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The Driving Fear Program

  • Do you have a comfort zone around your home or work where you can drive without severe nerves but if you go outside that area you know you’re in for some anxiety or even panic? Living with those kinds of restrictions is something you can get past quickly when you know what to do.
  • Do you want to feel more secure, confident, and in control when you drive?
  • Do you take alternate routes to where you need to go so you don’t have to face a situation that brings you anxiety? Highways, bridges, traffic, and other obstacles won’t even get your attention when you’re done.
  • What about your job? Do you have to travel by car for work? Do you dread the commute? Would you be able to make more money or get a different job that would bring you greater happiness if only you could drive in comfort?
  • What vacations or getaways would you take if you could hop in the car with a big grin on your face whenever you felt like it?
  • Do you want to see your family more often and not lose out on the good times and laughs everyone else gets to experience? Trust me, life doesn’t need to be this hard!
  • Are you embarrassed because you rely on other people to chauffeur you around? Wouldn’t it be great to reclaim your independence?
  • Are you worried about the effect the stress of having a debilitating fear has on your physical and emotional health?
  • Is your self-confidence being negatively affected? It’s hard to be strong and positive about yourself and your life when you have a fear about an activity that so many others take for granted. But don’t worry, when you overcome your fear of driving your self-esteem will be through the roof!
  • Does it terrify you to think that if you don’t get help soon you’re going to have to live yourwhole life being afraid and feeling inadequate?

Maybe you have a reason all your own, and that’s ok too. Whatever your reason for wanting to overcome your fear, you’re already showing great courage by looking into ways to defeat it, be proud of yourself for taking the first step but don’t let reading about it be all you do – you need totake action!

My name is Rich Presta and I’m a former anxiety disorder sufferer and leader in developing resources for overcoming driving anxiety. I’m excited to have the chance to show you how easily and quickly I believe your fear of driving can be overcome with the proper tools and training.

Years ago, I was surprised to discover how common the fear of driving was, and just as shocked at how little information there was available for treating it.  There seemed to not be a single credible resource and expert on the subject, so I made it my mission to develop the Driving Fear Program.

Since that time, it has become a world class resources for those with driving anxiety to turn to and I’m proud to say that it is what many consider to easily be the best, most authoritative, and respected program for treating the fear of driving the world over.   The Driving Fear Program has been used successfully all over the world by both individuals and in clinical settings to help people work through their fear and eliminate their anxiety about driving or driving in certain situations such as on highways, over bridges, in traffic, with people, alone, etc.

People often ask me what got me so interested in helping people with their fear of driving. It’s simple really. It’s one of the few fears I feel can be overcome rather easily, which immediately impacts people’s lives in a tremendous way on a daily basis.

Sure, I could focus on the fear of spiders, heights, or some other phobia (and I have developed resources for other select fears and disorders as well), but when individuals defeat their fear of driving, a whole new world opens up to them. They reclaim what may be the most important characteristic of being human, freedom.

You can go new places, experience new joys, and dramatically change your life for the better. It’s something that affects your life every day, and I’m fortunate to be welcomed into the lives of so many to help them on their path to recovery.

It’s incredibly fulfilling for me personally and I’m proud to be one of the few recognized experts in the field of driving anxiety and the author of the Driving Fear Program.

It’s a little bit different for everyone, but most often the fear of driving develops after you have an anxiety producing experience while in the car.

Maybe you were in an accident or came close to one, maybe you were on the highway or at a red light and felt trapped, or maybe it just seemed to come out of nowhere and you got incredibly frightened for seemingly no good reason at all.

Maybe you even had a panic attack, which is a sudden and intense feeling of overwhelming terror with symptoms such as a racing heart, sweating, trembling, dizziness, an out of body feeling, thoughts of losing control or going insane, numbness, tingling, sensations of choking and more.

Now, every time you get in the car, you remember how scary and awful that feeling was and want to avoid it at all costs.

