgasm.We asked five women to give detailed skinny, orgasm feels like them. This is what they had to say:1. trapped in the nose sneeze.
‘It’s hard to describe, but if pressed to do so, I guess I have to say, you know, when you sneeze, you, and all it does is just down the nose of the day f * cking years and then at least you’d expect itself, sneezing, and finally, it seems that the entire fiber body feels good? Is that so. But in the vagina. ‘2. In a pot of boiling water.
‘[It’s] like a boil on the stove. Start slowly, you can have a high noise confused with the real thing, but when it flows without stopping, and the question of what will happen. ‘3. freefall.
‘[It’s] like a vagina is thrown off a cliff and the second free fall before landing inflatable trampoline really! ‘4. Price.
‘Freedom, but the best publication in the world. Part of the fun is the actual design of advanced, who knows who will come and want to achieve phenomenal purposes, but also want to remove and type of teasing build yourself feel good. Then, finally, you can take more if desired. . . and every ounce of your body feel stiff and vibrant.’Things shaking, heart racing, and I do not know everything, but my legs shaking so hard that all I can do is laugh. There seems to be a good price for me and all I can do is smile and be proud strangely. ‘5. parachute jump.
‘I feel that I built on the edge of the world ready to skydive and beating of my heart, because I’m not sure what (we know, because sometimes you can lose an orgasm before it arrives), but when explosions and applied only to weightless feel.Because no matter what bad news coming my way, because I know that it is completely submerged, but moderately no longer worry about in the world. ┬╗Blog Tumblr weeks spread, how women describe what they want in a transparent manner and often graphically.A new blog aims to empower women by allowing them to write anonymous experience, needs and sexual desires.’How can I be a’ viral on Tumblr returned within a week, the women describe what they want in a transparent manner and often graphically.Email founded ‘a writer for 27 years, from the name of the author Sylvia owns the unsatisfactory experience.’Suffice it to say, it was not the greatest physical and mental experience, told the Times.’I felt that I understood what was going through a sexual assault, and could not speak today.

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