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Koi to wine to charm, the family, and was designed in China through the junction. And then, Japan and south Korea, which, in these countries, has taken the responsibility for the production of these types of fish to produce different colors and new types. Up to now, koi are still very popular in Japan and south Korea. These are the places where you can find the first group, by the best creators in the world, when he s shares of the breeding of koi carp. But koi are very popular today, you will also find good breeders of koi in different countries such as the united states, the Philippines, Australia, and Europe. A common goal, the breeder has come up with its own diversity and koi through the process of mestizaje. C is a very important element of fish koi information that you need to know. The cross is the idea that the species of koi, to continue to grow.

You need first of all a small idea of koi types, before going on a store for pets. Do you know the different types of koi is important koi fish information you need to be and the revolutions in strasbourg. The information gives you the advantage on the way, you can know what type of koi that you want to be. The fact that all the koi on different characteristics the same is koi the information you need to know. They are also different and are classified by colors and patterns that you put into your body. For example, if you see a koi is white with red or orange pattern on the back, and then a Kohaku koi. Esi Kohaku koi also has two kinds, hello, and hello, on the right. Kohaku, which in Japanese means red and white, where the name was taken or derived. This variety is one of the most popular types of koi fish. Other species; asagi, bekko, utsuri or utsurimono, ogon, matsuba, butterfly, twidth, spirits, etc, The internet can give you more koi fish information that you need, and others that were not mentioned on this page.Fish Koi or just koi is a special type of the fishing pond, now, with a garden in the back yard to a new level. Curious on the integration in a pond in your outdoor adventure more and more people looking for solid koi fish information. In fact, it is one thing to take the red fish or freshwater aquarium for the interior. Another thing is completely out of the pond.

The word koi is the Japanese word for carp. In Japanese culture, on the breeding of the koi carp is a popular pastime for hundreds of years. Today, as the koi popular, and the creators are the limits and the generation of new and luxury of colors and patterns. Something that you want, you are sure to find what you are looking for, from koi are now available in all kinds of colors, such as black, orange, red, yellow, blue, green, white, and even a stylish silver color.

Here is one of the best parts of fish koi information: the beautiful fish in the garden pond, the new mode seems to be the integration of live plants into the habitat of a true natural environment. Unfortunately, as it is the inside of the fish tank, plants is not always easy to grow up with the fish.

The Koi carp, in particular, can be harmful to the live plants. If you have enough for a little tour on the pond, you may find that your koi enjoy the fall season. Even if you dont make them fall to the ground, there are koi for the leaves. Refer to take it everywhere on the ground and in munich, the new plant. In all cases, always make sure that you do not have the plant, the cid is harmful to the fish. Yes, the port is expressly in both directions, and sometimes, c is to the plant, the effects on fish.

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