As much as you try to force it from your mind, it just comes back stronger. You either avoid the situation that makes you feel that anxiety or you grit your teeth and suffer through it, hoping that the next time it doesn’t get the better of you…wondering if you’re strong enough to keep it contained.

The good news is, it doesn’t really matter what caused your fear. Your suffering is needless, serves no purpose, and CAN be eliminated.

With proper treatment you often won’t be the same as before you had your fear, let’s be honest, how you were before is what got you into this problem…your goal is to be much better than you ever were so this never happens again.

Every time you drive and try to cope with your anxiety the WRONG way, you may be teaching yourself to be MORE afraid! You can actually making yourself worse the harder you try.

Let me explain why you’re probably so frustrated and never seem to get better…

Your brain is making a huge mistake and thinks that you need to be fearful when you drive (based upon that old memory we talked about). It’s wrong, and you probably know on a logical level that you’re not in any real danger when you drive on the freeway, cross a bridge, or whatever else it is you’re anxious about. But on a deeper emotional level, it doesn’t matter what you know logically,your fear is still real.

The problem is, every time you react in the same manner you have been, you reinforce to your brain that there IS something to be afraid of that has to be avoided.

You teach it that it’s right to be afraid and you make your fear response that much stronger!

What’s worse, your fear doesn’t only get stronger, but the more often you “practice” being afraid, the more automatic the reaction becomes and the harder it is to stop it. That’s why it seems so beyond your control and how it appears to come out of nowhere.

Let’s look at an example, it works the same way you learn anything, just like riding a bike.

When you first start, your brain hasn’t learned what to do and you have to think and try very hard to stay upright. But once you’ve ridden for awhile and practiced enough, your brain takes over and does it all automatically (you don’t THINK about riding your bike, you just do it and rely on your stored learning), that’s why you feel like your fear comes on out of nowhere and is so unstoppable. It’s why your logic makes no difference, you’re logical mind isn’t what’s causing your fear – it’s caused by your stored memories you can’t directly control!

Fear Of Motorway Driving Help Pdf

The hard part is psychologically “erasing” those old memories of fear and anxiety and replacing them with new, more productive thoughts of confidence and calm.

It’s something that’s VERY difficult and often impossible for people to do on their own, just like it would be incredibly hard to “unlearn” how to ride a bike.

By design, our minds want to hold onto learned behavior. Your brain is so powerful that you could not ride a bike for 20 years or more and then jump back on and not have forgotten how to do it.

Our brain is a wonderful tool, but sometimes the same things that make it so powerful can cause us great problems.

With the Driving Fear Program I developed you’ll learn EXACTLY how I think you can scrub away all those worthless memories and behaviors that cause you so much trouble while driving and replace them with new empowering thoughts that will make you feel like a new person!

So now you understand why you have this fear, you’ve accidentally taught your brain to “ride the fear bike”, and you understand that you need to learn how to teach it something new.

Many times, people who are afraid of driving have very scary, irrational thoughts while they’re in the car, or even think about driving.They’re caused by the anxiety they feel and make people think that they may be going crazy, having a breakdown, or will lose control.

Product Name: Driving Fear Help

Well I’m here to tell you that you won’t lose control because of your anxiety, and it won’t make you go “crazy”. It will make you feel miserable, depressed, and limit your life needlessly if you let it and choose not to treat it, but all those horrible things that run through your mind when you’re anxious usually just aren’t true, no matter how real they feel at the time.

As a matter of fact, one of the things you’ll learn in the Program is how I believe you can teach yourself to NOT have those thoughts anymore.

Once you get those ridiculous and frightening thoughts out of your head, driving can get a LOT less stressful.

The other, and maybe most important thing you need to understand about your fear of driving is that it is NOT hopeless, you do NOT have to live with your fear the rest of your life, and that I’m confident you CAN completely and permanently overcome your fear just like so many others have.

In my experience, with my life and the lives of thousands of others, the condition you have can be completely overcome, if you decide you want it gone, it can be.

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